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Ixcez rated it
Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu
April 28, 2018
Status: c37
This novel is kinda weird in my book because a) the MC is supossed to be super awesome overpowered b) he’s the number one pushover.

As mentioned in the other reviews the MC is a pacifist (but not against his friends). So he let’s people hit him and proclaims he will never again kill a person, reason? He killed one of his best friends before cause he tried to eradicate 2 of the 3 major races.

Oh but yeah his BF just faked his death so psyched! MC reason for being a... more>> pacifist? Doesn’t even exist.

Also he tells his... his gf? That she can’t travel with him cause she needs to get experience with killing stuff...

Oh but he’s super OP! Yeah when he’s not fighting, every fight scene so far he has been fighting even against the bad guy/girl? minions and let each and everyone of them escape. Reason given here is that he’s just not fighting ”seriously” so they get to kill/threaten people.

We also get told the only time he get’s mad and kill people is when his loved one’s get threatened. The demon chick on the pic aka the demon lord agrees to marry some douch just for the promise that he will try to summon the MC. MC hears about it the same day it’s decided and there are 4 days to go! But wait even though the guy who gave the message could reach the village the MC was in within a few hours, it takes a minimum of 3-4 days to get back whaaaa? Then we can just teleport there! Wait what? MC had been spending days/weeks walking towards that place when he could’ve just instantly teleported? -.-

Oh but wait! MC had spent so much mana travelling that if he teleports he would need to rest for a long time after teleporting cause he’d be so spent..... why didn’t you just teleport in the first place!!!

Oh right need them 10 filler chapters... MC still arrives really late and even though his demon chick was about to be made into a s*x toy who obeyed them faithfully for but a chance to see the MC (the bad guy litterally says this). The MC is like meeh I am not bothered.

But yeah seeing as how MC logic is that bad guys will get whats coming for them cause he read it was like that in web novels so he can’t be bothered while they beat him and steal his money to go buy ice cream and go all licky licky in his face. I am not suprised.

Oh and last but not least the grand reason for bad guy killing a bunch of people and trying to commit genocide? Cause bad gurl (pretty much spelled out it’s a girl cross dressing as a guy) is a super yandere whos in love with MC so because he got a long with demonkin and beastkin they gotta go cause Tauma is N1!

The plot is just spirrallllllling out to jupiter and I have no idea anymore what the point of the story is. Is it trying to be a comedy? Then why so serious? Is it trying to be serious? Then why much plot missing?

I just don’t know anymore.... <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
June 5, 2018
Status: --
This one is slow, relaxing and at the moment without a goal except to farm and grow a village.

While it doesn't really need much else I at least find that the writting style works best in the manga that is available the novel also gives the feel of having been made for a manga.

As a isekai slice of life there isn't much to say, the only thing of note is the harem.

... more>>

The MC is the only male capable of mating with the females (except for the lizardmen, who can only mate with lizardmen) who lives in the village there for he is fairly early in charge of mating with at first 1 then 2 then 9 then 100+ and probably even more to come.

The MC is being sucked dry and as a bit of comical relief at one point they get asked to accept some villagers. But they will only get females since the men are needed for the mines. But the MC demands that some men are given along with the females.

End result is that 22 females are added and 3 little boys. This makes the MC collapse but, trying to stay postive he happily proclaims that in just a few more years the boys will become the wall he needs (he pretty much say's he will throw them to the wolves (the females) when breeding is required) to protect himself.

Food for thought is that because of the gods blessing he can most likely endlessly do the night time activity. It's simply that too much of the good stuff makes one not want the good stuff anymore :D

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The story is about a JP highschool kid of presumaly 15-16 of age who dies and is reborn and then at the age of 8 remembers his past life and like most of these stories his new life and family is not important instead his past life matters most. So because of past life's parents not treating the delinquint teenager in the best way (though depending on his own actions it could have all been a way for them to act strict so he would mature) he can't accept the... more>> new parents who dot on him in the most dottiest of dotty way's even after having 8 years of memory of being with them and then 2 years from remembering. These are from the first few sentences in ch 1 therefore no spoiler tag.

So now the story starts and the MC has a mental age of 17 (+8). Instead of acting mature for his appearent age 10 the MC acts worse then the other kids his age. Pulling pranks, bullying, fighting, doing vandalism etc, most of it is done against 10 year olds... I mean sure he was a delinquent but he keeps trying to appear mature and the whole setting is that he was trying to change his way. But the way the character is acting is like a spoiled brat at the age of 5-6 instead of the 17+ mental age he's supposed to have.

Now for some plot setting spoilers


The MC is loved by most girls to start of with the first few chapters are about the princess who is madly in love with the farmer MC. The background of it being that somehow the 5 year old princess managed to sneak out of the castle, then walked through the whole capital to then walk out of the capital through the always guarded gates, to then get lost in the wheat fields of MC's family. The MC then finds her and she instantly falls in love with him. Now this is frankly hard to believe since it would most likely take hours if not a day or two for a 5 year old to wander that far on top of the fact that no one stopped her. I can accept that if the farm is close by, never really explained.

The next part however is what makes it very hard to swallow by the fact that in the next few chapters their farm is attacked by bandits who put their house and field on fire. Simply the smoke of it would make people see it from miles away, however no one notices it and the MC who comes home to the attack watches and to a certain extent is the reason for both of his parents being killed, then of course plot armor appears and saves him.

This showing a build up for a tragic past as the MC cries and reveals he only wanted to be spoiled by his parents which was why he acted the way he did. Then blam tragic parents death is forgotten and it's time to get harem member 2 cause tragedy is boring.

Short summary of next part

Demon princess (DP) instantly falls in love with him even prioritizing keeping other girls of him while her own father is dying on the ground next to them within hours, female human general after being attacked by MC and DP believes him to be brainwashed. So instead of killing him she tries to rape him because???? Then half a chapter is prolonged on immenent rape until plot armor.

These situations just keeps on comming.


It is also unbelievable as to how or why the heroines keep being crazy about the MC


The most extreme case is the demon princess Day 1 falls madly in love with him. Day 2 is abused, bullied and publicly humiliated until the MC realizes he's trash when the two princesses starts crying and the citizens calls him human waste he gives an apology and then an hour later he keeps saying their annoying since he already said he was sorry, even though just like the girls mentioned he never really seemed sorry in the first place. The two girls then instantly becomes shy and wants to bathe together with the MC cause????

