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Jambasic rated it
The Novel’s Extra
September 1, 2018
Status: c90
Damn! this novel is good one of the best I'm currently reading. Binge read this story in just a day and that clearly show it earned my attention. Also, I'm writing this review to show that too.

What I like the most in the story is/are the character/s development. They are 99% realistic (the other 1% is the fantasy stuff which is not real... or is it?) and this is the main point that got me interested. The way the characters in his novel reacts to his actions and his reactions... more>> seeing his creation in reality is just well done! Even the complexities of relationships is shown in a humorous but "true story" kind of way.

For more details in the story, read the reviews with high likes count to see how good the story is. But in my own opinion, this is a good read. <<less
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