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Kildarien rated it
Absolute Choice
December 19, 2016
Status: c29
Absolute Choice feels refreshing after reading quite many novels. Authors writing style is really good and translations are done fast and extremely well. (I love TMW, also based on that I have high hopes as the translator chose this one as his other project). It’s really nice to read a modern/scifi styled cultivation novel, and while it’s still in the beginning, this feels really promising series. There is a cool time loop element in the novel, but so far it hasn’t been explored much. Also the cultivation system hasn’t been... more>> explained much, but it feels pretty similar to other novels, so I’m waiting eagerly what unique functions this novel will bring to it. It’s interesting enough, so that I plan on reading RAWs to around 50-100 to see how the world/story develops. Will update my review after that. <<less
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Kildarien rated it
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
September 21, 2017
Status: c2
When I read the two chapters I thought that this seemed like combination of Coiling Dragon and Desolate Era but it seems this is sequel to Stellar Transformation (not sure if its direct sequel or or just same universe..

Still the beginning seems interesting as the MC is decently strong at the start. Will update this when more of the world and cultivation is revealed.
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Kildarien rated it
King of Gods
September 27, 2016
Status: c64
MC is very likeable, characters seem quite well written, eye of god seems like a interesting OP artifact, which is quite mysterious still (Although Ive heard that later it will become more of focus of the story). For me it seemed that the start was little slow but more I've read this, better it has become. While the cultivation rank, martial art skills seem quite straight forward in this novel, but during the last 20 chapters there have been some hints to more interesting aspects to these as well. Translations... more>> are done really well and translation speed is quite nice. <<less
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Kildarien rated it
Sage Monarch
April 30, 2019
Status: c97
This is a really fast paced novel, chapters are decent size with top notch translation done by Deathblade.


  • MC's secret power/family is very similar to Ancient Godly Monarch series where there is a special power inside the MC.
  • Cultivation and Story progresses at quite fast speed
  • Family stays important, same for friends. MC helps them power up quite often.
  • MC is quite intelligent, he tries hard to keep his true power secret
  • Translation is very good
  • Battles are in my mind quite nice, sometimes a battle might last 3 chapters, sometimes its over in half chapter. Some are very well written, while some are little short and bland.
  • Quite many interesting World Lore elements are teased (Will update this later, at this point this is a PROS)

  • Because the pace is so fast, character/world development sometimes suffers a little because of it.
  • Battle, but only sometimes. Also the novel is still in below 100 chapters, I will update this once we reach 200/300 chapters.
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Kildarien rated it
Spirit Luo Ring
May 17, 2016
Status: c478
Its a shame that Sherma Translations stopped translating this, I've read till chapter 478 from raws and the story gets better farther you read. Story is little slow the first 20 chapters but after that things start to happen. Story beginning is quite similar to Battle Throughout the Heavens, with a little less focus on pill making. MC becomes quite like MGA's Chu Feng, able to destroy those on same cultivation level easily and powerful enough to fight those at much higher level than himself.

Even at chapter 478 there are... more>> still many things left to uncover in the world and its greatly hinted of a worlds beyond this one, with other planets/worlds (scifi elements). <<less
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