So yeah girls just keeps falling in love almost instantly with the MC and all of then are appearently masochists who loves being abused and neglect play.

On top of this he can't accept any of them, even though after his parents deaths he promised himself not to keep things bottled up. Since he found out that some of the other JP's on the bus also reincarnated though they were all reincarnated 20ish years before him.

So as the title of this story he can't accept any girls because he wants to search for his highschool crush he never got the chance to confess to which is the plot setting. He can't accept the other girls because he wants to try and find her even though he has no idea if she has reincarnated yet or will in the future. Though because of title it will happen though it would be funny if she get's reborn when he's 50+ or she was already reborn 40 years before him.


So because of before mentioned reasons even though girls are litterly throwing themselves at him he can't accept them and pretty much only bullies or neglects them so there is no reason for them to continue liking him.

The last part which is among the weirdest is that everyone wants him to be the king of the country. Even though he has no knowledge (litterly one of the stupidest MC's ever) and is a drop out, he's lazy and doesn't wanna work, a bully that fights most of the time, he is weak most of the time in a world that is constantly in war, he is the reason for almost starting a war at least a few times, his personality is horrendous, he's a farmer so no money or background his only redeeming factor is for some reason the princess is crazy about him and the crown prince loves him like a little brother and is a total sis/brocon for no apparent reason.

I reallt wanted go like this story but after reading some 80+ chapters I find the MC to be frustratningly annoying even though he's supossedly 23 (+8) years old mentalty he still acts like a spoiled little brat perhaps at 40+ he'll act like a mature teenager.

The girls are all super M's that appearently love being abused, bullied and neglected by the MC. They also all seem to be exactly the same except their race and powers differes.

Like one is a melee fightning lightning boxer, another is a melee fighting karate master, then a melee fighting.... oh wait even their powers are pretty much the same so yeah different races or something since all the races girls are pretty much just humans girls with either a horn or not.... Seriously though the only difference is hair colour like blonde, silver, brown....

In the end the lack of character development, diversity or depth of characters coupled with a super weird setting with no plot to follow except author makes up things along the way, which becomes apparent with the story lacking structure since it's all over the place. It's only saving grace being humour that is the same all the time makes this a story not worth investing time into. <<less
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This novel is a fairly easy going isekai story that started of with a decent story and decent MC in my book but it went of the rails at around ch 50 and progessivly became a worse read in my honest opinion as the MC fully accepts his beta side and as a person has a reverse growth.

His betaness contains some spoilers

... more>>

At the start the MC is shown to be a semi-beta type character, having killed three unconcious people to lvl up and so to survive a fight, all three are kind of bad guys, one being a criminal and two being adventurors starting to do bad deeds. The MC shows no remorse in killing them even though they haven't really done much at all, they are then killed so he can win against their boss who he is about to kill but decides not to after being convinced he's worth more money if they turn him in alive. Showing that the MC has a cold side to him, but this is the only time.

After this he becomes a real pushover with the big turning point being around ch 50 at which point two girls tries to scam him, fails tries to scam him again, and after which he is forced to help them (for free) which the now beta MC accepts even though he doesn't want to because????

In comes my least favorite character, who he is then later on forced to accept as his companion even though he states he doesn't like her. Later on she becomes accepted, because MC at one time finds her body attractive and after that she is accepted into "harem" so now MC is beta who thinks with lower part, reverse growth as person check.

Get's forced to help catgirl to get ingredients for wine for no reward check, learns he has to risk his and his companions lives to fight a dragon during said quest check, actually puts his foot down and refuses great! Next chapter changes his mind cause least likeable character is friends with cats, and MC decides he wants to do whatever he wanna do "growth moment" = MC starts doing whatever other people tells him to do and loses all will check.

Oh and all the chapters here were pointless since he never had to fight in the first place since the ending is that he just grows the needed material in his secret base.

After this is the moment when MC goes full beta, and you never go full beta.

MC is attacked by pirates who wants everything he owns, MC defeats them and is then given the guilt trip cause the pirates were rookie pirates that just decided to become pirates cause it's such a cushy life being a pirate. So now MC is forced to help the fishermen turned pirates to get a semi-cushy life instead of finding his missing companions. Since you know helping criminals is what a good guy would do. MC also justifies this when asked why he would help them that now that he's strong he feels that he must now help the public.

Yeah cause rewarding people for doing crimnal acts is helping the public! Shush you who don't agree:D.


So yeah in the end MC goes from cold normal person -> semi-beta -> beta -> beta who thinks with groin -> FULL BETA

His growth would make the most sugar sweet happy ending have toothache.

Another part that bugged me is that this novel has some parts that are pretty much copy paste from Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World which is a similar novel released 4-5 years before this one.

I kid you not that some parts of the main wolf-heroine are almost a direct copy word for word when it comes to looks/personality/plot/dialogue especially the first 10 or so chapters when it comes to the heroine are so similar I was wondering if it was the same author rewritting the other novel.

So yeah I will have to give this one a low score because the character growth is done in reverse together with the fact that this novel would get sued for plagarism if it wasn't a free webnovel. Though not sure how the LN got through it maybe the law is just more lax in JP <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Hedonist Sovereign
June 2, 2018
Status: --
Okey this novel is not what one would expect. The whole hedonist setting is fairly heavy at first with the MC being shown as one with s*xual addiction. It is pretty much pointed out that he needs s*x all the time and he can't not touch a girl for more then an hour.

He will also sleep with any good looking girl that is willing. Even having a hotel room always booked fir him to sleep around in.

So now the story starts and of course there will be lots of s*x... more>> and girls with that setting right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The MC get's a hedonist system that forces him to get girls to like him, thats pretty much it. The system even has punishments for if he fails a quest.


the punishments of the system being no s*x for X months/years, or pretty girls no longer liking him etc. Which makes the MC go crazy cause that can't happen! But since the novel has no s*xual content for the most part anyway it doesn't even matter.


