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Jinntonic rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
October 7, 2017
Status: c213
Irregardless of this novels plot armor and characters and what not, since different people have different taste. The most glaring problem with this novel is how messy and convoluted the story is.

Even before I read c100, i've already long forgotten any of the characters other than the MC Yan Zhaoge. The number of unnecessary characters and events are too much to count and happens in quick succession. The pacing of the novel can be considered quick and some may like that, however there were no memorable scenes or characters. The... more>> Author throws various characters and conflicts together as if he were making an ABC soup. The writing style further makes it hard to keep track and understand what is going on properly.

I've read novels like ATG, emperor's dominion to ISSTH. Despite all these novels short comings may have, none beats the mess and unnecessary complicated story telling this novel offers. This is novel isn't slow or boring, just way too messy. <<less
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