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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
September 17, 2017
Status: c426
It's the story that you didn't know you always wanted --

  • What happens when a girl who has transmigrated into a story as a loathsome character meets a man who has reincarnated and holds a grudge against her?

  • Chu Lian read half of a book in which the female main character cheated on her good husband. When she suddenly wakes up in the body of that female MC on their wedding night, she's thrilled -- a chance to have a wonderful transmigrator life with her hot new hubby!
  • However, little does she know that her husband has been reborn, too... into his younger self. Looking at the woman he loved, who betrayed and cuckolded him for another man... In his first life, he was kind and trusting, but now that he's gone back in time, he's out for revenge!
Here are some points that I like:

... more>>
  • The main character is level-headed and not over-powered. She's just a practical, business-minded orphan from the modern world. She only read half of the novel she transmigrated into, so she can't predict future events and needs to figure out her own way to fit in.
  • Because her tastes are picky from eating good modern food, and her knowledge of internet recipes, she sets out to improve the food she eats in her new life. Great for food-loving readers!
  • The male lead is enraged at her original character, and he is very standoffish, rude, and threatening to her at first. But his funny/awkward attempts to slight her (that usually end up backfiring on himself instead) make him occasionally endearing.
  • The pacing of the story is nice and exciting without feeling rushed.
  • The translation quality is excellent.
Not many chapters are out at the time of this review, but I'm already hooked! I will update this review later, but for now -- highly recommended!


This story is still going strong! The only points I have to add so far are:

  • This novel is totally FOOD PORN. Reading it will make your stomach growl and your mouth drool.
  • The male lead is a meathead. Stubborn, hot-tempered, tactless, heavy-handed, idiot. Sometimes he is mildly endearing, but mostly he is overbearing. He's like a teenage virgin who has never had a crush on a woman before. He drives me crazy (not with affection, but with frustration and annoyance).
  • If you are a reader who cares strongly about CONSENT, this novel might make you angry. As wonderful as our female lead is, all the males (including the male lead) in this novel are constantly manhandling her, grabbing her, sexually assaulting her, etc without her consent. I've noticed that a lot of younger readers think this behavior is adorkable/tsundere, but as an older reader, it often just feels abusive/r*pey to me. I assume the male lead will get better, but as of Chapter 425+ he is still just as meatheaded and pushy as ever.
  • Many of the side characters aren't super developed or intelligent -- they're more like foils to complement the MC.
  • However, the MC is still super likeable.
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I honestly don't understand all the 5 star reviews. Did I miss something? To me, this novel is just the usual "black-bellied female MC" story, but executed more poorly than usual.

Before I come off as unfairly critical, please let me explain...

(I will explain in detail from here. I'm going to write a lot, since I don't like to give low ratings or bad reviews without explaining why. If you don't want to read a lot, skip down to the last paragraph for TL;DR.)

... more>> PLOT:

A powerful jiangshi (a corpse monster/vampire) tries to sneak into heaven, is caught by the heavenly emperor, and is forced into the mortal world. The story begins when she wakes up in the body of a weak-willed princess. The country she lives in has reversed gender roles, in which women hold all the power and men are just sexual objects.

This plot sounds interesting, but then you get to the plot holes...


  • She wakes up in the body of a princess. What happened to the princess? They never explained if she died or is just possessed or anything.
  • She immediately shows her supernatural powers and vampiric nature to everyone, and NO ONE asks any questions, whether they are servants, friends, or enemies.
  • Women are the ruling class, warriors, and "husbands" in this world. However, for some unexplained reason, all of the men aren't just subservient -- they have extremely weak and "feminine" personalities as well. They fall in love at first sight and cry easily, and are easily beaten up (even though they are strong enough to carry women in other scenes).
  • The old princess was extremely shallow, brown-nosing, weak-willed, and flat out abusive. She let her husband be stabbed and maimed, then threw him into a shed for his wounds to rot. Her servants loathed and disrespected her. All these months/years of hatred and resentment are IMMEDIATELY forgotten in a day. I'm not kidding - as soon as she shows any sort of "strength" or unintentional "kindness", her husband, servant, and other hot males instantly adore and respect her. They crave her attention within 1 chapter, and this is never explained.
  • Despite the author's attempts to limit her power (eg. she gets weak when she uses magic), she is still OP. She can dispatch people with only her killing intent, her wealth is limitless and she easily throws it around (despite being an "out of favor" 6th princess), she can physically maim the most powerful princess in the country in public with zero consequences, she is still inhumanly strong and has vampire teeth, etc etc etc...
  • The main character's personality is extremely inconsistent. She's supposed to be a cold-hearted monster with a killing aura, who lacks knowledge about human emotions or empathy for mortals. However, she immediately decides that a bunch of her servants (who she doesn't even know/remember) are "her people" and will show them warm-hearted concern, kindness, and rushes to exact revenge for them. She's supposed to be someone with incredible willpower who has cultivated for thousands of years, but she gets distracted, yearning, and horny as soon as she sees any hot guy. (Not just the main characters, mind you... she'll be standing up, heart-pounding, and drooling over anyone who is hot or can play music, even if they will be gone within 1 chapter.)
These are just a few of the many inconsistencies within the first 23 chapters.


The writing also isn't particularly good -- the author only knows how to describe how people look, not environments or world-building. The story jumps around without transitions (ex. she does something big, and it skips to the next scene with no explanation about what happened after). The pacing is weirdly too fast (things develop and are resolved too quickly), but also too slow (it feels like the plot has not advanced even after 23 chapters).

