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Kainthedamned rated it
God Of Slaughter
July 31, 2016
Status: c107
Typical narcissistic self-insertion novel.

The MC is overpowered, protected by a plot armor so thick there's no surprise and a lot of the other characters are just there to tell him how strong he is.

Good points: decent writing, good fighting scene, a few interesting characters (apart from the MC).

Bad points:
*The MC is unbelievably stupid and aggressive, he keeps doing horrible stuff to people way stronger than him and he should have died ten times by chapter 100. The tricks of the author to keep him alive are so ridiculous it... more>> is a bit sad.

*The hatred of women is really strong in this story, you can feel that the target audience has no hope of ever getting laid. A bit of advice, if it's not your thing DO NOT read the readers comments. It's scary, seriously. <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
True Martial World
August 15, 2016
Status: c200
Very disappointing novel.

The first 100 chapters seem like the beginning of something great: the classic MC reincarnated plot is set in a desert tribe, poor and famished, with a ruling class who exploit the uneducated and exhausted people. The bad guys are believable characters, the setting is detailed, the MC is faced with difficulties that he solves with his wits... I loved it. Then the MC finally solves the situation, and... everything goes to hell.

It looks like the author suddenly forgets what it means to build a story. No more... more>> plot, no more intelligent moves from the MC, no more interesting characters. Just dumb opponents who despise the MC for no reason, and say 'ha ha ha you can't win!' and then he does win... with the very technique/weapon/rank up that the author spoon-fed him 2 chapters before! And the opponents disappear and new ones appear, after he got a new power-up...

So disappointing, I had to drop at chapter 200, I was just scrolling down the chapters to see if something related to the story was finally going to happen. But you should at least read the 100 first chapters, those are really good at least. <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
Demon’s Diary
June 8, 2016
Status: c117
Finally! Finally a xianxia with an actual story!

If all you care is the MC training/kicking ass, it may not be for you. But if you are sick of the stories where all the girls are empty dolls who fall in love with the MC for no reason, all the guys either want to rob/kill him and rape whichever girl he happens to be with or are just there to say 'he is so strong, it's so surprising!', it is worth your time.

The universe is very well developed, with many real... more>> characters, who have feelings and objectives which often do not revolve around the MC, the story is well paced, the training system and the fights are classic but solid. The MC is not an angry moron who punch anyone who disrespect him, he actually knows that dismissing an insult with a smile avoids a lot of trouble and he knows how to be a decent human with people around him. Only thing that could have been better: his background is not very clear and has not really been used, but I suppose it comes into play later. <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
Phoenix Destiny
November 12, 2017
Status: c19
I'm really liking how this is novel is starting. Well written, well detailed universe, many different characters and no cliché bad guys or stupid fans of the MC only there to say 'wow, you're so strong!'. The MC is a smart and courageous child, but not a Mary Sue, I'm looking forward to see how she develops growing up. The cultivation and fighting methods aren't clear yet, but that's because the author is taking his time establishing the universe.

Anyway, if you are looking for a tale of revenge through martial... more>> arts, but a good one, this might be for you! <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
Lord of All Realms
August 20, 2016
Status: c42
Really nice story so far. The author seems to have decided to change his story telling compared to God Of Slaughter and Great Demon King. No more stupid protagonists who try to kill/rape anything that come their way and are so overpowered that nothing can happen to them except "surprising" everyone by getting out every situation without any effort.

Instead we have a MC capable of using his brain, still violent but not for no reason (for now), real side characters who aren't just here to get destroyed. If you add... more>> the good writing and universe building talent of this author, this novel has great potential. I really hope it keeps going along those lines, we will see. <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
Reverend Insanity
June 6, 2018
Status: c297
Warning: the MC of this novel is a monster. Not just the childish kind of monster you usually find in wanxia, who punches anything that annoys him, a real monster who values nothing, stops at nothing, all to return to the height of the cultivation world. For example, he tortures children to death, kills innocents like it's nothing, is responsible for the death of literally dozens of thousands of people who didn't do anything to him, just so he can get a little bit of an edge.

That being said, if... more>> you can look past that, that novel is excellent. Original cultivation system, intense fights, a lot of smart and interesting characters, deep story, etc... It's clearly one of a kind among the cultivation novels which are all more or less build on the same model. You just have to be able to follow a MC who makes most serial killers look like quite nice fellows after all. <<less
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