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Jynxlynn rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
October 15, 2018
Status: c41
I am really looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

So far I'm really enjoying this story, the main character is fairly entertaining, the plot so far is interesting and seems like it could be leading somewhere even better and the writing/translation is very good.

All in all this is definitely worth giving a try and I really hope it ends as good as it started.

(Oops! It's supposed to be four stars not one.)
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Jynxlynn rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
February 14, 2018
Status: c13.8
I very much enjoy this story.

The plot varies from simple and fun to absolutely heartbreaking. The main character is interesting and entertaining, and manages not to lose himself even while submerging himself in so many other characters.

I am very interested to see where this all leads and can't wait for the next installment.
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While still a bit too early to really tell, I find that I'm enjoying this so far.

From what little I have already read it seems like a lite anf fluffy story with potential to be a rather fun read.

I am looking forward to further updates.
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This is one of my favorite stories on this site.

The characters are interesting, I honestly love how dense the main character can be, although some of them can come off as a little one-dimensional.

I like the fact that the MC and ML don't just fall in love at first sight. Their relationship takes a while and even after they become an official couple they still have their problems and secrets.

This story is far from perfect but it is an enjoyable experience, not to mention some of the smutty scenes are... more>> pretty hot, and I would definitely recommend giving it a try. <<less
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Jynxlynn rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: --
This is a sad little story.

While I do wish we could have learned a little bit more in depth about the characters, all together it was an interesting read.

The translation is a little lacking in some parts, but not enough to really take away from the story.

In the end I would recommend if you're interested in a short, Bittersweet, tearjerker.
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