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Kurokazin rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
May 27, 2019
Status: c415
In the time it takes to critique this novel, I could literally write my own. Strong initial story, that devolves into absolute inane bullsh*t as the author gets progressively more bored with his project. Mad Snail is notorious for this and the notoriety remains justified.

The guy is just a dog-sh*t author. His stories may have some sort of hook or mystery that draws a reader in, but he can never tie anything together for the life of him. What's worse than a bad story? A decent premise that devolves into... more>> a rushed, sh*t ending. Pretty sure any Game of Thrones watchers could resonate with this. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Dragon Prince Yuan
June 28, 2019
Status: --
It's a sh*tty, repetitive, slap-stick humor novel like anything else done by Silkworm. The only reason I don't score it a 1/5 is solely because there are far worse piles of sh*t like MGA that exist. The more I read chinese novels, the less I feel like they're for me. This is what communism does, folks: Kills creativity.

I've read roughly 300-500+ chapters of each of this guy's novels. They all boil down to: Village idiot bestie, a MC that flip-flops between being serious and being a complete "comical" twit, and... more>> a bunch of cookie cutter harem candidates. Splice in some villains that literally embody the term and boom, you've got yourself a Silkworm novel. A novel riddled with cliches and very little substance that makes one question how someone could earn any kind of currency off a sub-par product. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
January 8, 2019
Status: c108
While I can understand some of the negative reviews of the series, a lot of it is focused on "deus ex etc", when the MC is deliberately "weak" (By the series' absurd powerlevel scale). This is one of the few novels that I actually look forward to despite a very busy 16 credit hour schedule (The rest I'm just trudging along because I'm 3k chapters in and still waiting for the finale. I'm looking at you, Martial God Asura).

I enjoy this novel immensely, despite it being extremely off the beaten... more>> path when it comes to chinese/korean novels. If Goku is over 9000, the MC is sitting at a solid 3.5k. If you don't take this novel seriously (and by that I mean, living vicariously through the protagonist) you'll likely love Trash of the Counts. The side characters are memorable, the inter-character exchanges are hilarious, and at just over 100 chapters we're finally delving into the MC not being able to predict the future. This may be a spoiler, but it's alluded to fairly early so I don't think it matters to much: The novel has caught up to the "novels" and he's basically not omniscient anymore. I'd list pros and cons but I honestly can't think of any cons to the story besides the fact that the MC is incredibly weak compared to his peers.

This novel is very much an effort of love rather than capitalizing on demand with dog sh*t supply like MGA or anything by the author "Mad Snail" (TDG, SMGT, etc). If you can get past the fact that the MC isn't the most overpowered mofo out there/underdog that quickly circumvents the opposition type of character, you'll absolutely love this novel. The world building is fantastic, the side characters memorable, and despite tropes I'm familiar with, they're not too common in the novel world, which should come off as refreshing for the more casual reader of chinese/korean novels.

You're really not doing yourself a disservice by at least testing the waters a bit and reading a few chapters. I normally love me some power fantasy, but I stuck with Trash of the Count despite my inherent preference and I don't regret it. I'd also like to point out that whatever low-score reviews may depict (Stupid cock sucking reviewers putting spoilers without warnings), the whole "Deus Ex (insert person/event/etc here) " plays very little role in comparison to the MC's own machinations. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Emperor’s Domination
May 19, 2019
Status: c181
Extreme repetition and, well, I'd call them "plot holes" but it's more like "logic holes". Where the side characters can't fathom why the "MC is the way he is!?" ... more>>

Even when reincarnation after millions of years is an established possibility in the lore by chapter 200.


The plot is great, the story is great, the side characters have some semblance of personality... But for some strange reason, the MC is the only person in the entire "ten worlds" that has 2 brain cells that can slam together to create a complex thought.

I really wish I could give this novel a higher rating and I'll keep reading to see if it gets any better as I approach the mystical 1k+ chapter benchmark where the world building becomes good? But I can't fight this inkling in the back of my mind that the author is either 130 pounds soaking wet or 300~ obese f*cker that is just a power tripping virgin and making a buck off the fantasy's he's pumped more than one load into a body pillow over.

The MC has NONE of the maturity or intellectual development to reflect his millions of years of life. Personally, if I lived past 1k years (let alone millions), I probably wouldn't give 2 flying sh*ts about what anyone has to say about anything. However, somehow, every minor grievance or petty exchange is some sort of irredeemable slight in the MC's eyes.

