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So, this novel is not bad but it also isn't amazing. It is about a god who decided to become human to experience life and he meets different heroes (who are of course girls) and they go off and fight monsters. Simple with a little bit of politics and intrigue thrown in.

My issue with this is that Entropy (name of the god/mc) feels too much like a side observer. In the early chapters he states that he wants to live like a human to experience what they experience and that's... more>> fine and all if he wasn't supposed to be the MC and if he hadn't met the heroes. At this point, if you would have told me this book was about the growth of the girls as heroes and that they were assisted by a god, I would believe it. Because that's what is has felt like. The heroes have felt like the main characters and Entropy/Haine (human name) is the emergency enemy remover or comedy relief. Yes, Haine has major parts in the story but ultimately he tends to be used as a deus ex machina ploy device for the girls whenever an extremely powerful enemy appears.

I will still continue reading this because I like it and have invested time into it but I really hope Haine can stop being used a side character instead of a main protagonist. <<less
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