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I binge read all the chapters today. The translation is so smooth that it was a pleasure to visualize the scenarios just by words. The plot was something refreshing from the boring I-reborn-as-a-villainess premise as it packed with fantasy and action rather than romance. The world buiding was amazingly detailed which is fairly rare for an otome setup and OH MY GOD I love the author's dark tone (as expected from a R-15 novel).

If you actually paid attention to the tags above, there were Strategist and Clever Protagonist which are... more>> worth mentioning here. The MC is not overpowered, instead she is the smart and meticulous type. However, she's also one with extreme bad luck to the point you had to pity her.



We are at the first acr where Erica currently tried to avoid her death by not bullying the ML's younger sister, Ann. Pretty cliché yet the background story had more. To escape from her dead end, Erica must NOT provoke the sister to enter the Ruins of Visitor where she would be possessed by some evil spirit. And she somehow managed it. However, she could not stop Ann's brother, Klaus (male lead in this arc) from sneaking in, leading to Ann's following him herself. Erica had no choice but to enter the ruins as well, of course after being well-equipped (good job girl).

Here in the ancient labyrinth, she miraculously miserably caught a deadly curse (placed by her big brother Edward lol), assisted the trouble maker brother and sister out of the ruins and still unluckily awoke the evil spirit. With help from the siblings, she battled against it only to realize the primary cause of her later death was not for Ann to be possessed. It was because the evil spirit hold such a deep grude toward Erica's ancestor that it would kill her regardless. The only choice for her was to defeat this evil spirit, which was in a shape of a dragon with enormous power.


A very good read I must admit. <<less
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I had a few questions while reading this novel:

... more>>

1. If fairies truly adores Ruri (to the point they tried to kill the thugs approached her), why didn't they do something when she was in the castle, considering how rude the royal members treated her?

2. Regarding Chelsea, why she can normally ask her grandson the content of his work? Isn't it supposed to be classified information since you know, he is a SPY? And despite both her son and grandson work for the dragon king, she didn't once warn them about Ruri (who is a worldwide-scale disaster) and technically raised her for 2 years in the forest?

3. Still Chelsea, knowing how fearful Ruri's power is, made her go to the capital by herself with NO money so the poor girl had to sell a gun she took from the space fairy. And that was why she immediately attracted thugs, got chased by them and met a king happened to disguise by chance?


I don't know if I miss these information somewhere but I think I won't try to read this novel again. It's pretty mediocre and has weak character development. Even the witch who is supposed to be very old doesn't act her age at all. Everything seems forced and confusing to me <<less
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Koobie rated it
Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe
April 30, 2018
Status: c15
The story is refreshing. The characters are fun to read, especially the female protagonist. At first I was skeptical about this kind of story (which usually has a stupid reason to cancel a noble engagement) but the story itself was cute and fluffy.

The fast pace and multiple POV were a plus too. And I love the fact that both male and female lead are mostly oblivious in this case.

Totally recommended.
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