Xianxia have a tendency to embrace this trope, but this novel has not only embraced, the novel penetrated it and didn't even give the poor thing a courtesy reach-around. At nearly 200 chapters (11 minute speed reading, or nearly 36 hours of reading) I can't remotely recommend this novel to anyone unless you've literally exhausted every other avenue of "power fantasy". I'd borderline recommend MGA over this, and I f*cking HATE that bland, piece of sh*t novel.

Edit: Forgot to mention; not necessarily a big issue, but one that turns even more of the novel into filler: The cultivation system is far too complex. To the point where only dedicated fans will actually be able to follow along with it because not only is it complex... It's f*ckin' meaningless. Because the MC starts out OP and no one fights besides the MC and his slightly less OP sidekicks vs dumb mook #?? or extreme Deus Ex Machina items/characters one-punch manning everything, there's nothing to contrast the super awesome amazing moments the author tries to capture. Well, besides the perpetually shocked audience of faceless tools that fill up half of every chapter reacting to the MC's "arrogance/scheming/ignorance/etc etc" or the villain's godly background... same sh*t, different novel.

Edit Edit: Also, I'd like to address all these five star ratings: Nothing, absolutely nothing warrants spending 250-400 hours before it gets good, which is how much time you'd spend speed-reading 1500-2000 chapters (Or average 5.4 days of nothing but reading). That's like saying an average 13 episode tv show becomes great after SEASON 19-30 and even then that's assuming you're skipping the boring/filler bits... If you have that kind of free time, you either need a job, some pu**y, a f*ckin' life, or some combination of the three. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Sage Monarch
May 6, 2019
Status: c107
I'll say this now, the novel (so far) is a solid 3 stars, I gave it an extra star to offset all the Er Gen novel fanboys that were expecting some slapstick-humor power fantasy and gave it a series of 1's and 2's.

I read wuxia novels pretty frequently. Actively reading 5 (including this one) as well as 2-3 on the backburner that I found the synopsis interesting. You can do far, FAR worse than this novel if you're looking for something to fill the gap between the more interesting reads.

One... more>> thing to note is things progress quickly. Unlike a lot of other chinese novels, this one wastes no time powering up the MC. I imagine this is because the "world" he starts in will be rapidly out-stripped by higher tier planes he'll eventually end up in. It's hard to tell at this stage how good the novel will turn out to be, 100 is not much of a sample size when these tend to go on for 2000+ chapters.

So far there have been a few interesting characters, many one-dimensional but there's only so much you can expect from a xianxia-esque novel. I pity the poor author that tries to write unique characteristics for a cast of potentially hundreds of individuals. There's reasonable criticism and then there's just incessant whinging from people more accustomed to japanese media vs chinese media. The grander scale necessitates more generic, one dimensional roles for a cast that's constantly shifting as the MC propels himself into higher levels of existence and leaves his less talented buddies behind.

Otherwise the novel is in a pretty decent state right now. The cultivation levels are easy to follow and understand, the MC doesn't insta-discard his die-hard brothers every 100 chapters, and the world-building isn't nearly as bad as people are trying to make it out to be. We're constantly being reminded and revisiting areas that have been developed in previous chapters.

Honestly, my only gripe about the novel is that the author breezed through the prologue. I would've liked a good 10~ chapters establishing the MC and the Yun chick before sh*t goes fanward. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Ze Tian Ji
May 14, 2019
Status: c451
This is pretty much the opposite side of the coin to MGA. Where MGA is extreme violence an barebones world-building/bland characters, ZTJ is extreme world building/interesting characters with nothing ever going on. While I can appreciate what the author is trying to do, it gets hamstrung by the constant repetition and consecutive chapters of nothing "engaging" happening.

I loved this novel for a while, but I simply cannot subject myself to the monotony the author employs to pad his word count. It's less noticeable in worse novels like MGA since at... more>> least something is "happening" during the relentless filler chinese web novelists are basically forced at gun-point to do.

Besides the above, a big gripe I have is nothing is thoroughly explained and the translation is riddled with grammatical errors. For the former, I didn't get a good grasp of the cultivation levels until about 140~ chapters in. In the case of the latter.. Any given chapter I usually have to re-read 2-3 lines because the translator is absolute dog sh*t and mixes up plurals and pronouns relentlessly. "Wait, the dragon's female? I thought it was male. Oh, it's male again, I guess?".

If you're a big fan of actual literature, this novel might appeal to you. If you're more looking for an entertaining read that's supposed to stimulate your imagination, I'd look elsewhere. This novel doesn't give a damn about your entertainment and neither does the author. Unfortunate, since each chapter takes about 10 minutes to read without skimming and considering how many I've read, I wasted roughly 70~ hours reading a disappointing and unfulfilling pile of crap. This is the Lord of the Rings books, but with none of what makes LOTR great, and it's just describing trees chapter after chapter. <<less
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Warlock of the Magus World
December 7, 2017
Status: c90
I've seen quite a few 5 star reviews among them and I have to say: They're not accurate.