Since after being fed what a s*xual beast the MC is, it proceed's with the MC flirting around at all time with girls but never ever going past kissing and grouping even though several of them throws themselves at him in the nude. This goes on for several hundred chapters until he sleeps with one girl because of love. (Which of course happens off screen)


Basically the MC works on a girl for some tens of chapters but once the girl is willing to sleep with him or be his partner. The girl is tossed aside and pretty much forgotten in the story while a new girl is introduced.
This goes on for a while female classmate -> former fiancee -> female teacher -> female coworker/maid -> female golddigger etc.
The story is basically about conquering their hearts and the tossing them aside for new girl once they like MC. Without anything happening or any kind of resolution with the girl.


Along the way the MC pretty much s*xually assaults several of the heroines. But yeah since he got lots of cash and is good looking all the girls like him. (It is litterly shown that most only like him cause he's such an awesome sugar daddy)

So yeah to be honest the whole setting and the vibe the story gives of is that it's very harem focused but instead it is just like any other novel out there only it's focused a lot on pointing out what a s*xual predator and player the MC is only that in reality the MC lives in celibacy.

Frankly I wouldn't mind so much if not the first 400-500 chapters I read is so focused on how much the MC craves s*x at all time. Only for it to never happen cause the MC is such a gentleman. So yeah according to JP titles it should be renamed to.

"The young master who get's all the girls but want's to live in celibacy and forget his hedonistic past" <<less
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Ixcez rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c164
Gave this novel a read because of a recommendation from someone reading the manga, and to be straight up it's not a novel I would recommend to other people.

To start of there is pretty much just flat characters, a shallow world and no plot line or direction in the novel after reading 164 chapters.

Setting: The setting is what I would call non-believable or straight out "made up as the author goes".

... more>>

To start of the story begins with the MC dying and being summoned by the soul of another world greatest fire mage of all time, fearing that the new magic system that called "beast art magic" he created with a group of other mages would be lost because of the lack of inheritors. He used up all his magic power and his own life and then spent over a thousand years in as a spirit to look for someone who can be an inheritor. In come the Japanese MC, since the magic art needs a ton of mana the MC who has even more mana then the greatest mage of all time was summoned.

Now up to here it's "fine" I guess but as the MC asks why didn't you transfer your own soul into this created body instead of growing old and looking for inheritors. This is brushed of by saying his soul wasn't compatible and his soul was already old and weary. This part just get's me confused since the body created turns out to be a super human body with, super strength, toughness and eternal youth. So they could give a body eternal youth but the group still died of old age.... okey fine I can live with that even though it makes no sense. But then the spirit goes and fuses with the MC's soul to give him all his knowledge about the world, stuff and magic, no problem with compatibility when fusing with the body now... Then the whole setting is for the MC to become a mage and carry on the beast art magic which he does to some degree, but more on that later.


Characters: The characters are pretty flat as in they are not developed or they are very generic the worst part is that characters are introduced left and right. I would say that in just the first 100 chapters we are introduced to about 30+ side characters the problem here is that the MC is a "solo" adventurer with his beast companion and basically joins other parties all the time. On average every 10-30 chapters he will be with another group of people so there is never any time to develop characters since they are introduced in a few chapters, joins the MC for a few chapters and then leaves. After which they are either met briefly for a few sentences or just mentioned overall there is no depth. Not to mention the MC himself which should be the focus here pretty much just turns into a homicidal maniac from the first day of arriving in this new world. Which is again fine I guess to some degree but there is no personality to the MC and it simply feels like the author is trying to outlive some fantasy to murder anyone who disagrees or picks a fight with the MC. A bit further on this in spoilers.


The MC starts out within the first few chapters in the story with killing beasts and eventually even people without a second thought and slices them up in half and cutting their arms and legs of, which should make their guts and blood spill or fly everywhere. This just happens like it's nothing special but later on in the story the author actually makes it so that while fighting against a former companion who betrays him and tries to murder his friends.

He survives because the MC get's stunned while trying to kill him because of acid the MC had thrown on his face made his face melt and become distorted. Which would be fine if it happened a 100 chapters earlier but after constantly propping the MC up as a killing machine who slices people into pieces like nothing and for no more reason that they rub him the wrong way, while at the same time using fire magic to melt/burn people and monster into undescribable things. While fighting an enemy he first misses his target by slicing his arm of instead of splitting him in two like he was going to, and then stands there staring at the person as if being stunned while the other clutches onto his face until he get's help and escapes. T

his to me is one of the weakest "oh the villain got away" moments that I've read this year. In just a few chapters after this the MC even mentions how he thought about slicing of the ears, nose, lips etc and doing a bunch of torturing to a guy who arrogantly told him to give him all his stuff and his beast companion for parts, who the MC then directly tries to murder, but eventually let's go off only to have that same guy ban the MC from all the weapon shops which again instantly makes the MC go into a murder rampage. Sure while arrogant nobles are bad at this point what exactly did the guy do to deserve being killed? Nothing except for demanding stuff which the MC refused the MC directly went on to try and kill the guy even though the other side didn't do anything except for verbally demanding for stuff.


Plot line: Non-existent basically all the MC is asked to do is to make the magic beast art live on, except for that there is just hints from time to time of another evil empire threatening the kingdom the MC appeared in. Which only makes me think okey so what? It's not as if the MC would even care about the politics of a country he had just appeared in. I mean it's never explained on the policy of either of the countries except the other side is trying to take this country over and uses alchemy so their the bad guys! Sure turning people into chimeras are bad, but it's flat out stated that both sides are doing it just that the other side is much better at it and further along in the technology so they must be the bad guys!

But to get back on topic so far the plot line has been, appear in world -> get forced to do a subjugation quest -> do a rank up quest -> forced to do an escort quest. Basically while the MC is the macho killing type as most general Japanese MC's he's basically only told what to do through out most of the story so far at the same time as the story has no real point instead of MC growing stronger and being a tough guy.

To end this review of I would simply like to state out that to be frank the MC is probably an idiot or even more likely the author just thought it was cooler to write it this way. Basically the MC is summoned because of his immense mana pool which is supposedly the biggest one in the entire world (which is over and over mentioned with people freaking out or going into a panic when they notice his magic powers, all the mages so far pretty much faints at seeing him.) at the same time he has the fire attribute and is given the magical knowledge of the greatest fire mage of all time! So what does the MC do? He becomes a magic "warrior" with emphasis on the warrior part. After summoning his beast he also summons a scythe that works similar to the summoned beast that it can absorb abilities from monsters magic crystals. It is also extremely tough, sharp and heavy though in MC's hands it weighs nothing on top of that it enhances all the spells the MC casts.

