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Kamemono rated it
History’s Number 1 Founder
February 8, 2018
Status: c470
I would like to say that this novel is seriously underrated. The MC has a refreshing take and doesn't start out OP (though the system is broken).

I found this novel to be engaging. The author has combined different novels while maintaining his own unique plotline.

However you should not start this as a first pick, be sure to read this only after you've read

Battle through the heavens (chapter 300 at least)

Perfect world (chpt. 100-150 works)

Renegade immortal (chpt. 70 up to)
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Kamemono rated it
The Great Ruler
December 30, 2018
Status: c538
The worse part is that the character is supposed to be absolutely ruthless based on his past experience (s). However, all you ever see him do is letting each person go for no apparent reason (or nonsensical consequences). You see the same enemies repeating over and over because the protagonist refuses to kill/cripple them.

I have finished reading up to about 538 but I cannot push myself to go on any further. The initial chapters are good and definitely worth reading up to the beginning of the grand tournament of the... more>> five academies (approx late 400s) <<less
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Kamemono rated it
Soaring the Heavens
February 19, 2019
Status: c455
This novel is amazing, a very pleasant surprise. Wish there were more chapters on this or at least a better release frequency. The cultivation aspect of the novel is slow but till engaging. Wish they would elaborate on how the Orbs of will work exactly.
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Kamemono rated it
The Human Emperor
February 19, 2019
Status: --
One of the best novels I have read till date. Very engaging and immersive. If you enjoy reading about Chinese culture and war strategy, this is the novel for you.
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