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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
King of Gods
November 22, 2016
Status: c126
Ahh... Out of all CN novels I read, this is definitely the KING OF KINGS!!! I present you the unprecedented, unbeatable, invincible, unstoppable, most outstanding, most powerful, and most talented genius, the King of Janitors! Beware of his legendary might, his prodigious trash-cleaning-techniques, and his all-powerful-no-backlash-mysterious-ultimate-technique sharingan.

Trash better not get in his way, otherwise be prepared to be dumped in the trash can. But before doing so, he will first copy enemies' techniques better than your giraffe seatmates at school, steal their girls faster than you can blink your... more>> eyes, make them cry until their daddies and grand daddies show up, and most of all, make you lose some brain cells in the process!

In a world where every place is littered with trash, a new janitor has been born! Follow this janitor MC's journey as he rids the heavens of these trash, sweeping his almighty broom left and right, up and down, and in whichever way the wind blows. Not even a single speck of dust can escape his godly eyes. Under his prowess, all trash are destined to be placed in the trash can!

Seriously though, this novel is currently all about trash and eating pills like groceries. The MC starts as a trash himself, then suddenly and luckily transforms into a powerful janitor. Then all the following chapters after that was about the MC cleaning trash after trash, after trash, after trash. Then meeting trash characters, after more trashier characters, after moooore trash characters. Then proceed to eating pills, after pills, after more pills, and consolidating his cul... eating more pills, and more pills, and consolid... and more pills, and mooore pills.

So far, the novel has nothing interesting going on. No creativity, no depth, no romance, no emotions, and no relatable event/character. No twists either (as of c126), like what one of the TL guys said. A very poor novel so far. Story might get interesting past 500 chapters, but that's likely a year or two away, considering the release pace. Would only recommend for those who are extremely bored. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
I am the Monarch
November 13, 2016
Status: c63
FINALLY! A time-related/reincarnation story that has actual butterfly effect. Although some novels depict this phenomenon as well, most of them are just bad, negligible, or "doesn't matter because I reincarnated and I know everything". While this novel is not perfect, it is better than most cultivation/power-up stories.

This novel starts with the typical "I know what happened at X time, and what would happen next at X time, and so on...", but later on, the butterfly effects are slowly shown, and they are clearly TOLD and SHOWN. The deviation on... more>> the events are clearly differentiated, and some of them even affects major characters' decisions and actions. These deviations, so far, are not just some pebbles on the road but acts as tests for the MC's capabilities. There are also

casualties (although only 1 so far IIRC)

which indicates that he is no god, that not everything is going to go according to plan, and that just because he reincarnated, he can now magically save everyone.

Oh yeah, did I mention told and shown? Yes, the author tells and shows the story. Although not perfect, but still way better than most similar themed novels. The problem with most novels I read is that they TELL TOO MUCH without showing just much.
Narration: This MC is super strong. He is 1000+ years old. Peak existence. Uber cool dude. Number 1 public figure. Definitely not a petty person.
MC: I f*** ur mom last night!
*brain fart*
Me: Well f*** me.

The story so far is simple and easy to follow, granted that there are just tens of chapters released, but it is getting more interesting and that the potential is good in this one. It is still in the relatively early parts of the story, but dry and wet sh*t are already starting to get thrown at the MC. I just wish that the author can maintain or even improve the quality throughout the remainder of the novel.

Another good thing is that some things are IMPLICITLY narrated, to allow us readers to use our brain work even if just a little. Unlike some novels, where the authors assume that the readers have potatoes as brains, and that we need to be constantly reminded which way is left and which way is right. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
Spirit Vessel
October 19, 2016
Status: c91
Read at your own risk. This novel is pretty rage inducing. If you get frustrated easily, then I don't recommend you reading this. But if you can turn off your brain while reading, then go for it.

Although this novel had a lot of negative reviews, I decided to give it a try because of the VERY HIGH praise of the translator and some other reviewer. I am sad to say that I am greatly disappointed. This novel, to me, didn't feel as good as the translator made out it to... more>> be. Aside from the plentiful inconsistencies, the novel suffers from the Japanese MC clumsiness/ignorance syndrome. The MC being a reincarnated 1000 year old master was very doubtful. He's more like one of those wimpy JP MCs that miraculously trips down while walking a clean straight, flat road, then mysteriously undress/offends beauties left and right. Even him just breathing the same air offends other people. He doesn't have that air of expertise/wisdom around him. Also, it feels to me like he doesn't want to resolve conflict. He lets things escalate rather than resolve it. "Very smart reincarnated MC, 10/10 -ign" is the only thing I can say.

