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Age of Cosmic Exploration
October 16, 2017
Status: c169
None of the previous reviews do this novel any justice, and an overall score of 2.4 is heartbreaking when it deserves a 4.4 or 4.5.

The main problem everyone has is that it tries for "real science" and falls short of the mark with inaccuracy abound, but this is a scifi fiction and not based on real life. The author is the god of this world, and what he says is the truth within it. The aforementioned issue isn't even a concern to those with little to no working knowledge in... more>> the sciences, and for those who are more competent in the area it comes down to whether you can accept it and enjoy the story for what it is, a fictional space exploration of the final human survivors searching for a new planet and avoiding dangers in between while technologically growing in the process.

What is not mentioned in the reviews, is that AOCE has a solid lineup of characters with their own distinct personalities and very little to no cringe worthy backstories or moments. The character interactions are superb, and nothing feels forced.

The plot is slow at the start and doesn't really pick up until they leave earth in it's apocalypse, so you do have to trudge through quite a few chapters in the beginning, but you will be glad you did. The plot itself is inspired and has an excellent pace. There were a few chapters I found a bit tedious, but the overall quality of the story more than makes up for it.

My only concern is that the story being complete with just under 500 chapters, a short story by the qidian ruler, there isn't enough room to explore all the potential growth the human race is shown to potentially have in the novel, and that later on the story will be rushed or cut short, but that is only speculation until we get to that point.

Overall, don't let the current rating of the novel mislead you into not reading this novel, because you will end up regretting it. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball
February 10, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is terrible in many ways but at the same time superb in others. I also found the ending to be terrible, extremely rushed and have a high strung wtf moment, so what I would originally give five stars for the overall story gets downgraded to four.

The strength system in this is much more systemised and reliable compared to the dbz animation where characters strengths can get random boosts or nerfs to suit the storyline. Here everything has a quantifiable value.

Another excellent part is that this fanfic contains characters... more>> and plot events from the complete db universe, which means db, dbz, dbz movies, dbs, dbgt, dbz xenoverse etc... Its all tied together at a steady pace so you won't lose interest in any of it.

The butterfly effect of the mc's actions which had many people complaining it is taking away goku's future enemies is extremely well done, and is a baseless concern. The same goes with complaints that the MC has a twelve year head start on Goku and Vegeta and that they would never be able to catch up.

The author designs the butterfly effect based the conceptual river of time. While certain action may alter the path of the river, it still heads toward the same destination. Goku and Vegeta aren't any weaker in comparison to the original works, and in fact, are actually stronger. They also walk a completely different path to the MC so comparing who is better is wrong.

other things that I highly praise but are spoilers


Vegeta finds his own path in training rather than always chasing goku's footsteps. He even surpasses him and defeats him on two occasions.

Goku ends up with Bulma and Vegeta with Bulma's older sister Tights. Despite this, their children have the same name as original works, enforcing the river of time principle. Poor trunks coming back from the original future only to find his dad married to another woman and his mom doesn't even know it.


At the same time I will point out the major flaws of the novel.

It has an extremely slow start. Goku and Vegeta get basically no exposure for the first few hundred chapters.

MC doesn't take proper advantage of having knowledge of the future and the author even makes him a complete idiot sometimes who as someone knowing future events, can't figure out what's happening despite the beginning or even mid plot happening in front of him. He could stop many plans in their infancy if he wanted to, but has dumb moments where he can't figure out what's happening.

There is very little earth time except when the MC is visiting. As the central area for dbz plot lines, I expected much more time on earth. The MC formed a survival colony on a new planet, which I enjoy, but isn't what I ideally look for in a fanfic

Worse of all was the ending. It was terrible, all other opinions moot. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
October 14, 2017
Status: c23
Potentially one of the worst novels I have ever read, I'm up to chapter 23 and I've already started skimming over chapters because they are just that dull.

It is clearly a ripoff of fallout and has no thought toward world building like the novel would suggest. The author has decent descriptions for world setting, albeit too much descriptiveness often when unnecessary, but what truly wrecks, no, annihilates the story are the characters.

There are some things I can accept, such as people wanting to rob the MC of any riches he... more>> may have, as this is a Chinese novel and having a typical xianxia flair of cliche is half expected. The larger problem is characters being forced into roles that don't suit them, particularly in romance.


The first girl, who is conveniently tied up in a random mansion he walks into first eats his food then holds him hostage for more. She then becomes a bodyguard in this cruel world where naivety will be taken advantage of by EVERYONE and only a couple of chapters later she is completely in love with him and they're having sex. The relationship developed even faster than their intimate scene together. I mean, damn, the dude only lasted a single sentence.

the second girl is a young genius programmer who is sold to him as a slave who is quickly forced to call the MC and girl#1 big brother and big sister. A couple chapters later and this girl has fallen in love our MC and the whole slavery status appears insignificant/forgotten.

