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Krios rated it
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
December 31, 2017
Status: c133
Its really good with all the shemes politics and female leads funny actions but plot is still the same as 1st chapter. Author make thing unnecesserily long. From the 1st chapter there is a big boss who wants to kill MC but MC cany do anything to him despite being emperor why? Because he has military power in his hands. Yeah reasonable but MC is ridiculously powerfull in this world so she can sneak in to kill him and his family in one night silently (MC also wants to kill... more>> him) so there will be no one to guide military and take actions agains her but no we are still at the same place as 1st chapter despite everyone in the imperial palace knows that the big boss (villain) repeatedly tried to kill her (emperor) and there is also evidence, I mean please author be a little realistic there is tons of ways to get rid of him but MC didnt kill a single important enemy till 133 and still continues to back off everytime he tries to kill her this is more like a story about 'how to escape from someone who wants to kill or control you by all means in the open (and everyone knows it) then simply back off because you are afraid that people will get hurt' and MC doesnt even tries to take control of military at all or doesnt even think how to kill her enemies

This is more like a comedy novel MC is dumb and spends all day doing anything else beside the things an emperor would do, there is a male lead who does the things she is supposed to (even thinking) and the only thing that doesnt make her a thrash MC is because she can talk to animals and animals continuously provide her with information about villains betrayals or plots so she can always prevent them

If you want to pass time with comedy this novel is good but if you want some novel with cool MC dont bother with this or you will spit blood from anger <<less
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Krios rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
May 6, 2018
Status: c174
Only reason im giving 2 star is because of early chapters, it was a great novel at start with great character development, you can feel everything MC has gone through from the first chapter clearly and how he changed, but last 10-15 chapter, especially the ending literally f*cked it up. Author clearly didnt even try to think about ending and just gone easy with it.

Its a good story, you can read it but be prepared to get dissapointed at ending, its the whole reason im cutting the 3 star.
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