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I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN)
May 12, 2018
Status: c230
This series is one of those isekai stories that are actually good, not like those other isekai novels where MC gets an op cheat and goes on a journey to create the greatest harem intentionally or not, or those other stories where MC goes on a rampage of killing for revenge or self satisfaction showing no character development at all (there are ones where the MC gets some character dev so not all revenge stories are bad).

Now let's talk about why this series is such a masterpiece in my eyes.... more>> First of all the MC is reincarnated as a sword (not a spoiler since the title kinda says it all) which is a really unique type of reincarnation (haven't seen any other stories with sword MCs tbh), and the MC isn't given a world toppling cheat, it's not really op, maybe just a tad bit so.

Let us move on to the main lead that accompanies the MC. The main lead isn't some ignorant blockhead who doesn't know of the darkness of the world, although she's still as innocent as one can get (just saying she's so damn MOEEEEEE) and isn't some sort of person who insists on not killing/over excessively harming the other party, not saying she's a damn killing machine which lives to kill, she acts depending on the situation, taking everything into consideration, and then acts upon how she sees fit. Also the MC isn't an idiot who sticks to the ideology that killing is wrong, he realizes he's in another world where the common sense of people is different and that his ideology might not be beneficial when facing certain situations in this world.

The characters in this story aren't some 2D brainless cardboards that are there to add more awesomeness to the MC. In my opinion every character that I came across in this story had a lot of personality and color, we get to see there point of views and come to understand why they act the way they do and we also see the supporting characters aren't brainless people who do whatever the MC and the main lead say, acting as their arms and legs.

Character development is just amazing. We see the MC and the main lead grow as and we see how their way of thinking changes and how their perspective changes towards the world and how they strive to improve their ways of doing things and their actions to achieve better results later on, and they're not always in the right either, they realize that they were at fault sometimes and try their best to learn from their mistakes and improve so that they're never repeated again. They also learn to depend on each other more and more as the story goes on which makes their bond grow stronger and stronger (and also grow sweeter and sweeter).

Overall every element of this novel is great no matter how I look at it, not saying their aren't any bad points about the novel. Although there are a bit non existing problems with it, it doesn't really hinder the enjoyment one receives from reading this, at least for me. Also props to the translators for working hard on this novel, especially the current translator, CarboardTL, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking this novel up when it was stagnant and releasing around 3-4 chapters weekly, keeping us readers intrigued and not letting us lose to the boredom of waiting. <<less
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Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
July 26, 2017
Status: c86
(There are spoilers, you have been warned. Also I just started doing reviews so please don't expect a lot from this one.)

Alright, I want to start off by saying that this is genuinely an amazing and unique novel being it both a reincarnation and a slice of life novel. All characters are amazing and fit very well into the story.

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne (Also known as Cloudy Eyes Lilianne) is a reincarnation slice of life novel that talks about a 30 year old man who suddenly died and... more>> was reincarnated as a human girl called Lilianne in a fantasy world. After a few weeks of reincarnation he realizes that the girl is blind, she couldn't see anything, but by infusing magic into her eyes she could see the magical power inside people and the few tools which contain magic inside them so she's able to make the shape of the people around her and a few things. As a blind person she found couldn't find anything interesting so she kept training to increase her magical power and finding ways to use it for different aspects, mainly to try and find a technique that allows her to see.

The series also has many unique characters filled with life and colors that would make you attached to them. The series has lots of comedic, hilarious and some serious scenes which are surprisingly fun and easy to read through. I personally think that the fantasy world they're living in isn't complicated and was easy to understand. The story is also amazingly heartwarming and adorable (After taking the Lilianne doses of adorableness you won't be able to let go of this series easily).

I really think that I should give this a 5/5 but sadly after reading up till chapter 86 expecting some action but I was let down, I kinda mocked myself for not realizing this is a slice of life novel until I reached chapter 86. I'm not hinting the series is bad, it's a really well written story and and as I said before the story is amazing, being it in both character and story development. The only thing I disliked about this novel is the extreme slow speed of story progression. I think I'm a patient person but I feel like I need to reevaluate myself after this.

I think this review was short but it's just my imagination. Overall, the if you're looking for a unique mix of a reincarnation and slice of life novel, you should look forward to this, and even if this wasn't my cup of tea I really enjoyed every aspect of this novel. <<less
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July 14, 2018
Status: --
Honestly I don't remember where I stopped at this novel but I remember I dropped this a bit after the tutorial stage ended. Yes, dropped. This series seemed great at first, it had a lot of character depth, and the MC actually uses his brain, and all psychological descriptions and psychologies seem real, but I notched a major flaw.

The author is desperately trying to show off the main character. I'm pretty sure everytime the MC does something by himself the author gives us a timeskip and skips to a part... more>> where the MC is interacting with people so we can see how he psychologically and sometimes physically dominates them. And I'm not talking about some random off time grinding, for example there was this one fight that the MC has been preparing for from the beginning of his reincarnation (around 1 week). When we reach this point the some stuff happens before the MC gets the chance to fight it alone, and when he does, surprisingly the author gives us a timeskip to the moment after the fight. That's not even the worst one though.

There was also this one event that MC has been preparing since the start too, but it took us around 2 volumes worth of chapters (with each volume being 250 pages each, this is an estimate), oh and almost everything he has been gaining up until now has been for this event. We reach the area he needs to get to to start the event, by himself, and much to our convenience we get a timeskip. I mean I think I can reach 2 conclusions, maybe the author's creativity ran dry, or maybe he doesn't have a chance of showing off the MC at this point. I obvious choose the latter. I mean at least let's see how the event goes down, what happens to the MC I seriously would've loved to know how all the fights went.