The third girl is a former boss who fired him and has a cold personality that despite having been in a long term relationship with someone else, has never let a man touch her body or even kiss her. Despite this, the MC simply says her house smell nice and she begins to fall in love him.


while I enjoy an MC who knows how to stick his junk in a girls stuff, unlike a Japanese MC whose rod only seems to function in his fantasies, it is simply too unbelievable. His voice has some mysterious function the makes any girl he is talking to, or even those in the vicinity cross their legs as their inner thighs become moist. I don't know what kind of cologne this guy is wearing, but I need to get myself some of it!

as it is a slapshod ripoff, it is full of gaping plot holes and the like too. I only hope this novel becomes at least more unique and not as baseless as it currently has been. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
February 18, 2018
Status: c159
This novel is just Red Packet Server, but worse. People argue that this came first so it isn't a copy, then you can consider Red Packet Server an improvement of this. They're both nearly as bad as each other though so I would recommend fending them both off with a six foot pole.

I question whether this is a Chinese novel or Japanese novel. Most of the girls have little to no purpose in the novel, just there to join the harem because in this novel more girls = more "awesome"... more>> MC, as if the number of girls that you have are a valuable commodity that shows how much of a man you are. He does bullsh*t violent actions at times and even little orphans girls are praising how awesome the MC is for it. Not to mention the author treats s*x with a blindfold, covering his ears shouting "Lalala". The MC seems to be Japanese as the ****ing sky itself will come crashing down just to cockblock the MC.

I have no problems with the MC getting overly op items from deities and it is better than Red Packet Server as he doesn't get whatever he needs one chapter later every time. However it is far worse in comparison to what he gives them. He sells them spicy sticks, not in the packets they come in, but individually, for sky high prices. He literally buys a packet of spicy sticks and sells each stick individually as if each was a national treasure.

This is even worse when these deities, who have been cultivating for anywhere between millennia till the beginning of the world, have the personalities of children. I can understand them showing appreciation toward something new and enticing, but they treat these common confectionary as divine treasures. What happened to the heavenly food full of spiritual Qi and such? The whole setting is so unrealistic it's off putting.

A final point is that if you have read Red Packet Server, you have read this. I say that because the plot lines are almost identical with different names and deities. MC moves his parents to live in his new mansion and has his spirit pet he got from a Red Packet look after them (happened in both novels) face slapping at the jade rock auctions (both) along with many other events. There are changes in some of the details, but the plot lines are almost identical.

It has also now started moving towards the standard chinaXjapan racism. I can read GDW, the king of racism, and enjoy it, but this is just forced plot lines done in the completely wrong way. <<less
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Monster Paradise
October 31, 2017
Status: c44
Ignoring the sudden drop of a new world with very little explanation and unfamiliar terms, it had an excellent start. I especially loved how they used one of those online card based games for his power, but grew increasingly disappointed however with inconsistent characters and especially how everyone treats the MC.

Characters are introduced in one way but I often find them to actually be different from how they are initially described or should be.

... more>>

The rich noble in the hunter examination is a typical golden spoon child used to getting everything he wants and takes a typical xianxia approach to the main character demanding he works for him or he'll basically turn him into a cripple. One gunshot and a threat later at Minor Goon A and this noble has suddenly become apologetic and will give up all his items in the hope that the MC will forgive him.

The head examiner Yi Yeyu is initially portrayed to be the cold beauty with a strong S side to her, nicknamed "that witch" by someone. However later when the examination is suspended and the kids are in danger, she is in tears for them to leave what will become a battlefield. Is she supposed to be tsundere? A sad***? Who knows, I can't even tell anymore.


The biggest problem is how everyone treats the MC. He is a fifteen year old boy with a broken life wheel. In xianxia terms, he is the trash child that can't cultivate. While I'm not expecting everyone to pick on him, every other character treats him like some kind of enigma, a man of mysterious depths. He is not treated like the child he is, but like that of a young hero with grand accomplishments. Perhaps the author really needed to stop here and consider what type of MC he wanted and how it could work in the story.


The MC tells the examiner about there should be a trancendant monster controlling the others and she takes his word for it, halting the examination and making a report to the higher ups. This is a fully grown woman, an experienced gold rank hunter in the top 1% of all gold rank hunters, deferring to what she can only see is a fifteen year old boy with no 'cultivation' without questioning, verifying, or in fact even probing any further in any sort of way.