So now most people would think, well since he has the greatest mana pool of all time and knows all the spells of the greatest fire mage ever he'd be a fire mage right? Well in fact the MC basically for most part only goes around slicing stuff up with the scythe. Basically I would liken the MC to a person being given a machine gun that can shoot both bullets and rockets. He is also has complete knowledge on how to use and handle it but instead he chooses to go around bashing peoples head in with it because it's hard and weighs a lot.... What's even worse is that at the start the MC mentions how hard a scythe is as a weapon and it will be super hard to learn how to use it properly, then directly after mentioning this he somehow becomes an expert in using it instantly and it's never mentioned again.

When the MC actually does use magic it's almost always the abilities from the magic scythe and very rarely does he actually use fire magic, most often it is used outside of battle. To be frank I have no idea why it is so, maybe the author simply decided that the MC became to strong or just doesn't like magic that much and decided melee combat is the bomb after creating what should be in theory the strongest battle mage in that world.

Other things to nitpick on is the simply fact that the romance so far is extremely forced, first a busty catkin is introduced who the author likes to include quite frequently to emphasize on her chest that from day one tries to get hooked up with the MC but is blatantly ignored except for the "fan service" I suppose. Then in comes the real love interest that is a busty blond battle junkie who will only marry someone stronger, so she pretty much has an "orgasm" when she blocks the MC's attack because it was so strong her hand went numb. Honestly I would rate this story as a generic isekai harem novel that has no depth and frankly just rubbed me the wrong way with it's build up and the way the novel is both written and where it is going. The worst part is that the MC is not likable and I would frankly say that he is what I would call an unrelatable fantasy fulfillment MC. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Way of the Devil
June 9, 2018
Status: c225
A very different take compared to the normal martial arts chinese novel.

In the case of this one it focus at first more on a world filled with demons and ghosts that the general population and martial artists for that matter are mostly unable to handle. While the goverment/police covers up the incidents from the general population.

So how does the MC go about solving this conundrum?

By going HULK SMASH! Can't kill the ghost? Then need more muscle! Problem with not staying dead? Then hit then some more! They are to fast... more>> for the eyes? Then strengthen your abs take a punch and grab em!

Basically the whole setting is that at least at first MC has no special powers so instead he focuses on strength, toughness and qi to battle the supernatural.

It is a very interesting concept and the author does a good job with the supernatural happenings up to the fights.

My biggest and almost only issue with the novel is the fights. Everything up to here is fine but once they start they are basically only the usual OP MC who swings his saber once or twice and the ghosts are split in two and dies. There is never really any suspense since the author will spend 2-10 chapters on the build up to the fight with the ghosts but then it quickly devolves into MC swing saber ghost dead. This is especially easy for the MC since all the ghosts only fights him in melee like any normal close combat martial artist.

The MC is also always completly unafraid and pretty much jumps at the ghosts while they try to run away, eventually the ghosts just devolves into the generic CN enemies that the MC insults and then pretty much kills instantly with no difficulty.

So what started as a very fresh take on this genre sadly turned into the generic genre after about 100-150 chapters.

While it is still one of the better one's in the genre it is sad to see it become generic so quickly and in my opinion lose it's identity in the masses. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Castle of Black Iron
May 31, 2018
Status: c500
As a fair warning to anyone that will read this novel. This novel is heavy on rascism and chinese propaganda. ... more>>

To give some example chinese are the rulers of the world, both before the apocalypse and after they are always the best and strongest.
The MC starting country which is showcased as westernish and ruled by buisnessmen is evil and the MC easily betrays the country and joins another cause it hasn't given him anything and he likes the more ancient chinese like country more. (Since you know free education, food and support doesn't matter, while the leaders are pretty bad the first 100ish chapter feels like serious pro china propaganda)


So if you can ignore or look past this then give it a try. The story and plot overall is well written and translated while not a top tier novel it is among the higher one's. There is a lot of s*xual parts in this which sadly again involves heavy rasicm.

In the starting part the MC is among the few chinese living in the country and is raised in a western city and culture. (This always confused me in the setting how a western chinese can be so pro china and wants to return to "china")

He is fairly early on surrounded by 3 western girls but even though they try their best to make him like them, he can't come to love them but their his possesions and pretty much tells them that they can only be his s*xual outlet.
It is heavily implied over the chapters that he looks down on the western girls and that they are all sluts that can only be used for s*xual favours and their only reason to be in the story is to be the MC's s*xual relief. It doesn't matter how pretty or hard the girls try they can at most be s*x buddies.
This is the ongoing trend for all the western girls until he goes over to the chinese side where he instantly falls in love with a proper chinese girl.
Who he then goes on to rape which as usual ends with the girl loving him. Now that he has started to get his first legal "wife" he becomes more open to western girls and is willing to allow them to become his concubines.


The treatment of girls is horrible to say the least here and while I've gotten numb to most of it, this story put a new twist on it by using rasicm on the MC's own partners to some degree. I'll just end this by saying the rasicm is real among the heaviest I've ever read if you read between the lines and it never really stops. Look past it and you'll really enjoy this one. 4-5* if you can look past it if not 2-3* <<less
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This novel is well a bit all over the place. It starts out with the premise that the MC is pretty much a psycho out for revenge. The story does however fairly quickly change into the standard isekai plot with some splashes of mayham so as to try and keep the whole crazy MC out for revenge going. However it is fairly easy to notice that the author is either to nice of a person to write this or the author wants to be mainstream while trying to appear to... more>> not be mainstream. A big problem is the inconsistency between chapters and for that part the MC's powers. For instance in the first 20 chapters the MC age is different between the chapters going 15-14-15-14, the MC does an action at the end of chapter the next it never happened, half a chapter is used to tell the readers that the MC needs to get a vanguard and will get one before leaving (super important) the next it's forgotten and not mentioned again for a while. The MC's power is explained as not being the normal kind of healing magic instead it reverts something to it's previous state. This is what allows the MC to turn back time and frankly his magic is shown as more of a time magic then healing. However the power usage keeps changing and a lot of flawed logic is used with the powers. But hey it's "magic". Also fun fact is that the MC keeps saying he prefers pretty girls and doesn't want ugly girls for his harem. This is from a MC who has the powers to directly change the body of a girl to have the perfect figure and face if he wanted to. On a side note the MC's recovery magic, it's effect and usage are most likely a direct ripoff from another novel called Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei the difference however is that is much more fleshed out in that one while this novel only losely copies it. All in all an okey read when you have nothing else to read.

