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Krazyguy75 rated it
Galactic Dark Net
November 27, 2017
Status: Completed
Someone saw fit to flag my review for spoilers, and then the spoiler tags within broke upon editing, so now it actually does have heavy spoilers, but I have a very obvious warning.

But most importantly, just know that the author didn't finish this; he ends with "Please come up with your own ending." And that's not even an exaggeration. He literally ends it with an author's note.

... more>>

For all the people too lazy to read my review, here's the tl;dr:

Did you ever watch the show "Lost"? Yeah, it's like that but worse. Jump ship as soon as the "virtual reality universe" is revealed.

Here's everything you need to know to feel like you've read the rest (full spoilers) :


The dark net is actually a virtual reality... wait no a reverse universe... wait no a giant insects innards. Ye Weiwei's parentage is never revealed. The three eyed race (all of it) is wiped out by planet earth, which is a star god... wait no a space ship guarding the seed of all life. The dark egg is a super dragon. The Evil King was some miscellaneous guy, and we still don't know much about him. The path's of void have a seventh path which makes you punch harder. The strongest person in the alliance that the mentors were fleeing from never fights the MC and just joins him as a sidekick. There is a random all destroying insect race everyone forgot to mention that is destroying the world. The MC never finishes the fight with them. The author never finishes the novel, just ends it abruptly.


Now, for the longer version.

Galactic Dark Net was (note the tense) a great novel all the way up until the last 30-50 chapters. By categories:

Characters - 3/5: The characters are fun. But in depth..? Not really. Most of them take a single aspect of personality and a set of skills and run with it. As the MC gets stronger, the side characters are still present, but lose focus. They kinda just form an amorphous blob which they call the "Wolf Pack". But at least it doesn't abandon them. Early on, characters shine, and the interactions are fun. But, as you will soon see is the general trend... they slowly lose their gleam. The MC is pretty much a standard Mary Sue. He's charismatic and funny pretty much all the way through, and he's not one of those MC's who is a hair away from being an evil tyrant. He holds the story together rather well, as it crumbles around him. 4/5 early, 2.5/5 later on. 3 overall.

Plot - 2/5: Not a great plot. Here's where the Lost comparisons come in. The author keeps changing the canon, as well, which really hurts. I loved it early on, when the MC was one of the many powerhouses of earth, gearing up against a potential enemy threat. Then the MC got too strong and the whole thing went to sh*t.

The author introduces a whole new universe that forgets about the current one, then proceeds to immediately eliminate the massive threat facing earth in one chapter, then bring up a new threat that never existed prior, then proceeds to kick the MC out of that section of the other world and bring up that that was run by one of 5 companies and then never introduce 3 of those companies and then throw a bunch of miscellaneous threats and get the MC in a fight with 2 of the companies and then forgets that and sends him to another other world and then leaves that and kicks him out of the other world back to the normal universe where Earth has somehow become almost all powerful and is facing the alien super threat and slowly losing ground, whereupon Han decides to fight it.

And then it ends. Literally. Han doesn't fight it. He just says he will, and the author goes "We're done. Thanks for supporting me, it doesn't matter what happens, just come up with an ending yourself." No loose ends tied up. Hundreds of little mysteries left completely unexplored. A huge world cast aside. No canon pairings. No MC victory. No final boss. It is a worse version of the ending of Lost. Instead of being poetic and leaving loose ends... it just ends with a massive cliffhanger. No, I'm not gonna spoiler tag this, you deserve to know the crap you're getting dragged into.

Overall... 0/5. 4/5 very early. 3/5 early. 2/5 mid-late. -10/5 ending.

Setting - 1/0: Yeah, didn't know what to rate it. It's immersive, intriguing, fascinating, vast, expansive, and mostly unexplored. And I mean unexplored by the author, as he never answers most of the mysteries and forgets whole parts of the universe immediately after revealing them. But it was fun while it lasted.

Writing - 3/5: Solid, but unremarkable. Wasn't distracting, at least. Action was fun, and provoked the imagination, and it could draw you in to the world.

Translation - 4.5/5: Other than the occasional weird naming convention which I'm not sure worked well, it was flawless, as far as my eyes are concerned. Translators say they will change the ending... and I'd love that; it'd raise them to 4.9/5.

