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K11111 rated it
Gomen ne, Onii-sama
September 23, 2017
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After reading the reviews, I was so surprised by how much it's being praised because I know a lot of good and bad web novels that are being bashed. This is probably the only web novel that has tons of praises in the top reviews.

One thing though, just from the premise and the comments of the people, I doubt my heart could take in the story of this novel, I could already feel the cracks just from staring at chapter 1 (mind you I'm still not reading it). That's why... more>> even though it seems I have found a very good novel after a long time, I have to passed on this one. I'm still recovering from "TOMORROW I WILL DIE, YOU WILL REVIVE" if I read this novel on top of that I don't think I'm gonna recover. <<less
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