Some flawed points I wanna point out.


The whole setting of the novel is that the MC's healing power works to reverse something to it's previous state. So when MC get's ahold of the demon kings heart which is pretty much a mega mana crystal that allows the casting of super powerful spells. So by super charging his heal spell he is able to reverse time to 4 years earlier. This is done by his healing spell turning the whole planet and everything on it to it's previous state 4 years earlier.

So now we know the MC's power right? To make things take on a previous shape. Wrong!
After this the MC's power is changed or get's limitations like how it's impossible to restore life or life force. Why? Because the author either forgot the setting or decided it's to OP so it is nerfed/changed through out the story. Frankly I wouldn't mind that much if the whole story and setting wasn't based on it.

Also how the F is it that when the MC remembers everything he still decided to act the same at the start which involves him being drugged, abused and raped for about 2 months. When he could have much more easily just played a long and done his revenge? Points thats why he wants people to get revenge points so he can take revenge. Fine the MC is insane and stupid I get it. But how is it that during his first "life" he manages to create 3-4 OP "healing" spells with way different uses and use them to steal exp, skills and boost his stats when he was drugged so badly that the 4 years he couldn't think about anything but drugs.

He also does this during his two months in his "second" life only this time the reason it took only 2 months to awaken is cause he ate some drugs for a few day's before going to the castle. Which makes 0 sense since after healing himself his body would revert to a previous state before being druged therefore not getting any of the resistance his body built up.

Also fine you can convince me that the MC can learn to tolerate the pain a single person has gone through when he heals someone, but to not even think or mention that by doing this to the planet and everyone on it he would probably have to be burdened with the pain that everything on the planet has ever felt. And seeing as a single person can almost "kill" him but he adapted to tolerate it, imagine what would happen if that pain is increased by a billion or a trillion. Author seems pretty unaware of this part.

But hey this story is so inconsistant and the MC's power so badly thought out and always changing. That this is simply a rant at bad writting I guess.


Lastly it is worth mentioning that this novel has a ton of s*x, rape and torture in it however all of it happens in the background in the way that the author will mention the start of a rape for instance but then instantly cut it of usually by ending the chapter and then we are given a short after summary like girl got raped felt good but she broke to MC drugs. Which is fine but when almost a third of the novel seems based on these scenes that never happens I don't get the point anymore.

Also how big is the backpack the MC is carrying around btw since it includes tents, bedroll, cooking utensils, meat, spices, rice, clothes etc etc seeing as there is no dimensional pocket the MC seems to be carrying around a backpack by the size of a car. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Green Skin
April 24, 2018
Status: --
A fairly okey story, with an average plot.

The biggest problem with the story is that the MC’s drive is focused mostly on revenge, which is fine as a plot drive.

The revenge reason is truly shallow however. This is from ch 1 ... more>>

MC lives as a beggar and is given money from the Saint Sword and offered help if he needs it again. MC goes out of town after using said money, is ambushed and betrayed by his friend he brings his dying female friend to the guild of the Saint Sword and is refused help. Female friend dies and MC also bleeds to death and swears revenge on the Saint Sword for being a hypocrite that only offers help.


His thoughts of getting revenge is then mentioned again and again as his reason and goal but as mentioned his revenge drive is like that of a jealous kid who don’t even care for reason.

Another part that irked me was that the MC is said to have lived for 10 years as a warrior but was proven to be one of the most untalented persons ever to have the warrior class and he was stuck as one of the weakest warriors through all his time there. So what does he do when he reincarnates as a monster? He chooses the warrior class again and because he has no talents in weapons he chooses classes that are focused in all of them and starts to learn ghe usage of them all.....I was like wtf dude you have 0 warrior talent but because you have no talent you keep picking the warrior class and keep posting logic about how it’s better to stay with your previous class and knowledge since it would be way worse to pick something else..... sigh....

Another point is that monsters are good, honorable, kind and stick together while humans are greedy, murderous, raping animals. Which is fine as a story but if your gonna be the good guy then why are you slaughtering and attacking humans? You refuse to eat them and eat monsters to stay human and keep your humanity but right from the start you were killing humans within minutes from being reincarnated. Oh right it’s cause you gotta evolve and grow stronger for your revenge plot...

Overall there are just no real bright side to the story and these points really rubbed me the wrong way. It was fine up to around ch 20 but afterwards the plot drive is missing while the author keeps reminding us of the revenge plot every few chapters. But as mentioned revenge plot is just meh. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
June 1, 2018
Status: c73
This is a story about a boy stuck in his chuunibyou and pretty much becomes a mental patient because of it. Who then get's teleported to a world and tries to outlive his fantasies

To be the power in the shadows! The man behind the man!

Settings minor spoiler

... more>>

So after rescuing a random girl on a whim the MC explains to her what his reason for doing all of this is. Which is to defeat the evil organisation who is in control of the world and trying to ruin the heroes decendents who the girl is one of!

This is all made up by the MC to outlive his fantasies and get the girl to play along.

However not known to the MC is that all his made up stuff is real and the girl in turn goes on to create a huge shadowy organisation to fight this evil (their all girls btw since only the female decendents of the hero becomes cursed since the heroes were all female) so while the hero thinks their all just playing games the girls are all seriously fighting this organisation.

While believing the MC to be all powerful since he keeps pulling stunts like being shown a map of enemy hideouts and asked which one to go hit. Then he random throws a knife on the map and the knife just happens to hit a secret base the girls hadn't found yet and which is the correct one to hit.


The MC is seriously mental though since he truly believes everything is just make believe and while thinking such he kills people left and right. At the same time he doesn't care if he is the hero or the terrorist the only important part is to act like a power in the shadows this comes from a guy who has a mental age of a 33-34 year old but after 20 years playing as a shadowy power he still acts the same as a 13 year old.

The humour is thick, at times it is to thick which clogs the humour. The MC is OP as in unstoppable go cry at yo mommah kind but because of wanting to act cool he almost always act so that there will be monologes and some struggle before killing above minion D.

He also seems to like to prop up enemies so that his power in the shadows can become more notorius and mysterious.

The harem is pretty large but at the moment mostly there as an author/reader fullfillment or something.


