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Jiuyin rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
January 19, 2019
Status: c248
2.5/5 Stars The average baseline of cultivation novels

The first arc of the novel is just a normal cliche beginning middle big boss villain end development. Does not explain the 'grand scheme' or anything special about this novel. Other than what you already know about a typical wuxia, big vast world, MC has the soul of the Alchemy God and has a special cultivation method plot cliche.

First arc does a super poor job of grabbing the viewer attention of how would this novel be different than others. Not giving a character... more>> development chapter, nor detailed world view of the grand schemes, nor is there anything that would make it enticing. Would be considered the average of the average cliche wuxia.

Some novels show a grand background intro, some novel are really good at detailed character development, or some are good at bringing tension by the politics or plot twist. Not this novel, everything follows the books with cliches 'flow' of a cultivation novel of development.

The good part that started to make more different than other novels was the author brought humour into the MC's kit which I find refreshing. Some readers might dislike how the harem goes, some reader would wish for more plot, or character development, or some kind of 'thing' to hook onto making you like this novel, but there just nothing really to find. A princess of an Empire with caring personality? She'll have the "I trust you lines" that'll say to MC. Find a Stronger Martial brother person who is believe in only himself to be strong? He'll say the typical "join or me die" or "You are an ant" one-dimensional character lines and no development.

The author needs more plot twist, more depth about the world or something to make you want to know more, which could attract at least one type of viewer, but nothing really stands out other than the plot moving.

The author had a chance at one of the sub arcs


When he was sent to exile to the graveyard, they set it up saying no one of the 170+ chosen one ever made it back. The build up was good, the reason to exile him was good, but that whole plot just turned into a normal level up chapter with no drama, no real plot twists other than a disciple sent to kill him, which he solves in less than half a chapter. In the end, there was nothing to make it 'fun' or enticing. He just walked back to the Monastery and just nothing really to feel 'emotional' about.


Not enough to pull you in to read this, the pace and plot is just too normal. <<less
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