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Jessicaaa rated it
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
April 18, 2018
Status: c55
So far I find this novel very enjoyable and likeable. The characters are all realistic and MC is not OP and only rely on the past life memories for help. I personally like her she’s neither weak nor strong but she isn’t stupid (as she learns from her past mistakes and isn’t naive anymore).

Male lead - for people that seem to find the ML weak, we need to remember his cousin and him are childhood sweethearts and ML has been with her for all these years and only ever seen... more>> her with her false pretentious image. If anything I’d give the ML credit and say he’s loyal to his romantic interest because he didn’t change his feelings towards the cousin and MC instantly. He only started and became confused after being able to spend time with the MC and seeing the cracks of the cousin’s fake image.

Some characters are annoying like cousin (obv), ML’s mother MC’s aunt and uncle but I guess those characters are created to be annoying.

But im looking forward to the novel being translated and reading further chapters <<less
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This is currently my number one favourite novel but f there was.5 ratings I would have given it 4.5 which will be explained later on and it has nothing to do with the plot or characters!

The story is based on MC revenge and what I love about her is that are revenge and schemes are vicious and savage BUT very satisfying to read. As it does annoy me with other novels when the MC becomes kind hearted and does not take revenge or the revenge is not satisfying even though... more>> the people that schemed against MCs may have been really sickening and horrible to MC. Therefore this is one reason why I love the MC in this novel, I also love the fact she takes no nonsense from anyone and does whatever it takes to protect her family and making it clear she does not like the other related family household.

The villians obviously are not likeable and annoying but I like that not all villians are stupid like some other novels. Even though the little girls that try to mock the MC are annoying but the MC always has a comeback which makes it satisfying to read. Apart from villians all characters are likeable, especially the MC and her family they are so adorable! This is also one of the only stories in this genre where MC has a protective and loving family. Her little friend Feng An is also likeable.

Ok so the reason why I would give it 4.5 is because of the ML not because I dislike him (in my opinion he is likeable and amazing match for the MC) but because of the author's need to always write a paragraph of his handsome and beautiful features and face every single time he appears. I GET IT HE IS HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL BUT there is no need to always provide a long paragraph for it. This leads me to say story the author is very very descriptive at times near the climax of a plot which does drag a bit but I guess that is to increase anticipation in what will happen. But overall the story does not drag on <<less
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Jessicaaa rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
February 23, 2018
Status: Completed
I agree with the other reviewers that the title and sypnosis is very misleading and it almost caused me to overlook this novel. However I decided to just read it and what can I say, currently this is one of my top favourite novels! The MC is amazing, she is intelligent and able to not let others scheme against her. Her revenge and schemes are also good with her battle of wits also being top notch. She is a MC that does not take nonsense from others and does what... more>> needs to be done which is what I really like about her. The ML is also very likeable and them as a couple is adorable.

The story line is simple nothing too drastic but again I think it is very likeable. The romance aspect, you can tell the ML truly falls for the MC but as others have mentioned on behalf of the MC part it is somewhat vague. However I think the MC does really love the ML as well but there will always be a barrier in loyalty and trust in being commited as a couple. However it could be possible the MC drops the barrier later on in life but it is not mentioned. But all in all I would definitely recommened this novel to others! <<less
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