The MC's ignorance is very unbecoming of a 1000 year old expert. They said the MC isn't very "intellectual" that's why he's acting like a child but that reasoning is pretty dumb. They said that he is very seclusive that's why he is very derpy. But that doesn't change the fact that he's 1000 years old and that he was numba 1, and to reach that level, even if he isn't "intellectually gifted" then he must at least be knowledgeable or experienced or whatever. Although in these types of novels, you can reach numba 1 with sheer luck, but you definitely can't reach the peak with this level of ignorance. So, it's pretty frustrating reading this one. I feel like it's a JP style CN novel, if that makes sense.

The good reviews came from people who read the raws though. They might be right, that there isn't enough translated chapters, and to judge the novel this quickly is unfair. But, keep in mind that you can't give a positive feedback about something you haven't even read yet. The raws probably were as good as they said, but with the currently released translated chapters, this novel, to me, isn't worth reading. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
The King’s Avatar
April 8, 2017
Status: --
The main thing that made me stop reading this is the lack of knowledge of the author in terms of gaming, which resulted in unrealistic and extremely shallow game mechanics and/or events.

For 3 slightly more detailed reason why:
First off, this was supposed to be a depiction of the highest of level of gameplay from a pro-gamer, but I didn't see any semblance of it. Most stuff shown here were mainly unrealistic, and then common to slightly uncommon strategies, techniques, and game-mechanics. The author's portrayal of the MC feels like... more>> it's coming from a "fan" point of view, not from an actual high level narration/analyst/player. For instance, let's say you ask a boxing fan and a boxing analyst about a certain boxer about what makes him good. Most fans will answer you with "he's so good because he's fast, he's super strong, and muscular", because of the lack in technical knowledge, in comparison to the analyst who will show you stats, mathmatical stueff, physiological stuff, psychological stuff, and so on. This is what it is like to me when I read this novel, it feels like it was written by a "fan-knowledge" level person, which leads me to my next point, the authors lack of knowledge.

The author doesn't seem to know how things work, and generally how games work. One thing I can think on the top of my head is the APM. The MC has unrealistically high APM (3 digits, can't remember exactly), which is only obtainable from either hacking the game, or extremely unrealistic super human level of animation canceling (provided that the game can even perform such mechanics, because you know the author didn't mention it). I don't even know why the author mentioned APM in a first / third person almost shooter type of game in the first place. These sort of stuff breaks the immersion for me. I always notice these small flaws, which makes me skip chapters just to check if the author address them, but ultimately left disappointed because of the lack of explanation, not even a mention about these certain mechanics.

Lastly, too much grinding. People keep saying that MMORPGs are supposed to be grindy, but the thing is, we are not playing a game, we are reading a novel. Sure, you can grind all you want in a game, and it can give you satisfaction once you achieve desired level, or gained your desired item. But when reading a novel, all the stuff about grinding gives no satisfaction at all. All the million chapters spent on grinding could have been spent on world building, character development, plot twists, and so on. But no, half or a little bit more than half of the novel used for grinding. You must be really bored if you really enjoy reading all of them. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
July 19, 2017
Status: --
The technical writing is way way better than most chinese web novels I've read so far. But, I don't know how to feel about this one. The start was absolutely gorgeous, however, after just a few 20 or so chapters, I'm already getting worried.

This novel started like how I like my novels, descriptive. From the way it is written, you can almost see and feel the world the author is trying to build. Only a few chapters in and I'm STARTING to get an attachment to the MC. His strengths,... more>> weaknesses, struggles, pain, determination, and personality, were portrayed way better than any CN web novels I've read. The side characters have their own personalities and can independently act on their own. After reading more than 30 novels, this is the first time I've seen characters that felt realistic. The world building is good as well; not too much, but not too little. Not that much info dumps, and monologues as well. Overall, a very solid novel as of now.

So far so good right? But you might be asking, "So why are you getting worried?". Okay, so in every other CN novel ever, most or almost all of the MC's power comes from some sort of "treasure". This treasure may be in the form of an item, a spirit, a person, or whatever. Take them away and most MCs will become your borderline petty xianxia villains. No matter how brain dead the MC is, these treasures will automatically solve their problems for them. Instead of being the "solution" to the MC's problems, they just outright become the "answer"... making it seem like the author's purpose of writing the novel is to showcase the treasure's powers, instead of the MC's.

