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KlausVonWunderbeard rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
May 28, 2018
Status: c316.
Has this series been dropped?

amazing series with interesting plot developments, a fun and charismatic MC. Having read a ton of crap isekai web novels over the years, this particular novel is definitely a notch above the rest.

My biggest problem with the novel is the really long dungeon crawling arc in the beginning. It’s good for kinda pacing the MCs power crawl and establishing the MCs character, BUT because the dungeon arc is so long, there is very little world building and barely a plot to speak of and the... more>> WALLS of skills text gets really tiring really fast. Worst of all, for an arc that focuses mainly on combat, most of the combat is really repetitive and the MC almost always relies on the “Deus Ex level up” crap to pull her out of an impassable pinch.

However, I still greatly recommend that you keep reading because the author really shifts gears toward the end of the arc and introduces new interesting plot developments, the combats get improved and it really is satisfying to se the results of kumos long power crawl.

if you’re worried of the boring process of having to read through the first arc, don’t be. Despite the bad things I listed up about the first arc, it really is an enjoyable read nonetheless, mostly because of Kumos precence and personalities (yes, plural). And the lack of world building is subverted slightly by the occasional side chapters.

After the first arc the rest of the novel is gold. Lots of entertaining characters and the plot twists keep on coming. 5/5

ps, I’m not a fan of the whole elf arc tho. <<less
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KlausVonWunderbeard rated it
Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
July 14, 2018
Status: c108
this novel may not be the best but it is entertaining and bring new interesting ideas to the isekai genre as it doesn’t use the typical medieval like world but instead explores a world similar to Ancient Greece. It also introduces a different type of magic system than the usual stuff.

The novels greatest weakness Is the weak character development. The characters barely change throughout the novel and when they do it’s mostly superficial, this makes most characters very bland.

This novel has at the moment been dropped, hopefully it’ll be picked... more>> up soon as it has a lot of potential to become great. <<less
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So, this novel currently has a fair amount of interesting backstory and concepts such as the magic system. The novel does however fall short in areas such as the writing that can be kind of unfocused and all over the place as it introduces things but never really go into anything with it then jump cuts to a few years later in the next chapter leaving you kind of unsatisfied. But where this novel suffers the most is the horrendous translation which is barely readable at times, it’s like they... more>> stuffed the source text into google translate a couple of times then copied whatever came out. This is by far the worst translation I have ever read and I really hope they eventually fix this. The chapter release rate is also abysmal.

In conclusion, I rate this novel at a 2/5 in its current state with a possibility of improving later on.

ps. My rating may not be equal to the rating shown as for some reason I couldn’t change it, but to clarify my rating of this novel is 2/5. <<less
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