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Krauss rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
October 19, 2017
Status: c70
Hi there, here goes the comment, it'll not have any spoilers, just a little of what we know at this chapter.

The story, like the plot, likes to plays with the all-mighty clichés/stereotypes, we have a little cold shoulder there, a transmigrator here, a reincarnator right beside her, misunderstandings everywhere with the female character, and two potencial male lead right now, but in her words "she will stay put and not cheat", so, I'll take a chance and say we have just one male lead.

The characters development is smooth, the Chu... more>> Lian (female lead and main charecter of this novel) is a down to earth girl, simple and honest, she hopes for a romantic relationship but she is not blinded by love, neither is obsessed with being in one with someone, she just tries to be herself. She has cooking knowledge that everyone could know if she/he has followed a recipe more than one or twice, and a bussiness like mind, but I think more like common sense for a transmigrator of the current world, to think in money and how to make more money. The other charecters, we'll see them through dialogues and descripcion of what our main charecter read ahead in the novel, but, they are not just a "concept" or "reaction" or "stereotype", we see them as a granny who has lived a lot and knows a little of the world, a mother-in-law who's sick but want to see her son grow, a strict and stern brother-in-law who is a millitary man but is kind hearted with the family, also the main lead and husband-in-name of Chu Lian has his reason (other paragraph for him) ; maybe the exceptions are the family of the protagonist, the Chu's, who are narrowminded, a little petty and want to face-slap our main charecter.

The way it explains, little by little, the world we are currently in (maybe, behind a bush, maybe inside the wardrobe that we know it's lacking clothes) ; the dialogues are organic, expressive, not forced, and direct, we know what they want when they talk, the translator (timebun) and his/her editor made a great acomplishment there.

Our male lead He Sanlang/He Chandi (the same person, just different way to call him) has gone somewhere in the North, warmongering or plotting something against someone. He gave all the time cold rejection to Chu Lian; even though at first it was justified, with all the incongruences that there were with his memories in the way Chu Lian acted, I'm kinda amused he didn't think she may not be the same wife he knows; but I'll guess it's too soon to know what he might have lived and suffered in the original storyline, because, we know she cheated him with Xiao Bojian, and then she took control of the finances of the He household, but nothing more. Also, we see him struggling with his relationship, because he still have lingering feelings for her, maybe love, maybe infatutation, but it's there, I'll guess they will be the ambers that will ignite the fire of the relationship later on, and so he is overstimating the none existing evilness of our lovely Chu Lian.

The reactions to the desserts deserve a paragraph for them. They are really honest and, personally, they make me remember the first time I have ever tasted something I'm unfamiliar with. The surprise and expectations of the shape, colour, texture, smell and taste are nice and delicate, we are not shouting or moaning like it is a portion of Heavens, ignoring the ambient we are in. They are not something over the top like shouting, losing control over the cutlery and then space out a minute or two, obviously, we are not suddendly naked and in the wilds with the ingredients. Yup, a refreshing and NORMAL reaction to food.

The plot is slowly being brewed, now is thin, but it will thicken with time, like a nice stew. We know there are royal factions, but we do not know their names, where they are right now, or which is the most powerful of them all; we also know a little of the new family of Chu Lian, like every new daughter of the family should, even though she could have info-dumped it all in the first few chapters; we know there are more than one eminent family, but we do not discuss them right know. So, I really like that subtle flavor of "the storm may come from the north" we see the clouds, but the uncertainty of the rain is there. Little but not so light it will be overlooked, just like that.

The pacing is in the slow side for the big stuff, but in the meanwhile we have a couple of small events happening that add flavour (in more than one sense) to the story. The description of the ambient are fluid and not paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of details in the floor, wooden bed, wooden cravings, etc, etc, etc. I can say we can exercise our imagination with the furniture and surroundings, and not loose sight of the stuff happening there.

The speed release is good, one-per-day, sometimes even two. Yes, the chapters are short because they are just half a chapter, timebun (the translator) said that, but I don't see how that is important. Short? Wait a day and you'll have the full chapter; not enought, still short? Wait more, once a week then, and you'll have even more... As I said before, the team translating and editing this novel is good and make the reading a nice, light and delicious experience. <<less
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Krauss rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
October 30, 2017
Status: c446
I give this series a star an a little for the interesting main quest in the Online World.

The quality of the translation is actually good, but the editing is not. Sometimes a paragraph is missing, sometimes we have two paragraph in one, but we can understand what the autor wants to tell.

The "real world" of this series is just so poorly written that you want to cry, the quality of the MALE secondary characters is absolutely the worst they are just reduce to a concept "the pervy"; "the fatherly figure";... more>> "the gambling snoob"; "the rival" and "the archnemesis that so bad, snoobish and rich that you want to punch him". You think I confused and that's the "online world"? Nope, in the online word they have a class...

The FEMALE side characters are reduce to a body "the boobilicous", "the other boobilicious", "another spit-swallowing beauty" and so on, nothing more... what that's good! Because the ones that are not in the party of the MC are the same but "slutty" "bitchy (in the bad sense) " "underhanded" and all the other 'bad' adjetives you want to add.

All in all, other than the MC they are all just a "reaction", "concept" or "body".

Now, the original premise was "He time-travelled because he wants to have his girlfriend back and will do anything to be at the most adventageous position so the bad-guy and her family can't do anything but acceot the relationship"... welp that all b*llsh*t, he really did time-travel, but we see that he actually forgot and move on in the 100+ chapters, I mean he was IN LOVE ENOUGH TO LITERALLY DIE with for his girlfriend and then, in less than half a year in the story, he moves on, why? because he think all the harem he has will put him before the family.

I don't say he shouldn't move on but the reason and the time was too soon and too poor.

Obviously, he is an ALPHA MALE, a MACHO-F*CKER, a TOREADOR, the MANLIEST MANLY MAN, and we'll read him f*cking, touching and harrasing beautiful and overs*xualised babes. He's ego it is not the only "monumental" size thing he have, and of course, he is so hot all the babes described in the previous paragraph are waiting for him to "deflower" them (there has been only one that wasn't virgin and, of course, it was a "bad bitch"). Did I mention the babes he has, usually, are decendants of a big power clan?

Enough of that, let's talk about the virtual world. He has knowledge of almost everything until lvl 100, but that's also not true, because he was a lvl 100+ before his death, so of course he knows it. Supposedly he power leveled so, maybe, he shouldn't know every knot and cranny of the dungeons, level zones, secret missions, chest locations, etc etc etc. but he knows it, why? Because he read it in an interview of the game in the fifth aniversary.

He is a Guardian, as you can see in the title, but he has the damage of a DPS class, the control skills of a Control-Support and the hability to vanish of an Assassin. How? He was rewarded Skill Books. He is the faux-King of the game, I mean, if you already played 5 years and you were an A class PVP player just because your team was bad wouldn't be sad if you are not the "King" of the game? Yup, he basically bully his enemies, but don't worry they are so bad you will feel good when you'll read it. I refuse to acknowledge someone like that a true player that must be revered as a king.

The gold in the game makes no sense, first it's said the bosses and mobs don't award too much, then the all-mighty money conversion makes more gold... till there is good, but then we see them selling A LOT of thing in his store for A LOT of gold, so are all the players rich in real life?

And lastly, the other quests in the game are just a ripp-of, we have Harry Potter, Grimm's Brothers, Disney, Lord of the Rings and a bunch of more ripp-off... <<less
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