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JohnyXD rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
January 27, 2017
Status: c67
Sadly, it's the typical "some moron got a lot of luck on his side that even if he does normal things everyone is head over heels for him".

Do not misunderstand the following criticism. The story is at least readable. This is the point of view of someone who has been reading novels for years.

There's absolutely NOTHING new or significant to the plot, characters, dialogue, description, conveyance, etc.

Generally, authors use big names like Babylon in this series, or maybe other novel examples where they use Zeus, Excalibur, World Tree, etc. In... more>> order to make a wealthy story richer. But what's done here is dress a peasant in pyrite accessories and say he's wearing gold.

I admit that after reading the first TWO DOZEN novels about a harem that revolves around a worthless guy (be it apparent or not), I started rating similar series less, but not so much to undermine the whole thing. So I gave it a shot nonetheless. But when you build your story on the basis of a plot that's like a well used worn out rag, well there you go, the plot is like a well used worn out rag. <<less
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JohnyXD rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: --
I really don't get the low ratings here. So I'll try to defend it for a bit by pointing out a few things readers may misunderstand.

It was never mentioned in ANY part of the story, be it in the novel, manga or mobile game, that the MC is a hero, or even a good person. He is selfish, greedy, gluttonous, opportunistic, sadistic, vicious, blood thirsty, etc. The list goes on.

Not understanding the plot is only because the author is thorough in some aspects. The community gets bigger, more characters are... more>> introduced and are slowly getting more "screen time". That's story complexity, not bad structure.

The MC gets too strong? That's the point! What use is an extremely hardworking leader in fantasy world where no matter how strong you get, you'll always be weak! And make no mistake! He does get very OP. However, there are always some monsters just as strong or even more powerful than him. <<less
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Zhan Long
January 7, 2017
Status: c247
I'll say the story is readable but gets very boring sometimes, but despite the number of chapters, it lacks a LOT of things. Actually, it's this long because of many uninterresting plot points.

What irritated me the most is :

1- The real world is part of the story but is often neglected.

2- You don't teach how to play a certain class to other players that went through dozens of levels, AND RIGHT BEFORE ENTERING THE WAR!!!
I mean seriously, the dude (don't remember if it's the protag) is a... more>> swordsman and he looks back and say "Tanks, your job is to TANK! As for healers, listen carefully, ok? Your job... is... to... HEAL!!

3- Classes shouldn't be able to use equipment not for suitable for their type: priests shouldn't be able to wield a sword. And even if the game allows that, there should be many demerits in doing so, such as stats growth.
Now, let's say we can distribute aquired stat points as we like and put everything into physical stats like strength or endurance. What happens to your healing spell? It doesn't grow with you that's what happens. Say at level 10 it heals you by 50%. When you reach level 50, you'll be lucky if you get 5% out of it.

4- Health is just too damn low. And stats are WAY too unbalanced.

5- You can't solo bosses, that's an iron clad rule. They drop powerful items so they're made hard to defeat in a group let alone soloing it. In The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, the protag can solo bosses by using extreme tactics to deal heavy damage and using pets and other NPCs to assist.

It's not realistic in the LEAST to just "hang around" for HOURS and shave the boss' health a tiny bit at a time.

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