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KameleonZero rated it
The King of the Battlefield
September 29, 2018
Status: c144
This story was very highly rated so I was interested. Firstly, I'll say the translation is decent but not great.

The story starts out fairly well. The main character dies and then his mind essentially gets sent back in time. This gives him an opportunity to use his future knowledge to change his (and humanity's) bad ending.

The problem with this story is that it moves very fast -- from challenge to challenge with no time in between. It's just the main character, Muyoung, traveling around and gaining strength by tackling challenges... more>> and gathering items or skills. There's very little interaction between the main character and anyone else. Even when there is, it's very superficial and only for a short while. So it's kind of like playing an RPG where there's no character development or story. Just constant grinding. Grinding is great, for a while, but eventually you have to get back to a story.

I think if characters stuck around more and if there was more development between the various characters and Muyoung, the story would be much more interesting. It's just not that interesting where all your character does is goes to Location A (that you've never heard of) and does Trail B to get magic tchotchke C, which adds 50 to his stats. Rinse and repeat. <<less
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First of all, the translation from Nega Translation is passable. It's very simple and the prose doesn't exactly flow well but it's certainly readable and their work is appreciated.

On the story itself, it's pretty entertaining albeit very simple itself and full of cliches. Character that goes from loser to overpowered, talking sword, a love interest out of his league, skill steal ability and the seven deadly sins. All checked. Overall, the story doesn't offer much in the way of new ideas or twists on old favorites. It's just more of... more>> the same.

Beyond the simplicity, the story moves very quickly. It largely moves from one fight-scene to another with little build-up, character interaction or growth. It's a very superficial story. There's not much depth there. But that's not the worst thing. Not everything needs to be complex. If you are interested in a quick-read with good entertainment value and little need to invest much though into, it's just fine. The illustrations available are very nice and certainly make the story seem cooler than it actually is. <<less
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