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Renegade Immortal
December 20, 2017
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One of the best if not the best xianxia/xuanhuan novels.

Since its Er Gen's first novel, it feels unpolished and clunky at times compared to ISSTH and AWE. However at the same time, gives a distinct raw and earthy feeling to it.

The cultivation world is vicious with cultivators using the weaker ones as furnaces and turning them into spirit stones. To be kind to someone in this world is to be cruel to themselves.

The antagonists, the side characters and the old monsters who've lived for thousands of years act their... more>> age and are not obsessed with face. The plots and strategems between MC and others are brilliant. Unlike some other novels, the reader themselves can feel it and donot need to be told by the author "how smart the MC and the antagonists are". See MGA.

The MC. Wang Lin is a naive child who is forced to be ruthless, calculating and cold in order to survive in the vicious cultivation world.

At the same time, hes a deeply sentimental person. Coming from a cold and ruthless person, his filial piety, love, guilt, kindness seem much more powerful and meaningful.

The tragedies that befell him, and his life experience has given him maturity and a touch of humanity, separating him from cold and emotionless characters like Leylin from WMW or Gu Daoist Master.

It also separates Wang Lin from the 1000 year old reincarnated MC's who act like teenagers in heat, obssessed with face and pretentious and moral hypocrites. See Li Qiye, Yun Che, Chu Feng and co.

All in all, just read it. You won't regret it. <<less
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