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Khrail rated it
Martial God Asura
April 29, 2017
Status: c2549
I started reading this novel 6 months ago and read 2500+ in two months, so this review is not fresh, I'm not hyped neither butthurt, so here is my review.

I rate this novel with 4.2 stars but I'll put 5 stars because of it's potential, so here the reasons:

Fist of all you have to have a proper mindset to the genre like in any other genre. If you can immerse in the novel's world and sympathize with it and the MC, you would probably enjoy it, if you can't and... more>> can't avoid judge all the time based in your person, your moral rules etc. and in the end can't imagine yourself in the MC skin then just don't bother because you'll probably just end up frustrated or annoyed. Anyway I'm going to list a few features of the novel.

There is not much to say about the beginning of the story random poor guy results not to be that random and actually has a great destiny but he suffers a lot of hardship and tragedies in his journey. If I say more, it would be just spoiling so just read it, it's cool.

1) The world building is good, is like never ending, and that is I thing that I personally like but maybe if you like shorter novels then just don't read this one because it's not ending soon. Expansive universe, more understanding of the vast world, more space to imagination, more expectation. A lot of people drop it early but this is a novel that the more you read the best concept of the big picture you have.


I mean, at the beginning the normal lifespawn maybe it's 80-120 years,

later grows to 10.000 and the next arc the normal people live 10.000 years, and it's not just about lifespawn, it's the way of life, all cultivators want to live more and the harder it becomes, the more it changes all.


2) The cultivation. The good thing about this is that the powers and complexity grows, maybe you read 500-700 chapters and think the cultivation is sh*t but maybe when you read 1000 more you think that is not that bad, the cultivation method of the MC is particular, because all he needs at the beginning is energy source and the good thing about this is that is more adventure type, the bad part is that there is not much Dao philosophy.

3) Ally Characters. The MC is arrogant, hot-blooded and hearthless sometimes, a lot of people dislike this, but let me say that in this type of world if you want to climb to the apex you have to believe that you can and many types that would create this ego that a lot of people dislike but this is just how the world it is, never surrending, always believing in yourself, etc. so this creates the mainstream hero characters that becomes better because of power of friendship and protecting other or the type of MC that thinks that he will become greater because he is cool and you're not and if you step into his path you'll get killed. So no acting believes and running away might create a shadow that in your heart that difficulties cultivation and progression, all this is about the MC, the other side characters there is not much to say, still there are few that are awesome too.

4) Romance. There is romance, there are mature scenes but the harem and romance in this novel is bullsh*t, and that's all, it's not something you can highlight in this novel, maybe it changes in the future, maybe not, who knows. Path of cultivation is lonely, deal with it.

5) Enemy characters. So there are the typical arrogant young masters, there are some classic antagonist, but at the beginning there not big deal, generic villains, but this changes, at least there is 2 cool "antagonist" I've seen so far, anyway they are not necessary, the MC climbs in cultivation, the "bad guys" are 1: guy who wants power because yes, 2: guy who wants power to increase his cultivation.

6) Skills. There are a lot of skills, a lot of sects, a lot of types of cultivation, it shows too that everything is fine to gain power, maybe you won't like the method but only can speak or do something about it if you're stronger. Lots of ranks, lvls, combination skills, legecies, bloodline skills, 2 person skill and also FORMATIONS. In this novel there is the chi that is part of normal cultivation that you use to do martial skills but there is also the spirit used to arrange formation, the formation can be used to attack, defend and both things at the same time and they are also harder to learn and upgrade, greater, useful and creative.

Overall: Drama, Tragic, Epic, Bloody, Cruel, Awesome, climbing to the apex in a vast and expansive world, that's the novel. Aventure world with a lot of mystery unknown artifacts, characters and ancestors' legacies.



Why I consider the MC raping not that bad as people describe and cross out this novel because the are too sensetive don't understand this novels at all.

Yeah because you would love really much the bitch who almost killed you several times, poisoned you making you experience extreme pain, killed your family members... Just kill her and that's it right? What kind of respect for yourself and your nearby whould be that?

Chu Feng had his reason of raping. I even don't understand why are you complaining about because it doesn't make sense at all in my opinion. Chu Feng raped several girls who deserved it and the only one who just was a little spoiled girl he compensate her saving her life, recovering her from the curse and boosting her power and that girl at the end didn't have the face to thank him properly, he never wanted to rape anyone. But if some girl treating you and your nearbys worse that dogs and continuosly makes things difficult for you because she's just a brainless bitch who couldn't recognize the Mount Tai is her fault, is she applies vicious methods to you, then you also do it, because these people don't know good from bad and if you want to really hurt a merciless girl, raping her is the best method.

