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Jack Anda
Jack Anda rated it
The Human Emperor
July 30, 2017
Status: c164
So disappointing. So mediocre.

I truly don't get all these good ratings. While it's a good read, this novel fail to show what a proper reincarnator/transcender was like. He might be amazing and powerful in the past/future, yet he, time and time again, failed to calculate all of the possible outcome of his own doing.

He boast wisdom that goes beyond normal, yet always end up almost got killed, and only survived because of LUCK.

... more>> He was the former great expert, yet got scared by his own uncle and cousin.

It's like all this stuff about being reincarnated to alter destiny is just to tell us how great a LUCK is. Ah, forget it. I'll continue to read this novel, hopefully it got better. Hopefully. <<less
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Jack Anda
Jack Anda
Peerless Martial God
August 25, 2017
Status: c172
Once again, I'm speechless. Almost all reviews gave this novel a bad ratings. Sure, this novel had its flaws, but weren't many popular xianxia novels had the same flaws? Yet, why those novels got rated highly while this one labeled as a bad novel?

Well, in short, I like this novel. Unlike many novel that forcing us to accept the 'grey' morality, this novel had an MC with a 'black and white' morality. So, if you dislike that kind of MC, don't read this novel.
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