Chinese authors are sticklers for consistency and reusing templates, and while this novel is trying something new which I love, it feels like it's wading too far in unfamiliar waters.

Edit: Sinai, if the novel was actually written like that, I would definitely read it as at least it's embracing its stupidity! It would actually be a pretty good read too! <<less
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Justpointing rated it
The Trembling World
October 8, 2017
Status: c13
This novel took me about a dozen tries to even get this far, I'm still forcing my way forward just to try and prove myself wrong.

Many people are hating that the MC is a massive a$$hole, but so what? Why can't the captain of the d!ck brigade be an mc? My problem is pretty much everything else with the MC, especially his rationale.

So he fell asleep on Mount Everest, got frostbite to all his limbs, had them amputated and replaced with robot limbs (or whatever it was, I'm not going... more>> back to check for 100% accuracy). He was also a rich 2nd generation and did lots of extreme sports, a strong emphasis on parkour which is basically the authors fap service which came across like a 13 year old kid going "Parkour is sick!". However, the author is the god of this novel and I be but a witness so I can take that much in good faith.

The MC almost immediately forgets this is a game, despite only just starting it, and only remembers momentarily when an NPC presents itself. He's not 70, why does the MC have dementia. Perhaps you can call it as trauma over the sudden bloodiness in the game, but I just can't look at it that way.

Next is the irrational and paranoid thoughts that just pop up in the MCs head. An npc helicopter is coming, which can be his rescue, and his immediate thoughts are worries that they are going to lock him up in a lab, experiment on him and cut him open. Maybe even try to give him the infection and see if he will turn into a zombie. And it isn't even just once he thought this. I mean, wtf, where did this just come from? He is a rich second gen who used to have a great life, and surely great friends to boot, not some paranoid teenager who is constantly bullied in school and beaten by his single father who blames him for his mothers death (just a cliche scenario, not this actual story)

And another one would be when he comes down from what is essentially the giant lightning rod he climbed up. All the zombies that were swarming around the giant billboard post and keeping him trapped up there finally started to leave and he comes down. He wants to get some experience kill some of the stragglers and get experience points to level up, which I think is a f😘cking fantastic idea. So he chooses to assassinate the half dead boss zombie... with a hand grenade. Again, wtf, how can you possibly put assassination and hand grenade together?? Perhaps a surprise attack, and explosive sucker punch so to speak, but assassinate? It doesn't work that way, because anyone would know an exploding hand grenade make a massive amount of noise, which would alternatively destroy your whole plan of escaping while the zombies are not all attracted to the massive amount of noise you are going to create. This was possibly the second biggest brain fart the author put in the MC after the unreasonable and unnecessary paranoia.

I got all this in the first 13 chapters, and I'm seriously not looking forward to the next bakers dozen. But please author, please make the MC the be as much of a filthy arsewad as the others reviews make him out to be, that way I can at least give you a three stars out of five for creativity and trying fresh ideas. <<less
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Absolute Choice
April 15, 2017
Status: c159
Read this fully before reading the novel.

What you need to understand is that this novel has a severe lack of originality. It is literally an amalgamation of everyone else's work thrown together in a new genre. Characters are copied, exact scenes from anime are replicated, even the mc's superpower is copied from an anime that many of you may have seen.

The second issue is the pacing of the novel. Due to it copying many other already produced ideas, it feels like it is skipping from one anime to another at... more>> different speeds due to arcs that are full of different cliche and common tropes. There are many parts that are an excellent read, while in between are events that make you want to flip tables, leaving you unsure whether to call the novel good or not.

It's not like there is no original thoughts in the novel, it's just the blatant plagiarism far overshadows it. It has/had a lot of potential it could use, but much of it is wasted.

If I was to metaphorically describe this novel, it would be extremely similar to an art gallery. The white wash walls are the blank potential that could have been used, the paintings are all other people's work, while only the paintings frames are the original content. Now you know what to expect in this novel. If it was told with better pacing and consistency, I would rate it a four star, if its original content wasn't buried beneath copying other people's creations, I could even give it an ingenious 5 star, but it is all a matter of opinion. Mine of which saw a lack of those two items and here we are, 3 stars. <<less
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A typical Japanese novel full of repeated tropes and is just an author's delusional fap service. Our most common trope of a loser NEET going to another world is the predominant one here, but there's no truck-kun to send him on his way.

The translation quality is semi decent, but names are inconsistent and some parts are in dire need of another/better editor. At least it is readable and won't be giving you any headaches.

The reason why this story is bad is both the plot and the characters. The MC has... more>> the skill "parasite" which despite being unrealistic even in a fantasy world, is at least fresh idea on a skill and enjoyable. For this, I will give an extra star. Despite this being the perfect skill for someone talented at being a NEET, he is surprisingly not that in this novel and is quite active.