I don't think this is an error in translation -- the translation quality isn't that bad (the English isn't perfect, but it's not broken or too distracting). I think it's the novel itself.


Overall, I still think that this was a mildly-enjoyable way to waste some time. If you just adopt the mantra "DON'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING", you'll probably be ok.

If all you want is fluff and some almost-smut (eg. heavy kissing for no reason), you'll get it here. There's lots of descriptions about "faces flushing, " "heart pounding uncontrollably, " etc, even if the reasons behind the lust make no logical sense.

Also, if you're looking for a ruthless female MC who is very bloodthirsty, doesn't bother to pretend that she's weak (or normal, or human), is directly violent, and makes strangers pee themselves, this MC will do that. <<less
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KKristen rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
December 7, 2016
Status: c180
I don't like to review a series until I'm finished with it, but what the heck, I'm at Chapter 180, and this can't wait.

This is one of THE BEST Chinese light novels I've ever read. Definitely in my Top 3 favorites, along with I Shall Seal The Heavens and Douluo Dalu. If you don't like those novels, and instead you love series like MGA or ATG, maybe don't even bother reading this review... you probably won't like this.

But if you LIKE...

• A rational, hard-working, good-humored, loyal main character, who isn't... more>> arrogant or blindly bloodthirsty...
• Side characters that are well-developed and don't disappear later on...
• A story that is equal parts funny+emotional+interesting...
• Great translation quality with one dedicated translator with a rich vocabulary...

... then, READ THIS!!!

More reasons you might want to read this series:

• You're tired of repetitive Chinese light novel tropes, and you want a LN that calls them out on their BS. (broken MCs, harems, cheats, spirit guides, etc)
• You don't mind a good parody -- one that's well-written, has its own unique characters and world, but still makes funny commentaries on the ridiculousness of other light novels.
• You're looking for a female main character that isn't a Mary Sue and has a mind of her own. (Name another series where the main character reincarnates as a middle-aged village woman.)
• You like romance stories that are entertaining, but also rational. (No love at first sight or endless descriptions about how hot people are.)
• You have a sense of humor and enjoy constant jokes.

Still haven't decided to read this? Don't worry:
• Even though it's sort of a parody, it doesn't feel like fanfiction. It has its own unique and compelling storyline.
• Even though it's primarily a comedy, it also has action, romance, mystery, tragedy, and SO MANY FEELS (you will laugh, you will cry, you will cast the Great Diarrhea Art)
• Even though it seems like the chapter releases slowed down, the translator (Scrya) just came back!

If you liked anything I said above, just try it. You won't regret it.

(NOTE: I'll update this review later on.) <<less
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KKristen rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
July 21, 2017
Status: c5.10

  • This is a yaoi / shounen-ai / boys love story. There are fantasy elements and a noticable plot (that's actually pretty good), but overall a huge plot element in the story is the male MC's romances with men. You have been warned.
  • This isn't the most realistic, heart-pounding, or complex novel, but it's still pretty well-written and an easy read. If you don't mind BL and just want a fantasy romance, give it a try.

  • The main character was a genius hacker before "God" trapped him in a virtual hell. Always reborn as the "villian" or "cannon fodder" character, he's forced to play out the roles and dies an unseemly death in thousands of worlds, over thousands of years. When he finally breaks the cycle, he resolves to ruin God's plans... and finds love along the way.
Plot Notes:

... more>>
  • Even though he's finally developed a tool that enables him to stray from God's "script, " he is still trapped in an endless cycle of lives. He decides to slowly corrupt God's system by changing the path of his character, the protagonist, and antagonist in each world he enters.
  • This novel is essentially about following the main character as he lives many different lives, and watching him manipulate and change the pre-written stories in order to spite God. He also builds a strong romance in each life.
Main Character:

  • Basically, the MC is a genius who has lived thousands of lives as thousands of different characters. He has become immensely talented in all fields. He is extremely intelligent, calculating, and alluring... and somewhat OP... but he's still likeable.
  • The MC's original self was gay. However, "God" forced him to play the villain and do unspeakable things with/to women for thousands of years. When he finally regains self-control, he is relieved and ready to pursue men again.
  • Note: even though his relationships are homosexual, they're not just "exaggeratedly gay" or smutty. (Everything is pretty clean. PG-13 at the very most.) The MC's relationships are actually pretty solid, developed, and healthy.

  • The translation quality is really good, and the chapters are nice and long.
  • This is a very easy and smooth read. Perhaps it's not the most complex novel (it's mostly just nice fantasy-romance fluff), but the plot is solid and the romance takes center stage without detracting from the actual story.
All in all, I'd say that if you enjoy an easy fantasy romance, and don't have a problem with BL, give it a try. You might enjoy it. I know I did. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
February 18, 2017
Status: c118

There are 3 different translators. I was confused about this when I first started the series. Tip:

1) Start with Blastron - This is the highest quality translation and the most entertaining to read. Blastron is the best at capturing the personality and humor of the story. (Edit: Some people have mentioned that Blastron's translation is more westernized. If you don't mind poor grammar and want the purer form, you can try Turbo.)

2) Once you finish Blastron's chapters, if you can't wait, read Turbo Translations... more>> - the translation quality and grammar is low but it'll get you there.

3) After Turbo, read Raising the Dead's translations to get up to the most recent chapters. Their translations aren't bad but they weren't as fun as Blastron's. PERSONALLY:

I heard a lot about this series, but didn't start it until I accidentally started reading the manga adaptation. (It's good!) When I finished the chapters I couldn't wait to find out more, so I started reading the novel.