There are 7 starting girls for his power in the shadow who are all crazily in love with him from what has been shown, on top of this there are at the very least 100+ girls in the group who see's him like a god like exsitance and would do anything for him.

His big sister is a serious brocon and loves him dearly, he has two princesses and a scientist girl who are all in love with him. So yeah all in all he has about 120+ harem members in the first 60ish chapters.


So yes this is a great downtime read when someone is looking for something lighter and funny. The downside being the oversized harem and that the humour is to much up in your face at times <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Renegade Immortal
May 31, 2018
Status: c800
This novel is in my book a great read, sure the MC is to be honest pretty one dimensional in being a lunatuc mass murderer. The setting of the world is pretty dark and everyone is only out for benefits.

... more>>

To give some perspective the MC mostly just runs around killing people for benefits. The MC also later on dies but his soul escapes and after hundreds of years of eating up other demonic souls somehow transforms into a soul eating monster.

On top of this he choses to cultivate a body cultivation that works in the way that he places his main body into the crust of the world he was born in and slowly absorbs all the worlds energy, eventually leading him to become somewhat of a godlike existence but at the expense of sucking the planet dry thus killing it and everyone who lives of it. So yeah pretty evil MC.

This is also somewhat of the weird part of the story since the first 1/5 of the story is about the MC while the rest of the story is pretty much only about a clone the MC uses to cultivate the mystic arts at the same time.


The MC does have a lover but it is frankly more of a one sided love from a girl suffering from stockholm syndrom.


The MC at one point need to make a pill but has no experience or knowledge with pill making. So to fix this MC's solution is to kidnap a beautiful female from a pill sect and force her to work for him. He doesn't really treat her badly except for the fact that she has to do what he says or die and she is stuck in a cave alone for most of the time, at one time she is left alone for a 100+ years I believe and is eventually set free after he had gotten what he wants.

However somewhere along the way all that mold in the cave probably got to the girl and she fell in love with the MC.

Several hundred years later they reunite and we found out that the girl has always loved MC and been waiting for him, MC is somewhat moved by her dedication and accepts her love but because of cultivation has to leave shortly after getting together with her since you know plot gotta move forward.

So he then leaves again after a short time together and as far as I've read not seen her again for several hundred years


There is almost no humour in this story so people who read ISSTH before this might not enjoy this one as much.

Overall the story is about a villan doing villanous things while growing stronger by climbing a mountain of corpses.

Compared to many other novels the MC is not overpowered for the most part (the author makes him to strong at one point and later removes this power), cultivation is slow and hard, preparation is needed together with precious items and even then it can take a hundred years to break through to the next level. So there is none of that unreasonable plot armor where MC is losing, get's mad and jumps several lvls in cultivation thus instantly winning. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Against the Gods
May 31, 2018
Status: c650
This novel is the very definition of a one trick pony.

Basically the plot is MC get’s into a fight with young master, MC beats or kills young master. Then the dad comes out and beats MC, MC ”dies” everyone goes buuhuu, MC finds magic item to power lvl comes back beats the dad. The granddad then appears ”epic” fight ensus arc ends and then repeat.

On average every arc is 50-100 chapters and along the a-b-c-a-b-c plot random stuff are thrown out to hint at the MC’s background, the hidden world... more>> etc etc to keep the reader hooked for the future.

Sadly even that turns out to be more a-b-c. I wouldn’t mind all that much if it didn’t feel like the whole story is like the author has a prepard template in which he only changes the names and some minor details of the bad guys, harem members and fills in some blanks left to make the ”story” differ and thats it. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Knights & Magic
August 25, 2018
Status: v6
This novel had me really interested at first and I liked the whole magic and mecha setting. There are however some issues.

To start of with it is the usual isekai setting with MC being reborn in a well off and happy family, and the MC quickly becomes a genius/hero because well, he used to play with plastic robot models? Basically the setting is that we who are used to seeing mecha in anime, games, manga or toy's have more knowledge and creativity when it comes to making giant robots compared... more>> to a world where they have been using magical giant robots for thousands of years. So because of that fact MC is the greatest genius of all time, making new inventions, shapes and so on every couple of weeks/months that would have or will take others tens or hundreds of years.

The only explanation given here is that everyone in the world is stuck in their "old ways" and using "common sense", which frankly just irks me a bit since a world where robots are built and used all the time and constantly being developed you'd think they would have some ideas right? For instance one of the "major" contributions that the MC makes is the fact to intertwine the robots crystal fiber to be like a rope instead of being in a straight line so to speak.

This part made me just go huh? Really? They have rope that use this concept and have been using it since probably forever, but no one could think of this for thousands of years? This is basically a part in the novel that doesn't make the MC look smart but instead makes everyone else seem extremely dumb.

This is a returning concept where basically most side characters are there to make the MC seem really smart, strong or skilled but in most cases while the MC might seem OP at times it most often is written in a patronizing way towards the other characters instead.

While on the side characters, they are all mostly there to make the MC look good, and worse of all the closest side characters are to me at least some of the most annoying characters to include in a story. Why is that? Well for one they are kids, beside a middle aged man in a kids body, however even then instead of behaving like kids they behave more like baby sitters to the MC instead. Which is supposed to be a comedy part I assume, but instead it often comes along as the side characters being ME ME ME. Like to give an example at quite a few points in the first few parts the MC early showcases that he is a "gifted genius". So he shouldn't be stuck in middle school, but because his two side kicks aren't anything special they to some degree try to force him to stay with them and work as a shackle.

The female romance partner is especially annoying since she simply proclaims ownership of the MC and often intrudes and forces the MC to do stuff (making the MC another one in the long line of JP beta's) because she wants some MC closeness or whatever. She simply brings a whole new level to the word clingy.

There are other things to talk about but seeing as how long this one is turning out I'll simply end by saying if you are looking for some fairly lighthearted slice of life isekai with some magic and robot elements added to it then give it a read. If you are looking for a novel with some depth or that focus on battles then this is probably not for you. All in all I'd give this one a 2, 5 - 3 stars. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
June 5, 2018
Status: c125
Gave this one a chance and found it to be really really weird.

What is weird is the direction of the story. The feel I get is that the author at first didn't know where he wanted to go with the story or it wasn't well received so he scarapped the original idea and just kept on going.

