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JohnnyBeGood rated it
The Human Emperor
March 14, 2019
Status: c769
It started great. The MC manipulating those around him to stop various plots against his family and clan and later the Country. But then the Author started expanding his World building and failed. There is neither external consistency (matching reality/common knowledge), nor is there internal consistency (the fantasy elements matching together). Externally most of the knowledge the MC supposedly brings back from our modern world and applies is pure Bullsh*t. Internally neither the cultivation, military nor the economic and social aspects fit together (a great example of this is the... more>> Author claiming that a single powerful cultivator can´t beat armies by himself and then having mid-tier generals doing exactly that). It's like a cook thinking this ingredient is cool let's just throw it into the pot without caring about how it fits with the other ingredients.

Another thing when designing a MC giving him genius IQ/sage level wisdom/knowledge without a good excuse for why he does not or cannot use those awesome abilities most of the time, will usually lead to a never ending list of plot holes and dumb downed villains and side characters, while still making the MC look stupid as f**k. In this story the MC supposedly has high Mental stats (IQ, EQ, Wisdom, Cha etc.), modern knowledge and rebirth knowledge as well as very important reasons to use those three to their fullest, but nope they are only used when the story needs and conveniently ignored otherwise. An averagely smart person in place of the MC (given the same knowledge, resources and time the MC had) should be able to come up with a dozen's of counters and guards to the first invasion and have them in place long beforehand. The MC only comes up with three and without plot armour would have lost that war. <<less
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