I really like the main character's personality and don't mind the side stories. I decided to wait for more chapters from Blastron, rather than reading on with a lower-quality/less-interesting translation.


An epic battle between a hero and demon lord creates an energy blast so powerful that it goes into another dimension and kills everyone in one Japanese high school classroom. One of those students is reborn as a tiny spider monster in an underground labyrynth. This is the story of how she levels up and evolves. (There is also a running side story about her classmates' who have been reincarnated into the same world.)


- The basic plot of this story sounds similar to many other RPG stories (like Re:Monster).

- However, the execution is unique in that it features a funny female main character, and takes a more realistic approach to the leveling/evolution system.

- Even though some of her skills are "broken, " they're not "over-powered." It takes her a long time and serious effort to gain understanding and mastery over her skills and abilities, and nothing is ever easily explained or handed to her.

- For example, even though she unlocks magic early in the story, she has no idea what it does or how to use it until a LONG time later.

- Her advancement of skills (and skills available) are relevant to her species and makes sense.

- The world-building starts out small (since we're literally stuck in a cave) and eventually grows (thanks to the side characters' stories).


I read a tip in another review here that really improved my reading experience -- read the story as if the spider is actually a side character, and the other characters are the real main characters. Then you will be less frustrated when she's just grinding for hundreds of chapters, while the other characters are advancing the plot out in the world.

P.S. I liked this even though I have arachnophobia. Also, you have to really like grinding/leveling in order to enjoy this story.

Update: I ended up dropping this novel around Chapter 250. I really enjoyed the leveling/growing in the early stages of the novel, but after Kumo leaves the dungeon and becomes all-powerful I feel like both her personality and character growth stopped. It was a fun ride while it lasted and I would still recommend the dungeon portion of this story. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
October 17, 2017
Status: c50
So far, the plot of this story is interesting, but the characters leave a lot to be desired. I'm still reading it for now, but I keep wanting to beat my head against the wall because of the main character. I'm not trying to be overly harsh in my review, but... I want to be honest to save you (other readers) time. If you like these types of characters/stories, then feel free to ignore my review.


Lin Yixin lost her parents in an accident and gained the ability to see ghosts.... more>> One day, her apartment starts flooding and she goes upstairs to stumble onto the scene of a crime. Unexpectedly, the "murder" is actually a writer and his friend acting out a scene to get into the mood. The genius-but-rude author hires her as his live-in assistant/cook/housemaid/slave until her apartment is rebuilt. Later, Lin Yixin is attacked by a real murderer and discovers that she can use her ghost-sight to solve crimes.


Lin Yixin -- The best way to describe her would be a hot-tempered airhead with no job, no prospects, no attention-span, and no motivation, who can also see ghosts. She doesn't value her life and does nothing with her ghost-seeing ability (which she obtained early in her childhood) until the age of 25, when she suddenly becomes kind-hearted and decides to put herself at risk in order to solve crimes.

She is the type of person who tries to get murdered so that the police can use her body as evidence to convict the criminal. If someone gives her a binding contract, she will sign it without looking at it. If she is invited inside a scary room by a shady person/email, she will immediately enter with no preparation, no self-defense, and without telling anyone. If someone who may be dangerous offers her food, she will immediately eat it. Her method of crime-solving is to follow a ghost, directly confront the criminal, and possibly be saved by someone else after. (It may sound like I'm exaggerating here, but all of these things actually happen multiple times in the story.)

Suyang -- The mysterious, genius, rich, hot, spoiled, bipolar, neat-freak, male lead who is also an eccentric writer. His key points are "hot and rich" and "foul-mouthed and rude." Every so often, he will suddenly become super nice and touchy-feely for no reason. It's casually revealed that he is also a prodigy at basketball. He is possessive of the female lead even though they have only known each other for a few weeks (actually, it might be more like a few days?)

There are no other noteworthy characters. There are a few characters (like Suyang's friend and an old lady) who will rarely pop in and out of the story, but they don't really do much. The other characters are only important for one crime "arc" and will disappear after the crime is resolved.


The translation quality is the one consistently good thing about this novel. The English is excellent, the editing is clean, the releases are frequent. (Dear translator, please don't think that I don't appreciate your work... I just have some problems with the novel itself.)


For now, I'm giving this novel 3 stars. The plot concept is ok, but the plot execution is like being beat with a stick. I will update this review later, if I don't drop the series first. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Poison Genius Consort
May 6, 2017
Status: c270
Not one of my all-time favorites, but still enjoyable and easy to read, and better than most.

I recommend you try it if you like:

  • Self-sufficient, level-headed, strong-willed female main characters.
  • A main character who is very skilled, but not OP.
  • Mystery, martial arts, and political intrigue.
You should also enjoy (or at least be ok with) :

... more>>
  • A romance that develops VERY slowly.
  • Drama between females. (the usual shade-throwing, name-calling, face-shaming, etc between noble women and petty family members)
  • A main character who has an almost magical special ability that no one else has.
  • A main character who is constantly struggling and being beaten down each time she rises up.
I DON'T recommend it if you want:

  • Romantic fluff
  • A domineering, OP, triumphant, or brutal main character
  • Cultivation/leveling up
  • A story that moves quickly (I'm at chapter 144 and we still haven't seen much romantic/character development)
  • A healthy romantic relationship
With that being said, here's a summary of the story:

  • Han Yunxi is a genius poison doctor in a modern era. After her unexpected death, she is reborn in the body of a "useless trash" daughter of a medical family, about to be married to the cold and aloof Duke of Qin, Long Feiye. However, her new husband refuses to even meet her at the door, her new in-laws hate her, her old relatives despise her, and she's been drawn into an ongoing feud within the palace... with only her unique poison skills help her.