The MC is dull. There is absolutely no scientific method in anything he does. Calculating Protagonist? Oh please. Everything he does, all the progress he makes, is off the back of an omnipotent "A.I chip". This thing literally does everything for him besides f*ck, sh*t, and breathe. It fights for him, learns for him, navigates, advises, detects, calculates, purifies, crafts (potions, etc), reads, you get the idea. Without the A.I chip he might... more>> as well be the cannon fodder that gets blown away by "energy waves" while the real protagonist does his thing. With it he might as well be remote-controlled hot wheel that transports the A.I Chip from point A to point B.

Every interaction he has with anyone might as well be treated as chapter filler because they likely won't last 50 chapters before being dumped, never to be heard from again. There is no likable aspect of the MC and similarly there's no likable aspect of the secondary characters. This culminates in very forgettable characters. I swear if the MC wasn't in every chapter for the last 90 I read I'd have completely forgotten about his existence.

You also don't really learn a whole lot about the world. I mean, yes, there are certainly a lot of words for world building but it doesn't seem to really culminate in any significant details. Worse, you'll see massive time jumps almost right away. We're talking 6 months+ gaps of time when the chapter count barely reaches double digits. IIRC the MC started at age 13, he was 15 by the time I stopped reading.

There is no "Evil" when everyone is f*cking evil. The hell's the point of making everyone evil if there's no contrast? I can understand an evil themed story but there's gotta be some characters that at least straddle the damn fence. Every single character introduced so far have just a been a revolving door of selfish @$$holes.

tl;dr MC is a dumbass and the story might as well center around the A.I Chip. None of the characters are memorable, world-building is barely passable, massive time leaps everywhere, deus ex A.I Chip. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Martial God Asura
March 1, 2018
Status: c3459
Edit: I originally made a very detailed and wholesome review of the early story which held a lot of promise. Then I edited it to bash it whilst still being fair. F*ck. That. You'd be more entertained reading scholarly dissertations on herpes than this pile of absolute dog sh*t story.

Dues Ex Everywhere. No consistency in anything. We're on a railroad of absolute bullsh*t past 300 chapters and it's never-ending. Nothing changes, no improvements, no new plot points. It's just a bunch of "arcs" where somehow the MC is a bottom-of-the-barrel... more>> retard, random shmuck sh*ts gold and is the epitome of epicness, only to get wrecked by the bottom-of-the-barrel retard. This repeats over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. With absolutely 0 impact to the story except we're told he somehow advances in "cultivation" at an "incredible" rate, only for new random gold-sh*tting shmucks being the same cultivation as our hard-working and dedicated MC at every step of the way.

I hope this author gets an incurable disease of itchy crotch. Or gets lit the f**k up by American soldiers when China inevitably decides they're a powerhouse on par with our tier 1 gun-maniac nation. <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
The Desolate Era
April 21, 2019
Status: v27c1
Unfortunately, this novel falls into a lot of the same "traps" most xianxia novels do. After a certain point combat details just get shoved to the side and it's just "dragon fist!" "tri-beam!" "kamehameha!" over and over. It seems extremely odd to me in the grand scheme of things. Xianxia authors do have a propensity to pad things out, I don't know why they'd fluff up completely inane story aspects rather than just make the fights longer and more interesting. We see this is in most (I haven't read them... more>> all) IET novels, we see this in Martial God Asura and the list very likely goes on.

The story is readable, if you skim past the completely unrealistic measurements of time and space. 13 trillion year old dynasties, infinity kilometers, I wish translators would just take some creative freedom and dial this down a bit. The most important aspect of any story is suspending our disbelief which most xianxia authors struggle to do. You can go big, but if you go bigger it really takes you out of being immersed. "How the f**k did a dynasty last 13 trillion years and not develop modern technology?"

Overall it's a decent read, I'd never advise anyone not to read a story unless it goes completely off the rails with author laziness or the ending is snipped (and therefore unsatisfying), but at the point I'm at in the story, it was great for a while though it's starting to teeter off. If you're just looking for a xianxia novel to read, I'd recommend Against the Gods, Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, or the first quarter of Martial God Asura. ATG and NSHBA specifically, I feel like these are the gold standard of the whole xianxia power fantasy that also do a pretty good job of maintaining an equilibrium of story, plot, characters, and consistency in the MC.