The side characters are practically 2D tropes who simply fall in love with the MC almost the instant they meet in, some even have an affection as if they have already loved him for a long time and have been waiting to meet him, despite the fact they are just now having first encounters. The villains are also very generic with no intelligence for themselves. Here is a list of the characters. The guild receptionist falling in love straight away trope. The random female adventurer falling in love straight away trope. The noble's daughter playing adventurer... falling in love straight away trope. The Villain A and his unreasonable 'Noble Supremacy, all others are trash' trope. Common Character A suddenly have mysterious an impressive background/past history trope.

The MC is also the "cringeworthily dense" type towards romance. These girls show obvious high levels of affection that are just one step away from them shouting "Take me!" yet he is completely oblivious. A NEET with no romantic experience may be somewhat naive/shy, but these girls showing their interest are about as subtle as a brick to the face.

The Goddess who gets summoned down to the world is also a "dumb type", very similar to Aqua from Konosuba and her intelligence re****ation.

The plot is not fleshed out at all and can be considered something written by a grade schooler at best. There are countless cringy moments and even when the author tries to be a bit more serious with a "Mysterious organisation in the shadows" it just comes across as a cringefest.

If you've read everything else and looking for something to kill time, this novel may be for you. If you're looking for something good to read, treat this novel like Herpes. <<less
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108 Maidens of Destiny
December 27, 2017
Status: c31
It's been said before and I will also reiterate, it's Sekirei with a Chinese twist along with some Zelda like mini dungeon puzzles. The novel in itself is quite good, but those who dislike harem will definitely dislike this. If you aren't sure whether you will like it or not and haven't read Sekirei, go read the first 20 chapters of the manga or watch the anime to decide, this is extremely similar.

I would give it 5 stars as it is innovative and something outside the standard template with a... more>> more down to earth and liable MC, but a few points push the wrong buttons for me. I'll keep it in a spoiler just in case.


After he comes to this new world, he suddenly becomes a cultivator without prior knowledge or anything, yet has a strong grasp over it. This is kind of like a middle aged dad going into war for 2 days before becoming a weapons expert on the level of special forces.

The second issue is ammunition, he seems to have an unlimited supply of it. Despite being a pilot test flying a new plane and crashing into another world, he somehow has an enormous amount of bullets. I was getting the impression his gun was hacked to have unlimited ammo until it was mentioned he was all but out just as he finds a gunpowder substitute.


My third and final issue is with the mc's intelligence. He is a smart MC, but everyone is saying he is smarter than what he is. It's overrated to be honest, the author only went halfway with a highly intelligent MC trope and played it safe, but it is more the fact that everyone else is stupid. The MC has only shown intelligence with solving a couple riddles and that's about it. At least he does not make me want to rage, unlike the smart MC trope that is puffed up to be a genius yet trips in every pothole in the road like our friend from Absolute Choice.

even collectively, these three issues did not make me angry at all, just a little confused and lost at points, so I will only deduct 1 star from a full score. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
God Of Soul System
February 11, 2018
Status: c215
I can't give this a higher rating than three stars. As a fan fiction, this story fails miserably and the plot is without any depth as well. The only reason this is three stars and not two is because that it has characters which I know and like in it.

I'm only in the first arc (One Piece) of a total of three and so far the story is still well before the actual beginning time of One Piece. As a fan fiction, I expect for events of the MC to... more>> coincide with the storyline of the original works, not everything taking place before hand. To make matters worse, the enemies just line up like a production line and most battles are boring and without any depth and is just focused on showing the mc's constant growth of power.

I've been skipping many chapters and skimming over others as the "original story" in the anime worlds aren't very engaging. If it wasn't for characters I know and like, I wouldn't have even gotten this far into the novel.

EDIT as of c709 (completed)

I still can't give this more than three stars. Battles get slightly more interesting sometimes, but people are still lining up in a row constantly challenging the MC. It's too repetitive.

The story does cover the original plot, but most of the events take place prior in all three worlds. The plot that takes place during the anime timeline is horrendously brief. Out of 709 chapters, only 150 approx cover the anime original timeline and events.

The mail love interest is a disappointment as they are more of a convenient side character. The MC leaves the first world, saying that he will bring her over briefly, then immediately forgets and later uses the pretence of making it "safe" before bringing her over. She is then forgotten somewhere in the second world and seems to vanish from existence and is only mentioned again in the last two sentences of the final chapter in the third world. I'm a sucker for romance plot lines, but the romance in this novel is absent. <<less
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