  • Han Yunxi is level-headed, stubborn, and a realist. She does arrive in the past with a "cheat ability" (her futuristic poison detox/detection system), but she is not OP. Despite her poison abilities, she is faced with constant trials and struggles in the form of social schemes and physical danger. She has zero martial arts ability, her schemes don't always work as planned, she refuses to kill ruthlessly because of her previous occupation as a doctor, and she has little to no help from others. Overall, she is acceptable to read and her struggles are easy to understand.
  • Long Feiye is often called a "ice block, " and it's no joke -- he's one of the most aloof, uncaring, and cold main characters ever. Seriously. It's not like "oh look how tsundere he is, cute, " it's more like "he legitimately doesn't care if she dies." Don't expect him to be a warm main character, at least not for at least 250 chapters. (Tbh, he irritates me often. He is always leaving Yunxi in dangerous situations, and every time he doesn't get his way, he physically grabs her or assaults her. I keep having to ignore my modern feminist sensibilities in order to like him. Just a warning...)
Overall, this is one of the better and more realistic novels in the "genius female reborn as trash daughter in ancient era" genre. I enjoyed it and read all 144 translated chapters in two days. (Edit: Now at Ch. 270) I would give it 4.5 stars if I could.


Lowered my rating to 3.5 stars (I'll give it 4 stars just for the good translators).

Like many readers, there have been many times when the male lead, Long Feiye, has driven me up the wall in frustration. Frankly, it irritates me how both Yunxi and many readers immediately forgive/forget the many times that he neglects, assaults, or abuses the MC. The things he does to "redeem" himself never feel like enough. The feelings that he and the MC finally develop just feel too forced and quick to be believable (their relationship does drastically and suddenly turn for the better later on). Maybe he's acceptable for younger readers, and readers just looking for hot guys and fluff, but for me, watching their relationship is uncomfortable.

Furthermore, as the chapters progress, the story gets further and further away from reality. I mean, there has always been a fantasy element to the story (reincarnation, godly poison skills, secret powers), but the story becomes filled with cliche elements, like super cute hyper-intelligent animal sidekicks, the MC's ability to instantly master weaponry, miracle herbs/substances, unnecessary fluff, etc. There used to be sort of a grounded logic and reason to the novel that I liked, but after the first hundred chapters it just becomes more and more like a wild teen fantasy. Debating whether I should drop it or not.

Basically, I think this novel had a very strong start, with a realistic and well-grounded MC despite the fantasy setting. However, later on I couldn't help but notice major flaws with the characters, plot, and cliche elements. <<less
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I don't know why this has such a high rating.

It is an exceedingly average, Mary Sue, video game transmigration story so far. I don't think I'm exaggerating, and here's why.


  • A super martial-arts and disguise expert, who is also the highest-leveled, best player in a fantasy MMORPG, is also a mysterious 23-year old female.
  • She goes into a dungeon that no one else could ever beat before. Her party effortlessly beats 2 floors before they're all murdered by a super AI boss on the 3rd floor. After her entire party is killed, the final boss suddenly bows down to her and becomes her servant. It also gives her a gem that unlocks a door that sucks her into the game world.

  • This fantasy world is like your typical xianxia/xuanhuan world: 4 job classes, named and numbered level systems for people, items, pets, armor, etc.
  • Powerful women are equal to men in this country, so they can take multiple male concubines. Obviously the main character will do this later on.
  • The main character transmigrated into the weak and stupid, "trash character, " oldest daughter of the #1 family on the continent.
  • She brings her storage system from the game and ALL her jewels, money, pets, and weapons.
  • Now her personality does a 180-degree change and she's super cold and mysterious.
The writing style is an "information dump":

  • Many long paragraphs with emotionless, encyclopedia-like descriptions and lists of terms, levels, background, etc. Some of these lists are actually numbered.
  • It almost feels like reading a Wikipedia entry rather than a movel. I kept feeling like they should just give up on paragraphs and turn it into bullet points.
  • You will be introduced to 9 cities, 10 characters, 10 magic beast levels, 6 equipment levels, and 4 job classes (all with unique names that have no relation to the others) within 1.5 chapters. This is not an exaggeration -- I counted. Good luck remembering any of them...

  • I don't mean the translation is bad. It has very few errors, and a new chapter is released once a week or every few days. It's just the actual writing style that overloads you with too much information and not enough visuals or feeling.
It's possible that this novel will improve later on (after the author finishes writing ALL the definitions for everything). But I'm dropping it after only 5 chapters.
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KKristen rated it
Doomsday Wonderland
May 9, 2017
Status: c25
As soon as I opened the first chapter on a whim, I was sucked into the story. This is an intense apocalyptic-survival story with a resourceful female main character.

Only 25 chapters were released at the time of this review, but so far it looks very promising.


