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Kenpachi Zaraki
This story, in my opinion, has a good concept and is all together, something good to read... APART from the fact that the novel is filled with useless and unneeded sentences that are literally repeating what was just said.

Example. (Not from the novel)

I was looking at her as if I were looking at a suspicious person

... more>> "You are looking at me with eyes that are looking at a suspicious person"

"Because you are acting suspicious, I am going to look at you with eyes that are looking at a suspicious person"


You get the picture... Though it is not to this extent, you will eventually start creating sentences in your mind such as this because of how annoying the novel gets.

AND the only time you actually get somewhere is when the...


Author decides that after 30-something god damn chapters that our M.C wants to go on a journey... Then says "and like that one year passed"


And that's it... you finally made it from point A to point... A part 2.

Then when you think it's finally over, we are suddenly greeted with a story of someone else, foreshadowing future events... Of some person looking at another with murderous intent to threaten them.

But of course we get a repeat saying that the threat did not work BLAH BLAH of course the threat did not work BLAH BLAH

Now you are slightly prepared to read repeating sentences after reading my comment, GOOD LUCK! <<less
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Kenpachi Zaraki
Well... that was... undeveloped, to say the least. The only thing I really got from this is that the main protagonist can cook, the things that can be ingredients get cooked, and his cooking is good.

That's pretty much it.

overall 3/5
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Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki rated it
Wortenia Senki (WN)
March 4, 2019
Status: v2c4
The MC is seems to pursue all personalities to the extreme. Sometimes calm and other times calculating? Sure. Sometimes depressed and sometimes furious to the extreme? Yes. His personality is all over the place! It's a pain in the ass to think you understand someone, only to see him redirect his rage to someone telling it straight. So... I find this mediocre... The MC is a chameleon no matter how I see it, and his emotions are dyed by the situation. This problem irritates me to the extreme. And if... more>> this personality is intended for the MC, then I can only say this is not for me <<less
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Kenpachi Zaraki
To be honest, I already knew it would be bad... But I still tried to read it anyway just to criticise it as a joke. Though that ultimately ended as a failure as soon as I saw, well... Pretty much everything, from "plot?" To the basic "clichés", it was pretty much garbage.

So from chapter 5 I thought " might as well read it and get it over with" but as I read more my mind completely changed...

I was kinda "surprised" too, because it changed from wanting to end it- please... more>> ****ing end it

i mean how do you dismantle a ****ing slime that literally stated that it got "blown apart from a thrown stone which created a !****ING SHOCKWAVE!" <<less
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