2/5, The excessive measurement system alone accounts for the loss of 1 star just because of how far it pulls you out of the immersion. If you just skim read over those bits like I do, it's probably a solid 3/5 which for a xianxia is about as good as you can hope for. The vast majority of xianxia novels are definitely a step below most genres besides "Young Adult", so getting 3 stars means it's at least readable. However, I operate under the assumption people will actually /read/ everything, so I can't in good faith give it that extra star.

Edit: dropping a star, down to 1. The writer of this story must have the cock size of a mouse. It may seem like nitpicking, hell, it feels like nitpicking. But /holy/ f**k this guy has such a hard on for putting things on a massive scale. How the sh*t is anyone supposed to even fathom 200km+? Due to, y'know, science, gravity, etc, at that point your fancy grand xia world is so dense it turns into a black hole, killing everyone. Most xianxia authors tend to overexaggerate, but this guy is a massive twat about inserting it EVERYWHERE IN THE TEXT. It's like having a neo-nazi friend that ends every sentence with "Hitler did nothing wrong", how the f**k do I ignore that? <<less
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Kurokazin rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
January 8, 2019
Status: c228
While I haven't gotten very far into the novel as of yet, this novel has been very refreshing.

I've read quite a few chinese novels and one of the most obnoxious tropes they employ is that every. single. side character has the personality of a brick.

While 9Star does have a lot of the usual suspects in plot development/tropes/etc, it's still a very solid read if you fancy these types of novels.

Here's to hoping after 100 chapters it doesn't go the route of Martial God Asura and turn into a massive pile... more>> of sh*t due to writer burnout.

Novels like 9Star and ATG make me furious that so many other promising chinese novels (MGA, TDG, etc) devolve into utter garbage from writers either getting lazy or disinterested.

Will this novel redefine your concept of all novels? No.

It's still a xianxia/Xuanhuan novel so it will always sits neatly in that "Guilty pleasure" niche, but it's definitely a better read that most of its contemporaries, with a dedicated translation team to boot.

Comparing it to other novels:

    • Solid MC, but the author didn't put much effort into expanding upon the MC's sudden turn in fortune, it may be explained later.
    • Diverse side characters, though not all of them are overly focused upon and some can be pretty shallow.
    • d*ckish villains that don't overstay their welcome and are extremely satisfying to see them pummeled into a gory mess.
    • Can't speak much of the world building, but it's your typical fair of "Glorious empire, even more glorious sects", etc.
    • This can either be a pro or con depending on the reader, but it doesn't have much in the way of goofball humor like ISSTH and other novels that seem to be extremely popular to people. I don't like excessive humor in my novels, but that's merely personal preference.

(Edit #2: The formatting went tits up on me, I apologize but I can't seem to fix the paragraphs.)

I'm now 200+ chapters in and my opinion still stays largely the same with a few caveats; Unfortunately the focus has changed quite drastically away from the battle-skills and the characters' physical/willful prowess.

This has culminated in relatively bland (or at the very least, streamlined) combat that lacks a bit of detail that makes fight scenes in novels 'epic'.

Not that epic moments aren't there, they're just less present than what has become my xianxia quality standard (ATG).

This next bit probably qualifies as a spoiler.


Like any review this is mostly personal taste, but I'm not a huge fan of how informed a few of the "old cultivators" are.

It detracts a bit from the experience when the MC does something completely outstanding and you've got these old f*ckers just nodding their head "as expected".

I will say that it's a decent enough excuse as to why the MC doesn't get much support, since it's fairly typical for a MC in these novels to basically have to depend on himself, no matter how outstanding he is.

It's always bothered me how an MC shows extraordinary talent, and the higher ups just throw him a bundle of string, some paper clips, and expect him to mcguyver his way through cultivation while putting their full support into absolutely scummy, useless "core disciples" or some such, only for them to get owned by the MC later.


Overall I'm still looking forward to future chapters, and it's still a cut above the rest of the trash (F*ck you MGA.

Like a highschool girl on prom night you were my first foray and you were just terrible.

One strong thrust and a premature bust later then I'm left cleaning up the blood and cum)... and no, I have absolutely no intention to stop bashing MGA in every single one of my reviews.

Solely on the fact that such a piece of trash is not only ranked higher than this series, but it's only 16-30 (month-all time) spots down from ATG which is a far more engaging story in just about every aspect.

TL;DR: So far, solid.

f**k MGA.

ATG is probably a better read and has more chapters than 9Star but this novel has a lot of promise.

We'll see in 6 months and 1000 chapters if it still maintains its momentum. <<less
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