    • For days, Lin Sanjiu has had the foreboding feeling that her too-perfect boyfriend is planning to kill her. On the eave of what will soon be revealed as the start of a disastrous heat wave, her suspicions become a deadly reality. Lin Sanjiu is suddenly and brutally forced into a world in which the apocalypse is nigh, all normal humans will perish, and the few survivors gain abilities or become hideous, man-eating monsters. Even worse, she learns that in a few months she'll be transported into a parallel world that's also going through an apocalypse, and this process will continue again, and again... assuming she lives that long.
First thoughts:

    • This is an exciting read full of suspense, danger, and mystery. The pacing is quick and action-packed, and the writing is excellent. The author doesn't bother to make the apocalypse look "pretty" -- it is filled with terror and rotting corpses. For those who are worried, I didn't find this story too scary -- it's intense, suspenseful, and a bit creepy, but with a healthy dash of fantasy and special powers.
    • Overall, I highly recommend you try it. The story seems to be headed in a very promising direction, the heroine is likeable, and the plot is pretty unique here on NovelUpdates. I'll be following it closely!

    • The English and grammar are great. The translators are good at capturing the right feeling and scenery, especially the creepy suspenseful moments.
    • The chapters are a good length, easy to read, and keep you eager for more.
    • New chapters are released frequently, almost every day.
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The premise behind this novel is interesting: On the night she was born, it was foretold that she was a cursed child. Her family was hunted down and the girl was hidden in the forest. Years later, through a series of coincidences, this girl raised by wolves is set to marry a prince and become his Wangfei.

However, the execution is lacking. The chapters are very short, and the translation is in broken English. That would be ok, but...

The main character is supposed to be a super assassin from the modern... more>> age, but the author completely forgets that and so she acts simple and naive. She has no idea how to act in society, doesn't have any of the skills from her past life (other than speech and being able to fight), and she has a barely-mentioned vague power to control all animals. She's supposed to have "demon" eyes, but those aren't noticable and barely mentioned again.

The explanations for plot events (such as why the second most powerful man in the country would choose to marry a wolf girl, and why she would accept) are rushed and shallow.

The moments that are supposed to be heart-pounding (like unexpected kisses and sexy moments) fail to catch your attention since you don't understand what either of the main characters look like, why they would be interested in each other, or how their feelings could be so easily influenced after only 1 day together...

I'm going to drop this series for now.

If you want to read a really good novel about a girl raised by wolves, you should read "Ballad of the Dessert" by Tong Hua instead. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Wortenia Senki (WN)
October 10, 2017
Status: v2c11
The manga is better, because it condenses the plot and has good art.

The novel, as others have said, is unrealistic chuunibyou. The MC is both too Mary Sue to be believable, and yet not Mary Sue enough to be interesting. You're left with a guy who is too rational, too merciless, too kind-hearted, too smart, too normal, too motivated, and too unfocused all at once. The English translation quality is also very rough.

Usually I write long, detailed reviews, but I just don't have the motivation this time. Try it and... more>> you will quickly figure out whether you like it or not. That's all I have to say. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan
January 30, 2018
Status: c22
What you have here is probably the most realistic and life-like transmigration story you'll ever read. No, it may not be action-packed, and some may find the pace a bit slow, but the detailed and intricate characters make it worth it. 5 stars!


  • In a messy household in ancient times, the husband has favored his concubine over his official wife, resulting in the death of his youngest concubine. Her neglected young daughter opens her eyes, delirious with fever... and terribly disappointed with her current situation.
  • Yao Yiyi was a workaholic and plain woman who, after years of struggle, graduated from a law university and got a secure job as an employee at the peoples courts. She didn't care for fame, fortune, or men, simply living her life to the best of her ability. She volunteers for a tough court job in the mountains, expecting to complete the difficult work and return with satisfaction, but dies in an unexpected landslide... only to be reborn in the body of poor concubine's daughter Minglan.
The character development is truly where this novel shines. This novel has some very unique features:

  • A realistic look into the mental health of a modern, average protagonist reborn as a "trash" character. Imagine losing everything, then being forced into an unhealthy body not your own, hated with no future prospects? Watching the MC gradually find her purpose and regain the will to live is incredibly refreshing after reading so many other cliche transmigration novels with OP, white lotus, or too-composed protagonists.
  • A flawed father character who is biased but not ignorant. This is a man who considers the advice of others, attempts to treat his wives and children fairly, and tries his best to restore order in his household despite his many mistakes.
  • Wives and concubines who all have their own individual personalities, who actually grow and react in different ways to their mistakes. These are adult women and mothers who know when to push and when to withdraw when it comes to maintaining the delicate balance of power between them.
  • Siblings who aren't totally good or totally evil. These are realistic children whose personalities and actions are shaped by the adults around them. Their characters are flexible and change over time depending on the lessons they take to heart.
  • An elderly matron character who does not fall into normal stereotypes. (The scheming grandmother, badass matriarch, blindly doting old woman, etc.) She's a seasoned but weary woman, who is reserved in showing her affection, who has her own opinions about the events and drama in the house but prefers to stick to her own place in the family.
  • Despite all the subtle family drama, I do want to add that there is one very badass character: Governess Kong, who is brought in to whip the misbehaving children into shape *ahem* educate the children about society. I don't want to write more and spoil anything, since reading her parts are the most fun.

  • There aren't many chapters out at this time (and the translation updates VERY slowly, maybe once a month). However, the translation quality is excellent with very few mistakes. The translator does a great job of capturing the mood and intricate character interactions.
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KKristen rated it
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
June 28, 2018
Status: c25
So far so good! Read this if you're looking for a transmigration story with a level-headed and understated female main character, with an unusual setup -- where both the main character, "female lead, " and several other concubines are already married to the male lead.


Ji Man was bored and reading an overly-dramatic novel about a kind-hearted common girl who marries a marquis. The margquis's official first wife, Nie Sangyu, was highly emotional, irrational, and overbearing, and after a series of obvious actions against the heroine, was put to death. "Wasn't... more>> it because the villainess was too stupid?" she scoffs before going to bed. She hears a voice saying, "I can't accept this..."

