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Kaco rated it
Martial God Space
December 28, 2017
Status: c3683
Three stars for this novel might be pushing it a little but I like finished novels so that gave it an extra star.

When talking about plot of the novel I can only say that writer wrote this novel without any plan. There are many loosed ends, many characters that are just forgotten and they just suddenly appear 200-300 ch. Later, while later in the story some characters are just forgotten (those who you would think are important).

And lets start talking about cultivation levels in story. There is no concept of... more>> knowing before main character reached similar level about next level. Same thing applies to his enemies. You only know they are stronger but never how strong they are until main char is stronger then he just explodes them.

What I want to say that the world outlook looks like is full of secrets, if you're weak you cant know about anything concerning stronger people until MC comes in a play than whole world knows all information.

That's about it, I almost finished reading it and ill try to finish it but I can say that is one of most boring xianxia novels i've read so far. <<less
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