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Johnmcclane2016 rated it
Katahane no Riku
April 5, 2017
Status: v1c31
I don't like this novel

It started out promising but then the MC started becoming someone's lapdog, like the usual side characters that fall in love with the protagonist in harem novels.

Let me explain
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The main character Riku is a girl from one of the main demon killing families, like a lot of reincarnation stories do is that they place the soul of someone who died in the modern era and place it in an outcast/sickly from another world so this happens but riku decides to sell that soul to a shinigami (think deathnote) to find a place where she ''belongs'', naturally after her father decides to throw her off a cliff because she couldn't awaken the family's demon killing power.

So she washes ashore near a city and tries to find a job lady lady lada she gets chased she runs into a demon who saves her and asks her for her true name (which basically means that she becomes his slave) because he thinks that she could be useful.

then she becomes happy because now she has a place to stay and that's pretty much it for her character progression. Now she's just like one of those side characters in a harem that is willing to do whatever possible to serve the protagonist which is in this case a side character.

Another reason for hating this novel is because the author makes fun of the side characters that blindly and for no good reason fall in love with the MC trope but then the author thinks that it's a great idea to make the MC like that.

I think that this story had huge potential but the author just couldn't grasp it

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Johnmcclane2016 rated it
Martial World
September 13, 2016
Status: c436
I'll make it short. This novel starts out really interesting but then gets repetitive. Cliche antagonists that call in helpers that call in helpers that all eventually die in the hands of the MC because plot. Unlimited amount of treasure that the MC just gets because plot. Characters talking about the same stuff over and over and over again because the writer had to increase the amount of chapters somehow. Also the MC might say something at the beginning of the novel but then completely abandons that a few hundred... more>> chapters later now some people say that that is called change but i'd rather call it the forgetfulness of the writer. But still this novel was somewhat interesting in the beginning. <<less
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