When Ji Man awakes, she finds that she is now stuck in the body of Nie Sangyu, and what's more, everyone already hates her. She's informed by the ghostly presence of the former host that she can't return until she helps her accomplish her dream. “Why is it any of my business if you can’t reincarnate?” Ji Man rolled her eyes.


I really like the main character in this story. I really enjoy how, unlike many other reincarnated heroines, Ji Man doesn't care about schemes, power, revenge, fame, or fortune. She just wants to improve her living situation, stay safe, get along with others, and return home. She doesn't have any super powers, and even when she chooses to use her modern knowledge to create, it is basic knowledge that many normal present-day women would have.

The pacing in this story is also very good, moving along and developing quickly, without feeling rushed.

I will update this review later after the story develops more.


Like Fuyuneko's other translation, Chongfei Manual, The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir was well-chosen and well-translated. The translation is smooth and error free, with chapters released daily. Fuyuneko includes notes, afterthoughts, and often participates in the chapter discussion comments. The website is very easy to navigate and the layout and font choices make this easy to read. Thank you for your hard work! <<less
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KKristen rated it
Meow Meow Meow
June 5, 2017
Status: c142
As a certified Crazy Cat Lady, I can't believe it's taken me this long to find and read this series... I only regret that I didn't find it sooner! This is a lively and entertaining story about a cat-turned-demon.

If you like stories with...

  • Non-human, simple protagonists
  • Straightforward, optimistic female main character
  • Loyal male love interest
  • Funny misunderstandings
  • Immortal/demon fantasy
  • Well-paced, steady romance
... then you will probably enjoy this series!

... more>> But if you don't like...

  • Stupid/simple/naive main characters
  • People who try to trick/take advantage of naive characters
  • Stories without detailed or action-packed fight scenes
  • A main character who forgives and forgets quickly
  • Cats
... then this novel may not be for you.

However, for anyone thinking of giving this a try, I recommend it!


A normal housecat dies and is reborn in the body of a powerful demon cat... but she doesn't care about being a demon, she just wants to enjoy her life as a cat! Through a series of events, she's taken in as a disciple/pet of a powerful immortal. Shifu struggles to teach his disciple the rules of being human... but Miao Miao just wants to eat fish, play, sleep in the sun, sleep in Shifu's bed... What do you mean, that's not allowed?


Despite the simple title, characters, description, this novel is surprisingly well-written. The pacing is great, the translation is excellent, the characters are endearing, and nothing feels too cheesy or like mindless fluff. The romance is real and the way the main character slowly learns what it means to be human (despite being very much a cat) is gradual and realistic. Despite the light-hearted and whimsical tone, there are a few moments that really hit your emotions, and I actually teared up a bit at the end of the first book. This novel really surprised me (I expected it to be just comedy/fluff) and it's quickly become one of my favorites (and no, it's not just my cat lady bias!)

Lastly, I want to remind you that the main character is, first and foremost, a cat. She will always be a cat. Her limited view of the world, impulsive reactions, and logic are like a cat. True, she does grow and change into something more than a cat over time, but deep down she is a cat. If you go into this expecting her to suddenly go and smarten up, and human-up, you will be sadly disappointed. But if you go into this with an open mind, expecting to get a view of humans, demons, and immortals from the POV of a cat, you will have an easier time accepting things as they come, and just enjoying the ride.

Other Recommendations:

If you really like this novel and are looking for another that has a similar optimistic tone and simple-minded, non-human female protagonists, I recommend trying "Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost" (a fairy imprisoned for thousands of years) or "Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang" (a rock that becomes a demon). These have the most similar in tone and main character that I've found so far. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating
April 18, 2018
Status: c40
Not sure why this has such a high rating.

This is a very standard black-bellied female MC reincarnation story:

  • A dangerous expert from the modern world reincarnates in the body of a weak and rejected noble girl in ancient times. She then proceeds to immediately adjust to her new situation, do a completely unsubtle 180-degree personality change, and woo all the men in the vicinity.
Some notes:

... more>>
  • Throw out all your logic, like why it would be ok for an unmarried female to suddenly change personalities and act indecently out in society. Instead, just focus on how OP and instantly in control the main character is.
  • Can't tell the many male characters apart? Neither can I. They don't act like real people anyway, so just enjoy how "hot" they are (actually, their physical descriptions are also lacking, so just assume that they are generic faceless hot dudes), and the "hot scenes" that come with them.
I will say one thing for this story:

  • It is refreshing to see a flirty and seductive female MC. Never in all my years have I seen a character first react to an assassination attempt by grabbing the assassin's... naughty bits...
So, it's a fun story even if it makes no sense.

I'll keep reading this for now, and update my review later on. Chapters are released very very slowly so it may be a long time.


  • Even though you would expect this novel to be steamy/smutty, it is very poorly written and lacks detail in those areas. So if you're hoping for some heart-pounding romance or sexy scenes, you'll be very disappointed.
  • The author is not good at writing flirting scenes or believable dialogue, and any "activities" or "rolling in the sheets" are rushed or skipped.
  • Basically all you'll get is "he kissed her, he grabbed her, then they went behind a curtain in another room, and did things that the reader can't know about, the chapter ends, and suddenly it's the next morning."
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Don't be fooled by the title, description, or yaoi genre -- this series is surprisingly genuine and takes its plot seriously.

