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Kagevik rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: c119
Ok so the story is actually set in a modern day fictional china, with lots of references to actual chinese landmarks, locations, poetry and cultural thought/experiences which the translator XTB goes to additional lengths to explain and highlight. I binge read the first 110 chapters so I didn't get the experience of slowness in terms of story progression, the things that seem to be abstract in the beginning are actually explained not by the third person narrator but by actual characters in the story, well some of them anyway.

the technique... more>> the MC uses,

explained as a standard from his school

why the MC seems to be so strong

explained by his manager around chapter 100 as an actual progression of around 6-7 years of his entry to the school... he spent 3 years (8year old to 11yrs) crying, 1 year after that to vow his vengeance and start training even past class time and even in the rain, 1 year to go from 20/20 to like 18/20 in the rankings, then 13/20 then 5/20 then 3rd then 1st and remained as first for the years following

why the cultivation progression isn't fully described in the first few chapters

cz 80% cultivators are at the first stage only


these things are described so subtly with much of an actual story going on around it that you get to know things about the world and settings while actually being told a story. And like I mentioned earlier the translator-san generously researches and points out that there are things from the real world here.

It is one of the best modern world xianxia novels out there, with enough real world elements to authenticate it as modern world, and enough cultivation action, actual action I mean, combat and all with actually thought out processes for how these things can coexist in the real world by the author

government cover-ups, internet sweeps, demonkin cloaking, after dark action, underground cultivator facilities and more...


Give it a read if you want to get some culture tidbits, modern day cultivators, some bada*sery, some slaying and some cunning. <<less
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