Enjoyment - 5/5 until the end: It was still a fun read despite the flaws. Fluffy, light, immersive, and mysterious. The ending was a 0/5, though, which sucks some of the enjoyment out. Overall 4.5/5.

Overall... good universe, bad author.

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Krazyguy75 rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
February 21, 2017
Status: v1c10
This novel might be great. It might not. I'll never know. I couldn't make it through the first 10 chapters.

It wasn't vapid, light fluff, which is good. But it was just boring to me. Info dump after info dump. For 10 chapters. It was lots of content, interesting poetry, and deep political complexity. But it wasn't interesting. It introduced too many concepts too early in too much of an infodump style fashion to make me feel any immersion, and completely took me out of the story. I couldn't absorb the... more>> info because I lacked any interest in it, and because of that I couldn't grasp the whole situation, and because of that, I lost even more interest.

It probably gets better, looking at other people's reviews. But as I said, I couldn't continue, because it failed to draw me in at all. I was just sitting here thinking that it felt like a first person version of a college history course. And any novel that doesn't make me want to continue reading (or in this case, actively make me want to stop) can't get more than 3 stars. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
May 14, 2018
Status: c57
tl;dr: So absorbing that I only slept 4 hours and was intentionally late to class the week before finals.

Don't read this for anything but humor. The MC is a mary sue, the plot is generic, the other characters are one dimensional, and the world building is relatively tame. If absurd humor alone isn't your thing, this book isn't for you.

However, if it is... this is funny as hell. Everything is blown out of proportion. The MC is so oblivious he doesn't even realize that all the people he is fighting... more>> are from the same organization, despite all his followers knowing it. The MC is trying so hard to look like a unimportant character he has secret techniques to look weaker than he is, that do things like make him spiral through the air spraying out blood. His followers are leaving him secret messages in codes he can't even read, and he acts like he understands while thinking they are just playing around, despite him controlling a massive shadow organization he doesn't understand the scope of at all.

It's ludicrous, and funny. I give a hard recommendation. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
Martial God Asura
July 19, 2018
Status: c2382
Another novel that petered out and withered towards death slowly, but never died.

I read the beginning of this novel. The world building was great. The MC was ruthless enough to keep interest and lawful enough to stand behind, though decidedly not a good person despite being called one. The girls were good, the romance was alright, though the rape was bad. The MC grew and progressed, and you could see the difference as he grew stronger. The antagonists were fairly generic, but they all had their motives and were discernible... more>> from each other. It would have been a solid 8 out of 10 at the beginning due to freshness.

Then everything went downhill. The world building went to absolute sh*t, wherein you have no sense of the world or anything in it, and even the places the MC visits get the most bare description possible, to the point where it is hard to even grasp it with my overactive imagination. Anything the MC doesn't visit is at most a name on the otherwise blank map, with no details given.

The MC got more and more hypocritical, sparing girls for straight up conspiracy to murder his friends, and crippling and torturing guys for harassing girls he's just met. He does things like sparing a sect out of "mercy", and then later destroying every member of another sect down to the last child. He starts making "friends" with random people, and by that I mean they literally come up to each other, fight each other once, and decide they are friends instantly despite having nothing in common and having no reason to even talk to each other.

The MC ditched his harem, which is not necessarily bad... except for the fact that he ditched every single side character alongside that. Then he got new side characters. And promptly ditched them. And then new ones. And ditched them. So on. They introduced a bunch of girls, playing like it was still a harem, but suddenly the MC, who previously would marry anyone who struck his fancy, suddenly is a celibate man with no interest in s*x, and becomes like a wishy washy japanese anime rom-com protagonist who can't commit to anything, and leaves them behind upon leaving the world.

The cultivation went from being graspable leaps in power, to silly numbers. Sure, he can be incredibly power and able to destroy vast swathes of land with a single blow... but from there you're just upping the damage, and it's not really noticeable. When two people fight, they are almost always on a similar level, so it feels the same as it did 10 cultivation tiers ago. Moreover, they start throwing around silly terms, and at one point even claim that the average cultivator has a battle power able to surpass two whole levels of cultivation. At which point you wonder why they don't just up everyone by two levels. With so much cultivation surpassing, you start to wonder why you even bother with a numbering system. And the attacks are just generic, so it feels like watching a Pokemon Go battle.