It's not just slapstick humor or smut (there is none in the entire first book). If I didn't see this was marked "yaoi, " I would have thought it was a normal transmigrator/reincarnator xianxia story.


When the author of his favorite LN suddenly gives the story a bullsh*t ending, our main character angrily takes to the forums to write a scathing review. Most of the main characters die and the villain... more>> destroys the world?! Unacceptable!

Little did he expect to wake up the next morning in the beginning of the story -- and as one of the first mob characters to be killed, too! Determined to survive his new life as a cannonfodder character, the main character decides to reform the villain. But his valiant efforts seem to be having unexpected results...


The few characters who have been introduced so far are pretty well-developed. The main character is earnest and hard-working, and the villain is adorably tsundere. (Later, sexily yandere.)


The author actually created his/her (?) own world, cultivation system, monetary system, etc. I appreciate that it's not just a copy-paste of the usual xianxia world. The writing is nice and detailed without being too much of an information dump, and the pacing makes this an easy read to sink into.


Winter's translation is one of the best I've ever read. Perfect grammar, engaging language choices, attention to detail. The great translation quality was a big part of what helped me to really start to enjoy this series. Unfortunately, people keep stealing and reposting Winter's translations on for-profit aggregator sites, so he/she is dropping this series at the end of Volume 1. Such a damn shame... Winter, if you're reading this, thank you for all your hard work!

Another group may be picking this up starting in Volume 2.


For now, I'm going to give this 5 stars based on the quality of the chapters that are currently translated. I'll update this review later.

Edit: Winter was kind enough to post a super detailed summary of all of Book 2, and let me just say... this TOTALLY deserves 5 stars. A yaoi LN with actual feels, likable female characters, tragedy, and really well-written romance scenes? WHAT?!


For those of you who are wondering (you know who you are... ;P), there are apparently a lot of R-18 scenes much later on in the story. (Especially starting in Book 3.) It will be a long while until then, though, so read this for the actual plot. You won't regret it. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Really, Really Miss You
April 17, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a very "shoujo" story. Since I somewhat enjoyed reading it, I don't want to start by saying too many negative things about it. Basically, your enjoyment of this story will depend on your answer to these questions:

- Are you bored?
- Do you like stories like Twilight?
- Are you ok with completely passive female characters?
- Are you looking for a story with a hot, mysterious "prince" character that is suddenly and completely devoted to the female main character?
- Do you not care too much about... more>> the story/plot, as long as the romance/flirting makes your heart pound?

If you answered YES, you will enjoy this story, so go ahead and read it. You don't have to read the rest of my review.

However, if you answered NO to any of those questions, I want to caution you:

- This is one of those stories where the female character is a completely "blank slate."
AKA, the type of story where young female readers can easily imagine that they are the main girl (like Bella). You have no idea what she looks like or what her main qualities are, all you know is that she's shy, talented, and good looking, and for some inexplicable reason, the hot male MC is completely smitten with her.

- If you want to read this story because you're interested in the "voice acting" and "food" part of it, you may be disappointed.
The entire story takes place within the online voice acting/music circle, but they don't ever get into the technicalities or details of it. Every scene can be summarized like this: "Everyone is super talented, the female main character is shy, they make some music/voice stuff, the final product is awesome."
I was really interested in their discussions about food, but in reality it's just the main male character quickly explaining a recipe step-by-step for 1-2 paragraphs, and then the female main character stutters and says nothing back. I don't think she actually ended up spending any time making any of the recipes he gave her, either. She just eats his food later and enjoys it. (The author spends no time describing how the food actually was. It's just quickly described as "perfect" or "delicious" and that's it.)

- There is zero drama in this story and the pacing is very slow.
So unless you're bored, have time to spare, or have fallen in love with the main male character, this story won't excite you. Don't expect any strife, angst, arguments, or difficulties of any kind. It's more like a "enjoy reading a simple romance very slowly" sort of thing.

- If you aren't a fan of passive female characters, you won't like this main character at all.
She seriously doesn't do ANYTHING for the entire novel. Her reaction to everything and anything is to be "so shocked and surprised that her mind went blank for several minutes, and by the time she came back to reality, several things had happened already." (I'm not kidding. She just freezes up and lets other people take the lead.)
I also had an extremely hard time believing in her relationship with the main male character because she barely says anything to him, doesn't do anything to help him, etc... What type of hot, rich, talented, genius, super-star guy would actually like a girl who just stutters and does nothing? (This story requires extreme suspension of disbelief.)


I also dislike how she is so passive that she lets him make every single decision regarding their relationship. He doesn't ask if she wants to date him -- he just tells someone she's his girlfriend, and she goes along with it. He doesn't wait for her to take any initiative sexually -- he just goes for it every time while she's frozen for the entire thing. He doesn't ask her if she wants to get married -- he just goes to her parents without her knowledge, then brings her to sign the certificate in a daze. Maybe this is normal in Chinese romance (?), but as a reader who likes when females have brains and opinions... it was very frustrating.


HOWEVER, I do want to say that the translation quality was very good. The translator really took the time to translate all of the songs mentioned, put links to videos/audio of the music, photos of each of the food dishes described, etc. Big kudos to the translator for doing such a thorough job. <<less
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KKristen rated it
Otome Game Rokkushuume, Automode ga Kiremashita
August 26, 2017
Status: c47
This was surprisingly good -- a slightly more serious take on the usual "I got reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game" / "I got reincarnated as cannon fodder" genre.