Chu Feng never said that he was a good guy but he's actually very kind, he could kill those people who pissed him off because he's strong enough, but those people would treat him bad and even kill him if he wasn't strong and hadn't the protection from someone. So in my opinion he is kind enough because he doesn't bully the weak and fears the strong like 90% of the population of all these novels and there is no exception. He's is very tolerand and mature person (according his age) so I don't complain about it and even if he is too ruthless sometime maybe in your eyes he's making bad but maybe if you were in his skin wouldn't seem you like that.

In a world where there not moral rules and the only one is the strong governs the weak you could not expect the kindness from anyone, just the respect from the fear, nothing more nothing less, The good people are kind and don't do ruthless things to who don't deserve it but the people who do it why you should be kind with them? and of course there are levels of that, for example Chu Feng helped several times people who treated him bad and after that these people started to support him but not all could do that because in this world there are a lot small-minded/short-sighted people like many other in these chinese fantasy worlds.

I don't say raping is fine or good, I say stop being so butthurt about this topic, the novel is not bad because he rapes some random girl, if you don't undersand that, then that's your lack of understanding and empathy and stop pulling away the people who are actually interested in this novel talking nonsense, thanks.

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Khrail rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
May 11, 2017
Status: c1775
Review from: c487
updated c650, updated c1775,

This novel start very average but it's get much better later +100, as expected of xianxia or xuanhuan in this case, the fist arc ends about the chapter 230+/-, also because the more you read the better you understand the "great picture" so here I'm going to list some characteristics of the novel.

Update after c1500. This novel is a very understimated novel. The only weird stuff happends in the beginning, the luck feels somewhat forced sometimes because is building the story and the... more>> story is developed in a lot chapters so it's usual that the beginning have this kind of stuff, but the story is getting better in later chapters, MC also is smarter, cunning, wiser and still not OP as ****, he's actually pretty much balanced for a MC O.O (he's not weak, but he doesn't crush everyone because he's the MC).

Start) MC a the beginning is a understimated young man that has been waiting his time to shine, but when he gets the oportunity he faces tragedies while he tries the best to protect himself becoming strong and getting some background until he's strong enough to revenge and slap the face to who did "bad" things to him and his nearby. I say "bad" because in these type of worlds there is anything "good" nor "bad" only the strong can know, talk and judge, the winner is the king and the defeated the villain so it's better to keep that in mind.

Early on, he gets a "cheat" that gives him powerful techniques based of his Astral Soul to help him start his journey but that's only in the start, after that he has to join an academy to get better techniques and so on, he don't really depend of that item to be OP it would be a lie if I say that doesn't help him, because it does and he keeps using those techniques all the time to boost his power but that's a technique, it's not a OP power/cheat that only has him so in the end all depends of his comprehension, luck and effort so it's not really a big deal.

Story) It's a xuanhuan, so it's a process of growing from weak to strong while moving to differents realms/countries/continents while revealing the truth behind the worlds, his background, his purpose while facing his enemies and also getting allies.

It has some repetitive stuff, like tournaments and trials and stuff like that he finds while adventuring, they don't repeat too much but you'll se some as the story progresses and they're not boring because in other novels a fight maybe takes 20 chapters analyzing the skills, spectators' reactions and stuff like that but in this novel the fights only take 1 chapter or 2 as much.

The main story progresses slow at the beginning but also it doesn't stop, it has his owns speed and meanwhile they're a lot of things going on as well. The story progresses around the strength of the MC so it depends of the point of the story.

Characters) There are the typical arrogant young masters that intimadate the weak while fearing the strong especially in the beginning of the story but later there are less of this arrogant young masters that only can talk bullsh*t sort of "Do you dare!? Don't you know who I am? My _Clan/Sect won't let you off" so this is a really important and good thing about this novel, MC is not just provoking some random canon arrogant young master and then destroys their sect and then the another ally sect and so on, it's not like that and this thing surprised me a lot also THERE ARE ALSO great cunning and logical "villains", the best in my opinion are those from the Chu country when is all revealed.

Update c650


Sadly the only cool villians are those, later I haven't seen so far any others, I mean any truly villains have appeared


They ally characters are fine, MC is not a solo heroe, it has his buddies and go with him along his journey, sometimes he's alone templating and cultivating himself but they are all the times doing stuff like him and when it's happening some important thing they group up, they are friends but they have also their own goals. It doesn't go too deep into their background but they had their own clear personalities.