To start of the first 10-20 chapters lay's down almost close to an info dump to work as a foundation. At the start of chapter 20-21 however everything is thrown out the... more>> window.

The story changes direction. Some spoilers and summary of the story.


In comes a slave harem consisting of 9 female slaves who for all facts and purposes instantly falls in love with MC and wants to marry him some even seeing him or even proclaiming him as their husband (this is done in 2-3 chapters from their introduction). One of them even gives a wedding vow on the first night. They are litterly introduced as 9 flesh dolls for the MC.

After this even though it has been repeatedly mentioned that the worlds citizens are extremly religious (fanatics) idiots. The novels whole foundation is that the people are stupid so MC had to be summoned to save the world.

On a side note what is even weirder is that the religion is so important that it is the foundation of almost every kingdom but this is a world where gods can appear and manifest give blessings and directly talk with their followers. The setting is that the world is about to end so the gods need MC to save it.

However they can't give to much cheat powers (cause that would be to easy and cheating, stated by the leading goddess) nor can they directly interfere cause then there would be no novel?

Anyhow the slave harem is then given the control of the dungeon while the MC takes a back seat. He seriously becomes a "stud" that the slave harem + some princesses and others wants to be impregnated by. This is pretty much the story for the next 100 chapters.

It takes some 60 chapters till he accepts it. Then 5-10 chapters are litterly spent on the MC asking the goddess if he can make them pregnant after which another goddess gives them a blessing to easily become pregnant, have a safe pregnancy and child birth, while the MC is given a blessing to increase chance of impregnation and s*xualstamina. It is then spent on how he tries to impregnate them and how they fight over his favour and seed.

The blessing also has to be hush hush since that godess who blessed is the goddess of a single kingdom and if they got to know other countries people were blessed by their goddess there would be a crusade!!!!

I've now given a quick summary of the stories first 100+ chapters with a focus on some parts.


Now if you read the summary of the story in the spoilers. You'll notice the shift of the MC from a dungeon master to a stud horse.

This novel basically starts out with some loose settings for a story but quickly degenerates into a harem fantasy with it's biggest focus on how much the harem all love the MC and wants to carry his child.

I will be honest to say that this feels more like a d-class porn novel but without the porn being detailed or most of it happening of screen.


Some example three loli's are the first to sleep with him (just sleep) but also the one's who starts assaulting him in his sleep. They all give him a BJ in his sleep to "prevent" any masturbation since they wouldn't allow anyone else getting his seed not even a tissue. This is then used as "comical relief" in that one of them say's she wants to lickilick more and get a better taste, which MC thinks means she wants an ice cream. Later on when he is about to remotely control another body they tell him not to worry since they will have fun and continue babymaking with his body even when he's not there....

Also for the record I also had a look at the manga and jesus that one basically makes the first 20 chapters into 1-2 manga chapters just to rush past it. Also the Oppai Loli is show cased to be barely 90-100 cm tall and that her chest is pretty much half her body -.-

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Ixcez rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
June 4, 2018
Status: c256
Okey this story starts out pretty dark and gritty.

It is a nice story at first that splits itself between slice of life, comedy and some battles. As time passes it pretty much completly loses the battle part and switches more and more into slice of life in another world with a hint of comedy.

Some parts are very funny though to be honest the translator has chosen to not include some of the comedy chapters in the story and they are instead left as side chapters to read outside... more>> to not hurt the immersion. This lowerd the comedy part further and enhaces the slice of life part.

It is the standard JP harem trope where the MC just keeps collecting more and more girls who are all in love and willing to sleep with the MC but the MC is to "lazy" to do it (but in fact it's strongly hinted at him wanting to but being to much of a chicken)

Some annoying parts, some spoilers.


As usual loli's are involved in fact the first two heroines and who are also the main heroines and love interests are less then 10 years old in appearence but he's not a lolicon yeah! (most used line in JP novels nowadays introduce lot's of loli's but the MC keeps saying he's not a lolicon... maybe it's just the authors)

One of them is called meat and is a s*x slave bought by a bandit chief who is raped everyday for a week or two in the dungeon while the MC and loli watches and doesn't do anything. So you'd think the author doesn't shy away from s*x or at least physical relationships.

Nothing happens after this part except that Meat is used as a hug pillow by the MC when he goes to sleep and thats it. While I don't require it but with the mature tag and it's beginning I really thought this one would take a more mature approach to the harem members relationship with the MC.

I mean here the author introduces an 8 (?) year old broken s*x slave that is shown to being constantly raped and has no will to live. In comes MC gives some hamburgers, pats her head and two days later she's back to a normal 8 year old girl who's madly in love with MC for no reason. Sure you could argue that he helped her and such but it happens way to fast, wouldn't a beastkin girl normaly at least be traumatised of male humans after being captured and kept as a s*x slave?

To give him courage he is eventually raped by a girl (in his dreams? a bit unclear) which in turn makes him really start to accept his feelings for the first loli (also hinted at they might have had s*x or done naughty things while he wasn't himself) but he instantly gives a shallow excuse to not make the relationship progress. Not sure why more and more JP MC's has to be raped by the girl to progress in their relationship.


Some other points that I am all to familiar with right now is the simple fact that black hair is the mark of hero and no one except the hero or their decendents have black hair blah blah and even when lots of different food is offered the japanese cuisine is always the best wether it's the MC or someone from the other world who eats it.

All in all this is a slice of life in another world where the MC is a lolicon (though hides it behind his foot fetish) with some very funny parts and some not so fun and the MC builds his doll house with out there being any relationship except for the occsasional fan service.


Where loli will make out with big boob nee-san or loli will suck on nee-san finger and then nee-san licks finger or loli steeps on the MC to give him a massage or loli..... you get the picture

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Ixcez rated it
I am the Monarch
June 2, 2018
Status: --
This one is a good read though the setting for the MC is mostly unbelievable especially in the early parts.

... more>>

Like most MC's this one has eidict memory remembering a bunch of stuff that happened 20 years ago like it all happened yesterday.

MC is explained as having 20 years of battlefield experience which is why he is such a bad ass at tactics, military knowledge, troop management as well as having knowledge about everything.