Basically, the main character was forced to live five of her lives in "auto-mode, " unable to control her words or actions, playing out the villainess character until her death. When she suddenly is born again as her younger self, she carefully decides to live her life as differently from the game plot as possible, terrified that one day the... more>> auto-mode may take over again.

So far, this has been a decent slice-of-life without much drama or action. However, it's written and translated pretty well, so it isn't boring. I'm looking forward to when the characters grow up a bit more so we can start seeing some hormone-inspired drama. (As of chapter 47, the characters have only just entered middle school. No romance yet.)

Edit: Originally rated 4 stars, now rated 3 stars.

The pacing of this novel slows down a LOT once the main character enters school. It takes several chapters to get anything done (and we're not talking "romance and drama" here... it takes her 3 chapters just to choose a school club, 1 whole chapter devoted to buying pajamas, 1 chapter describing the setting for the camp...) It feels like a whole lot of words but nothing happening.

I'll update this review later after the story really develops, if I don't drop it first.

Update: Dropped because of very slow chapter releases and very little plot development. Each chapter feels like an info dump with very little action. <<less
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KKristen rated it
The Captivating Crown Prince
September 20, 2017
Status: c29
So far, this series doesn't particularly stand out in a good or bad way. You have the usual:

    • A powerful woman in the modern world dies and is reincarnated in the body of a weak character in a historical world.
    • Her new body is disliked, weak, and considered a trash character, but is also extremely beautiful.
    • Everyone is surprised to see that the formerly useless prince has had a 180-degree personality change.
    • Everything she does is flawless.
    • Hot men everywhere are quickly captivated by her unfathomable appearance/personality.
The things that make this novel unique (so far) are the combination of:

    • The main character is exceedingly cold and world-weary. She's someone who went through a lot of hardship in her childhood, hardened her heart, and then became the head of a corporate empire before being betrayed and killed. She takes all of her knowledge to her new life.
    • Her new body is the country's crown prince -- secretly a woman crossdressing as a man. Instead of looking weak or feminine, she makes herself look handsome. The crossdressing aspect to the story is probably the most unique thing about it.
    • The translation quality is very good.
The plot hasn't developed much so far, so it's probably too early to make a full review. I will update this later after more chapters are released.


As the novel goes on, its flaws become more apparent. I've dropped it several times when I lose the motivation to read the newest chapters. The main issues I have are:

  • Lack of realism. I understand that reincarnation involves a certain level of fantasy, but the main character is able to immediately mentally and physically adjust to a new world and social environment. Her original body's personality immediately and completely changes, and she does nothing to hide it and no one questions it.
  • Lack of subtlety. All men are immediately drawn to the main character for no reason, and they don't really question it even though she's a "man." They are captivated by every part of her body, any action she takes makes them want to hug/ravish her, and in every chapter the author spends a lot of time describing how they are "irresistibley drawn to her slightly pink lips, " "hunger for her deep black eyes, " etc etc etc.
  • Lack of character depth. Maybe this will change later on, but we're almost 30 chapters in and I can find no noticeable difference between the 3 male love interests. The author also spends barely any time showing the main character's thoughts or feelings. She's just OP and captivating, and that's it.
Overall, it's not the WORST novel ever (I would say it's pretty average in terms of female reincarnation novels). I'm hoping things will improve and the characters will gain a bit of personality before I end up dropping it... we'll see.
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KKristen rated it
Let Me Tease You
October 20, 2017
Status: c52
This BL novel is pretty good. Don't be fooled by the cartoon image at the top of the page -- this has a serious story, and the characters and story progression are more believable/realistic than some others.


JiYuan, a good-for-nothing young master in the modern world, dies of alcohol poisoning and is reborn in an ancient fantasy world. The body he has taken over is a beautiful woman who was captured by the demon lord, just before she was going to be forced to marry a villainous man. But no one... more>> knows that the cold-faced miss is actually a "mister"...

When he's reborn, JiYuan is informed by the disembodied voice, "System, " that he must complete tasks for his new body's character in order to survive. Additionally, any actions deemed too OOC ("out of character") will result in his soul being eradicated.


Usually, I like to write a detailed character description for the main characters, but I feel like too many details will give the interesting twists in the plot away. So for now, you'll have to make due with this:

    • The main character, JiYuan, is believable and not annoying. He behaves realistically for someone who suddenly died and was reborn in a strange world, and appropriately for the limitations "System" placed upon him. His change in mindset/perspective over time is gradual and makes sense.
    • The male lead, Ye Junchi, is devilishly handsome, mysterious, and dedicated, but he's also well-grounded. His character is consistent, and I appreciate the fact that even though he's domineering and possessive, he's not as "r*pey" as many other BL men.
    • "System" is a surprisingly good character -- instead of a robotic voice or appraisal/stats screen, it's actually an artificial intelligence that interacts with the MC. Their conversations are comedic and System's "advice" add a unique aspect to the story.

    • The story has an overarching crime-solving/mystery plot -- where the main characters are framed for a crime and spend the novel finding answers to resolve it -- but don't worry, the tone isn't too "detective" or "crime show"-like.
    • This BL story is steamy but not smutty. In comparison to many other stories, this one is pretty tame. PG-13, maybe, but not R.
    • The translation quality is good. A couple of minor errors here and there, but barely noticeable. Overall, it's very good, and much better than MTL.

The ending felt a bit rushed and didn't have as much tension as in the beginning of the story. I sort of lost interest in the last 5-10 chapters. I think I'm going to change my rating of this story to 4.5 stars, only because the ending felt lackluster. <<less
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