Anyways this is just my personal opinion maybe other people here see things differently who knows, but from the reviews I've read they all say that this novel is good so who knows, maybe I'll pick this up at a later time. <<less
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Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
August 15, 2018
Status: --
Really good novel that takes a really big turn from usual isekai cliches, lots of character development and depth, and microscopic to no amount of bullsh*t involved in the story. Would greatly encourage anyone who is looking for a great isekai story that will hook you.

P.S: To anyone who would like to read this story and thinks it's stalled, then I have good news. The novel is still ongoingly translated by current translators, it's just that they cut ties with novelupdates.
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Katahane no Riku
July 26, 2017
Status: c100
(There are some spoilers contained in this review, if you don't want to read the review skip over to the summary at the end of this review. It's short and has no spoilers.)

Alright this is my first review so don't expect an amazing review from me, I'll probably cover the story without telling much details.
... more>>

Katahane no Riku was a really interesting series, I'm also surprised that I never found this earlier. Katahane no Riku tells a tale about a red haired-girl named Riku who was born with super-human strength, but thrown away by her family for not being able to awaken her talent as a spiritualist (they're basically people with magic powers who got advantage over demons). As she was on the verge of death a demon reached out to her giving her the choice of siding against her own race or choosing to rot in a back alley where no one will ever care about her. After firmly giving her decision to the demon she grows up to become one of humanity's greatest threats.

Reading the first few chapters I got hooked. After going through 100 chapters in one day (literally stayed up for 24 hours finishing this XD) I experienced many heart clenching moments and many gory, brutal and sadistic scenes, and battles that even sent our adorable Riku to the verge of death, showing us that not all protagonists got perfect lives. Throughout the series Riku gained a lot of compainons and lost some too, but she didn't falter and kept fighting for exacting revenge on her family who saw no worth in her super-human strength.

Anyways while the series is amazing and well written, I have to point out the flaw (s) that was apparent in the series. There was almost no (if not none) character development in the series. All the characters never changed and really felt dull after chapter 70 to me. Another thing I want to point out is the ending. The ending felt so rushed and unsatisfiying, this is actually the main reason why I rated this 4/5, whole the story was amazing but I was seriously disappointed at how the author ended the series. I really would've preferred if he continued it for 1 or 2 more chapters, because I think the way it ended didn't give the readers the feeling that something big happened, and made the reader's think that our MC's story is just one other story that would be recorded in history with various other stories that never stand out (by recorded in history I mean in the novel world's history not real life history).



I strongly recommend this series for people who are looking for reincarnation novels or revenge driven protagonists. I personally think this is one of the best series I've read in a while but don't expect a lot of character development and don't expect a perfect ending for our MC. <<less
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A Monster Who Levels Up
May 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Alright I'll just ramble about why this series deserves this rating. I though of giving this a solid 1/5 but taking into consideration the early chapters I decided to shoot up the rating. The first 60-70 chapters were really intriguing, the story kind of drew me in. Character development was actually a thing that existed, good fighting scenes were MC wasn't as victorious and also had difficulty beating his enemies and such, it really grabbed my interest, but then came the next part of the novel.

After these 70 or so... more>> chapters the novel becomes something like MC introducing something new --> shocking the world --> harem starts growing more affection towards him, or just replace the introducing new thing part with the repetitive fighting which doesn't contain any ounce of excitement, since we all know he'll win the fight. Then we have these repetitive "tadaima-okaeri" scenarios that happen in the later stages of the story (google the term not gonna bother writing the meaning) and annoying moments were MC tries to ignore other harem members feelings and such, hell there was basically no character development at this point only harem trying to grab the MCs d*ck, we didn't even get any decent back story time for them, they just exist to raise the esteem of the MC in some way.

Now towards the end it gets even worse, story devolves into a big pile of bullsh*t and rubbish and author trying to find a an excuse to add those things in there, and the last 5-2 chapters were so unbearable I wanted to close the tab but refrained from doing so to see how this will end, and I was disappointed.

I think I'd recommend anyone reading it but they should just know what they expect in the latter stages won't happen at all. (Props to the translation team for working on this, joined in at around chapter 50 and been a devoted reader to every release, would like to also apologize for reading the last 2 chapters on another website because chapters 173-174 didn't work on the official site when I was reading) <<less
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Kusoge Online (BETA)
November 20, 2018
Status: v2 epilogue
After finishing 2 volumes of this I felt that I should point out how nice this novel is. At first it might seem a but bland but later on it gets better and better, and I personally loved the comedy in this series. The comedy is great and the story is also light hearted (at least up until now), you should give this a go if you're looking for a comedy romcom.
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May 10, 2018
Status: c57
This is a really interesting novel, reminds me of kuma bear with how it's written and narrated. Characters are fun and interesting although there are a lot of clichés in the novel it doesn't really drop its quality. At the beginning it might seem dull but later on it gets more interesting. 4/5 because well I've seen the isekai trend lots of times (not saying it's bad or anything).

You should give this novel a try, if you're looking for something to satisfy your boredom or looking for an enjoyable isekai... more>> novel.

(Desc of the novel kind of has minor spoilers so I don't recommend digging too much into what's said.) <<less
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