This is precisely where my worries start. Just a few chapters in, and here comes the usual "number 1 treasure under the heavens coincidentally falls on to the MC's hands" cliche. In the less than 20 chapters this treasure has been introduced, it has saved the MC's life from certain death for at least 3 times already. Very early on, and it seems that the treasure's powers is becoming more prevalent than the MC's. I don't want another weak to strong cultivation story with the help of a heaven defying treasure. This was a massive let-down for me considering the start of the novel. The start was admittedly good, but it was more like an introduction. Without having established solid characteristics for the MC, because of the introduction of the treasure, the focus almost immediately changed from "what the MC can/will do, or what is the MC like" to "what the treasure can do". Although I am not against these sort of super OP stuff that MCs luckily obtain, I would prefer if they were not introduced so early in the story, as they, most often than not, receive the credits for the MC's success and/or achievements (regardless of whether it was through the MC's abilities or the treasure's abilities). A lot of CN authors seem to severely underestimate the potential of the human body and brain. Without these sort of OP treasures, they can't make their characters stand out from the rest. However, if you look at the real world geniuses, most of them have the same (some even more) limitations as any other human being. But it is the way they work with and around their limitations that separates them from us common people. There's a lot of rags to riches and weak to strong stories in the real world, and most of them did not need help from treasures and stuff. They just relied purely on the brilliance of the human body and mind.

And now, for the even more worrying part for me is the slight drop in writing quality. It seems to be degrading to the typical, generic, xianxia novel writing style. First, the novel started really descriptively. But then the half-assed informational writing came in or whatever it is called. Too much "in fact he can do this", "in truth this is that", "as a matter of fact bla bla bla". Show, don't tell. And now, the "this is what you should feel/think" type of writing joined in as well. "What is a genius? This is a genius! It's amazing right? You should be amazed because it is amazing. To be able to do that is really amazing. Truly a genius is only capable of such things! Genius! Genius! Genius!". I don't what type of writing that is, but I know that is the worst one I've ever seen in my entire life.

Although they are there, they aren't as abundant as other novels. It still is worrisome though, considering that from no such paragraphs (from ch1~10 I think), now it is getting to sometimes 1 paragraph in 1 chapter, to 2~4 paragraphs in the later releases. Hopefully the translator can address these issues with the author as they seemed to be working closely together.

Despite all that, it still is a 5 star for me. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
Emperor’s Domination
November 14, 2016
Status: c272
Emperor's domination? More like Emperor's Reminiscing. If lighthearted, slice of life, cultivation, and harem novels had a baby, this novel is it. And trust me, this baby looks pretty disgusting! Skim read if you have nothing else to do.

Story had interesting premise and great potential, but the author derped soooo hard and now the novel is pretty much sub par, annoying, and tedious. My initial impression upon reading the synopsis and a few chapters of the novel, was that the story would revolve around uncovering the mysteries of the past... more>> and the forces that captured him, while leveling up. As well as being all detective and investigator and stuff like that. Also puzzles and challenges to display his accumulated knowledge and wisdom. If this is what you're expecting out of this novel as well, then you're in for a huge disappointment.

Why? Because somewhere along the story, the plot vanishes all of a sudden. The story suddenly transforms to the every day life of derping around by the MC. The MC playing god, constantly picking fights here and there. Looking for someone to make a fool out of. Looking for maids (I don't even know why). Looking for trouble, stooping to ant's level all the time. And most of all, looking for somewhere or sometime to REMINISCE, all the f***ing time. The MC has no plan at all. Aside from the clever memory unlocking for his present body, he has nothing else planned. He is pretty much just winging it, living his everyday troll life.

Also, almost every chapter is filled with the MC reminiscing about the past. Chapters are either reminiscing time, or reaction time. But the problem is that his "past" reminiscing doesn't even connect together. He goes way back to million years ago, then to 100+, then to 50k+, then to millions again, then to whatever. The only thing that connects them is either lineage or dead immortal character. All the talk about the past doesn't even give you a concrete story about the past. Just fragments and disposable information, just to show us that he was there at that time. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
Cult of the Sacred Runes
October 29, 2016
Status: c171
Dropped this novel at chapter 171. Very average novel. If you have time to spare then you can read it.

My problem is that it is always MC vs the world, all the time. Although he eventually powers up then beat his enemies, it isn't satisfying at all. There's no "rest" time for the MC. As soon as he beats the first one, another one will pop up. It's like reputation/fame/rank/influence only applies to enemies. The MC himself has gained some prestige, but he is still the public enemy number 1.... more>> The sequence of events gets tiring, along with the over abundance of 'common sense' narration and inner thought. Ex:
Narration: MC leveled up. He got stronger.
Then followed by inner thought:
MC: I leveled up. I am stronger now.

Even worse is that sometimes there are no distinction between MC's 'inner thoughts' and author's narration. You can interchange the two and only affect the novel insignificantly. <<less
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