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Jimminx rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 25, 2017
Status: c23
This is a good read. I've always enjoyed stories with post-apocalyptic setting with sh*t tons of action (That is why I play Fallout), and this novel, God bless the author, gave me exactly what I wanted! A post-apocalyptic world where modern technology is starting to fail and there's magic! There is nothing more I could ask for. A badass MC who knows what to do (instead of being a wimpy kid), summons TOTALLY BAD ASS sh*t
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He f**king summoned Blue Eyes White Dragon

from different dimensions including ANIME ONES (my inner weeb is rejoicing) !

Downside though, this story might have triggered some feminists for certain reasons that MAKE SENSE TO ME. This is a post-apocalyptic world we're talking about!


The author did write about women being sold as slaves and forced into prostitution

I personally think that what the author portrayed in the novel is accurate. I'm not saying that I like it, but it's accurate!

I'd like to quote what pentadrian said, "Women don't matter for anything except for s*x."
This is very unfair and somewhat shallow point of view. I've read like 100+ Chapters of the RAW and I've never came across such elements and absolutely no implication where women were treated like that. It was not only the women who were enslaved, the men were enslaved too. I would like to remind you that Asians from Asia generally do not care or pay little to no attention to your Western Feminism and your "equal rights for homos*xual" movements. I am very curious as to what you base your "Women don't matter for anything except for s*x." on. Is it because that the author portray a post-apocalyptic future where women were sold as s*x slaves and forced into prostitution? That's the only thing I've read so far that fits your comment. Come on, it's the friggin' apocalypse! It's the fall of human civilization, the crumbling of human society. It's a time when the strong preys on the weak! It's like the Dark Ages but more chaotic and with magic. The weak were exploited and enslaved as well! Women were treated badly as well! It's the end of the world!

And also another comment from pentadrian what I don't understand. " Of course China is somehow leading the field in everything, as usual. The MC has no character." *cough* *cough* Hollywood *cough* *cough*

Nonstop action? You got it. Strong, powerful protagonist? You have it! Beautiful female characters? Yeap, definitely!

There's something else I've forgotten to point out. "The novel itself is dry and repetitive, with the MC fighting different kinds of bugs, basically running a Pests R Us service in an apocalyptic city." This comment is also shallow. I believe the MC mentioned in the story that there are more yet to come, giant bugs just happened to be their immediate threat. You're trying to summarize a novel with more than 1k chapters just by reading the first 10 or 20 chapters (I highly doubt that you even bothered reading that far before condemning this novel to be "repetitive".

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Jimminx rated it
This MC Is Kickass
August 18, 2017
Status: c20
So far so good. The story is quite nice, and the translation quality is good. Definitely worth your time reading.


Noticed a comment up there... I've read into the raws of this novel as well. It's pretty solid by far. Allow me to give you potential readers a very short and very brief summary, especially to those who might dismiss this novel as a lousy one right after reading its synopsis without bothering to give the first chapter a shot.

... more>> Summary:

So, to avoid getting recognized by her friends IRL, MC decided to build a very, very ugly looking character, which well, affects how NPCs interact with her. And since her character was literally the ugliest in the game, the system rewarded her with a very high luck stats (sorta like the author compensating her disadvantage, really, not "spoonfeeding". Or at least I won't call it "spoonfeeding". But ayy, different strokes for different folks!). And as the tag suggested, this is a comedy novel, with a hint of romance. Though comedy is not my cup of tea, the story was well-written enough to keep me reading. <<less
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