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Jamacario rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
September 22, 2017
Status: c19

Great so far. Hoping that this gets more chapters to look forward too ! :D I really like how he has the ability to change to 3 different monsters. I also enjoy how he is not insanely strong like a cheat but seems like he's getting really strong in a steady pace. There are time leaps which also shows that it takes him time to improve not like he is Over powered after hunting in the forest in JUST a couple of days but it takes him time. Good story... more>> so far and i'll keep reading it something NEW compared to other reincarnated series or New CHEAT abilites stories.


Just updating Still story going great I WANT MORE!!! Loving the action scenes too <3 Hopefully they can speed up the chapter Updates.I like how he's leveling up himself and the story shows that he doesn't know everything that going on with him which makes it more realistic. <<less
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Jamacario rated it
Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer
April 17, 2018
Status: Completed
HEY GREAT NOVEL !! Rushed ending but still gave me excitement and happiness at the end nice Lovey Dovey scenes throughout the novel I wished the story used more of the Flower picking system or gave out more skills!! &Gt;..< like the system wasn't brought out a lot throughout the story but the romance Plots were PREEETY goood compared to other novels I've read (and I love reading romance novels!!) any ways THANKS TO AUTHOR FOR GREAT WRITING!!! Made my Life more happy knowing this novel exist !! &Lt;3... more>> (I totally Recommend God Level Demon for a Great SYSTEM Action story plus sub-plot romance and Modern time like this novel) <<less
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Jamacario rated it
The Strongest System
March 27, 2018
Status: Completed
okay this novel was great cuz at the end made me actually feel sad that I cant read no more of this T--T (was about the pour some manly tears out, but held it in)

Last Arc was not too my like and left me confused at parts plus I rushed it cuz was a bit boring but still made me hype at parts of it sadly wasn't the same because of an accident that occurred ... more>>

Reincarnates himself , had to save his family they got stuck in a Secret dimension and couldn't understand language even with system soooo After reincarnating the story doesn't use any characters FROM BASICALLY ALL THE OTHER ARCS X__X LIKE THE WIFE IS GONE !! then his Family appears till LAST CHAPTER in last 2 summaries or soo >....> needed some more slice life maybe ? IDK T-T

well it was still good for most of the story so I wont regret reading this for a good time of my Life ^--^ <<less
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