The antagonists went from just being fairly cookie cutter to being factory produced and stale. Every single one is either an arrogant Young Master of some major clan they just introduced, or they are the elder of that major clan taking vengeance for their Young Master after he picked a fight for no reason. And then once that elder is beat, some other Young Master shows up out of nowhere and picks a fight for no reason. Even after he's known as extremely powerful, people keep randomly picking fights.

By the point at which I dropped it, it was a 4/10. Generic, boring, and uninteresting. I recommend you drop it as soon as he leaves his home plane. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
Overlord (LN)
December 16, 2016
Status: v9
This is a novel I loved.

But this is also a novel I dropped.

You might think these would normally be contradictory... but I couldn't bear to follow the main character anymore. The main character starts out seeming like a fairly ordinary guy trying to act like an Overlord, while his character infringes on his personality. He keeps doing things based on his morality and reining in his dark half, all the while attempting to make it seem plausible as an evil overlord. Those were the good old days.

Then, for almost no... more>> explicable reason, he starts to really become an evil overlord. If done right, this would be fine, especially if you show inner struggle. It was not done right. Instead, he inexplicably starts massacring people to "test his defenses", starts huge wars, and kills innocent people, as well as those that were once friendly acquaintances. Worst of all, it doesn't feel like the character grew; he isn't more decisive or confident. He goes from being an indecisive, low self esteem good ruler to an indecisive, low self esteem evil ruler.

Overall, great world building, slow plot, interesting and fun characters, all eventually ruined by an MC that goes from good to bad in more ways than one.

5/5 beginning, 4/5 middle, 2/5 end. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
God of Music
May 4, 2018
Status: --
I didn't read much of this, but it was a disappointing start. I read this after Top Management, and this just pales in comparison to that. The main character breezed through all the obstacles so far, is never stressed, and everyone magically agrees with him. There just isn't a feeling of resistance.

Everything goes too perfectly for him. Moreover, it just doesn't feel like an industry.

Overall, I recommend Top Management and not this.
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Krazyguy75 rated it
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
May 13, 2018
Status: v1 afterword
This is yet another of my "didn't grab me" novel reviews. I tried to give this novel benefit of the doubt. Lots of people gave it good reviews. But as of the end of the first book I was sitting there going "sure, it's occasionally funny... but would I be reading this if not for the reviews?" And my answer was "No, not really." So I dropped it.

Normally, this wouldn't warrant a review, but I saw that the only reviews were 5 star, so I figured it would be good... more>> to throw in my opinion so that people don't have unrealistically high expectations, like I did.

It could have a great plot later on, and maybe the characters get better. But the first book was cookie cutter harem romantic comedy with nothing new and cardboard cutout single aspect characters, and it had no plot whatsoever.

I like harem, but the first book would be an example of "harem done wrong". It introduces all the girls in about 1 chapter each, and throws them at eachother. 5 girls in 8 chapters. It doesn't allow enough time to learn to like or care about them, and it doesn't give the author enough time to even have a plot in the first book.

All in all, it just came off as generic and stale. Maybe it gets better. But I can't recommend anything that I didn't find interesting. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
February 18, 2017
Status: c1131
I've changed my opinion on this one. At first I thought it was stale, and was having trouble keeping with it. The first 200 chapters weren't satisfying, and had a lot of jarring shifts in the action. It felt like watching a guy lose control of a horse and be pulled behind it by his shoelaces for 2 miles.

However it got better. It's still a chinese novel (it takes 40 chapters to do things that could've been done in 1), but it's satisfying and the characters... are alright. Most of... more>> them are pretty shallow.

It'd have a 3.5 out of 10 if it weren't a qidian premium book. It's not worth the $100 you'd need to fork out to read it. If you can find other places to read it, it'd be worth a read. Otherwise, don't even start reading it. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
King of Gods
February 6, 2017
Status: c143
It's a solid novel, but I felt like I was watching a speedrun of a xianxia. That's not a bad thing, and it didn't really feel rushed (to be fair most xianxias are slow as heck). But still.

Mostly generic xianxia spoiler:
... more>>

It took barely more than 100 chapters for him to beat the top person of his sect's outer disciples, join the inner disciples, beat the best inner disciple, get adopted by another great teacher, beat the top person of that, join a sect in a new realm, and beat the top person of the outer disciples there, and become an inner disciple.


It's nothing special. It's good, but not special. <<less
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