There is a Harem tag but there is not real Harem when MC has a lot of girls that collects them like pokemon and then left them behind because they're too weak and can't follow him, it's more like thare a very few girls that fall in love with him but he doesn't correpond them so far, it's a 1 girl romance, and a good one actually, it's slow paces and solid one, it's get better with the time.

Update 1775->Harem confirmed, rate 7/10. I don't like big harem, so for me more girls -> worse. but there are few girls that are 100% solid and worth so far.

Martial Dao) The way of getting strong is the same as others, but the system itself and is unique in some aspects. It has a CLEAR DIFFERENCE between realms (unlike ATG, novel that I still actually enjoyed very much), it's all around comprehension and perception and the Astral Souls is also a awesome feature. It tells some insight about Dao from time to time but it doesn't go too deep, I mean, it's not all around that, although it has some awesome insight and thoughts. There are Yuan meteor stones and pills, they both can be used to promote but the main resource are the Yuan meteor stones wich is also the curreny.

Update c1775. Later chapters all is about perception, insight, pondering and comprehension.

Martial combat is based of Astral Souls, inner techniques, combat techniques, bloodlines, mandates of will and a lot more things that only are available at higher lvls, It also has divine inscriptions that are similar to the spirit of MGA, divine inscriptions can apply to a lot of things like

weapons, armor, puppets, formations, combat inscriptions, strategies...

MC eventually jumps lvls but it's not somethings crazy so the combat is good and understandable.

Update c650

Our MC can jump lvls but of course he's not the only one and there are characters that jump the same lvls just like him, of course they are non common characters and still there are a lot but it's important to keep that in mind, the MC is not a god that can jump 123812312 lvls because he's the MC and you're not.

I also want to clarify something that some people are upset about the cultivation path that the MC takes because they're not right but I gonna but a spoiler tag here anyway. Update from c650, c1775.


The weapon that the MC uses is the Halberd but some people are upset because his 4th Astra Soul is a sword so they think that now he becomes a sword cultivator but it's not like that, his main Weapon is still the Helberd that uses to fuse with 2 Astral Soul Mandate and also sometimes uses spears to throw like a marksman. He has a very powerful sword technique that obtains and also has 6th layer Sword Astra Soul so of course it uses and of course uses his Astral Nova but so what? He develops a Halberd Law and some Halberd techniques and he uses them really often and fuses it with his another powers it's not because he has Sword Astra Soul now is a sword cultivator, His FIRST Astral Soul is a HAMMER but anyone is complaining that he is a hammer cultivator right? so WTF

Update c1500 he start to pay much more atention to swordmanship->sword qi and sword intent


Update c650. The coincidantes are only at the start of the story to boost the MC power at the Beginning, basically, leter on his strength is mostly from his own Effort and Comprehension.

Also there is another thing that dissapointed me a lot but happends later on the story and it's something that happends a lot in other xuanhuan but still... so I just gonna hide it.

Update c650, forget that, the author fixes it and he does good.


He goes through A LOT of effort, problems, pain and suffering to be with his beloved and when he finally saves her and can be with her she just dissapears with MC's clan to power up until he gets stronger... BUT later they find each other again not too later and the romance it gets a lot better


My rate to this novel is solid 4, 5. compared with a lot xuanhuan is really good, often the author make story more realistic but instead is criticized because of that and yet are still unbelievable things, for example cliches like arriving just in time to save the day but pretty much is only that so overall the story is worth reading.

It's sort of MGA, PMG, ED, CD, GOS, TDG, ATG... and also it doesn't have anything to envy to them, the MC is badass, also kills when need to kill and DOESN'T destroy 21903871290 sects like many people are saying just because of some arrogant young master, and speaking of arrogant young masters this novel has 1/10 of PMG so stop talking nonsense.

It's all about the type you like, if you like more action and adventure oriented, read this, if not, just go read something like TTNH or any novel of that author or similar. <<less
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Khrail rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
May 15, 2017
Status: c162
Very interesting start, interesting path choice but too fast development, sometimes pointless stuff, the story had too much potential but is rushed, 250 chapters are too few, a pity. It would deserve to be 5 star if were build slowlier and better but only deservers 2-3 stars like this.

Interesting stuff right there, boring stuff right there, rushing story rigth there, kawaii characters right there, industry-made characters right there, some jokes right there, OP MC right there, unbalanced allies rigth there, a failed try to make a deep novel right there,... more>> too much wasted potential, but hey, still worth for a 1 shot novel, enjoy. <<less
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