However this is a setting on top of the fact that a) MC was a low ranked group leader never gaining a rank over leading 20ish people b) the MC didn't know how to read untill 5-10 years had passed on the battlefield c) most of his time is explained as having to earn money since he had to pay for gear and bribes and move to a higher tier army which is a big reason for his low rank since d) it's under the setting that secret, vital and dangerous information was freely handed out to every soldier in the armies (no fear of information leaks here eh?) e) While appearently having no money he was somehow while being a low ranked leader with no connections able to get information about most things, people, places etc etc.

So with those points and more the MC is many times better then an commanding officer with 10 years battle experience since he has 20 years he knows stuff and tactics not even people going through commanding officer training. He also for some reason got a hold and studied all his previous battles so that even when from when he was a newly arrived grunt he knows everything.

So if you can look past that he somehow managed to get a hold of, and read up about hundreds if not thousands of battles, tactics, events people, terrain etc etc that would have taken years while never leaving the battlefield except for short vacations. It's a good read.


The battles are a bit unbelievable and with the fact that the MC is said to be completly unskilled in combat I am unsure if enough battle experience is able to make up for it.

The MC is to be honest a bit of a jealous douche. Fairly heavy spoiler here be warned.


The MC joins the army with a guy (I believe their from the same village as well but can't remember if it is so or not) who is extremly skilled at using the spear who was quickly acknowledged and specially chosen to be trained. This led to him becoming a master in the spear on a fast track in carrer and nobility eventually becoming a duke.

The MC pretty much downplays how he became distant and wasn't a "good" friend (this is the vibe I got) after becoming rich and famous. Even so the spear guy taught the MC his self created spear technique and that he named after himself. Which the MC then uses all the time, and through out the stories begining. He also helped the MC out by handing him some tips and information to help him out. We also later find out the reason the MC could even reincarnate was that the guy used his most precious artifact said to being someone back to life in the hope of brining his best friend (the MC) back to life which leads to the MC coming back to life but in the past.

So how does the MC thank him? By teaching him his future self created spear technique and shamelessly renaming the spear technique in his name and saying he was the one who created the spear technique. He also makes the guy his subordinate and steals his fast track carrer opportunity cause the MC is N1.

So yeah douche detected


With that said it is a fairly well thought out world together with good writing. <<less
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I Am Supreme
June 2, 2018
Status: --
Okey Fengling Tianxia is someone who to be honest if I was to explain his novels after his first one.

His novels are basically the same person wearing the same clothes only difference is the colour.

This is because the setting, characters, world and even plot is up to 90% the exact same across most of his work.

... more>> So if you read one of them you've pretty much read them all, no joke.

So for me I gotta wait at least 1-2 years to read another one so as to forget stuff.

This novel is also one of these and to be frank this review covers all of them to some degree.

The good points.

- It is for the most part well written and thought out.

- The fights are fairly interesting

- The plot is good though a bit generic and predictable

- It has humour and it is not to over the top or happens to often

The bad points

- Every novel is as mentioned the same

- Generic and forced harem


Though no harem tag all the author's works have harem, some of the heroines introduced are super similar to previous harem members and are gunning for MC while he had shown interest. MC also promised the dying father of his friend that he would make a big enough family and have enough kids to make up for his 8 companions who didn't get to make a family. So harem pretty much confirmed.


- MC's reason for doing everything feels forced at times

- The author has a habit of sometimes force feeding the reader stuff which makes some parts eithet boring or extremly predictable.

All in all compared to many other chinese novels and authors Fenglings works are very good but as mentioned you would do best to either only read one or wait a long time to read the next one.

4/5 For first time read

2/5 For anyone else since their all the same. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Talisman Emperor
June 2, 2018
Status: c323
What is a great shame with this novel is that the author at first wanted to follow the title "Talisman Emperor" which would follow the MC who used talismans for most part.

However to start of with it takes a fairly long time before talismans are introduced to the MC then when talismans are introduced they are shortly afterwards simply left as a simple side job? As s reader it is hard to understand why, however it turns out that because of strong opinions among the chinese readers while this was... more>> written. The author chose to pretty much remove most of the talisman part of the story and go with the usual trope. (The focus on talismans and the use of talismans in fights was found boring compared to punching people -.-)

This is a shame in my book since the author tried to be a bit inovative but because of critisim he just cut it out for the most part.

So yeah this is basically your standard CH WN, with nothing new except a lot of stuff will feel weird or forced since the story was changed to cater to the chinese readers. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
Akugyaku no Black Maria
May 7, 2018
Status: c200
This novel really suprised me since I usually like my MC's to be OP in some ways. In this case the MC is actually fairly weak, he is an assassin but his greatest power is healing, he hates being an assassin but has no choice.

MC want's to run away but is unable to because when he first transfered into the world he was picked up by one of the worlds strongest, and probably the strongest assassin and she owns him.

So trying to run is a big no no. The story... more>> mostly revolves around how the MC hates what he does but has no other choice but doing it.

The MC also has a special power that makes people like him. Especially for females who are a bit crazy since he is able to easily slip into and fill their empty void inside.

Thus for the assassination group the leader uses him as the glue that keeps them all together, which is a big reason why he's not allowed to leave, the leader is also crazily in love with him but she places her ideals and pride above all else so she wouldn't hesitate in killing him if he goes against her wishes, but he is still used as a "reward" for the other members because sharing is caring :D.

Now for some heavy spoilers from the WN just to show how dark the story can be and go give some context, also not sure if this is or will be included in the rewrite.


During one of their assassinations they capture one of their targets, to get some information.
The MC who is in charge of the interogation, discovers through magic that it is his own sister that is captured. The MC however while sad kills her without hesitation after getting the information. As she dies his sisters memories returns and we the readers find out.

That the reason why the MC is in this world is because of his big sister. The MC while in our world had the same likable thing about him and everyone loved and doted on him. Jealousy gripped his sister and she lured her naive little brother towards the mountain edge close to where they lived. She then pushed him off the cliff, since anyone who fell off the cliff would mysteriously dissapear.

We then learn that falling of said cliff would take one into the other world and one would be blessed by one of the gods and thus gain magical powers. You need a blessing to use magic as a human. But the price for comming into this new world was all thier memories.

Sometime later guilt gripped his sister and as an act of atonement and a small wish of finding her brother the sister also jumped of the cliff and then while dying at the hands of her little brother she remembers everything.


On a side note the story is a bit slow at first since the first 20 or so chapters are spent on world building and introducing the stories characters, the story switches viewpoints a lot so while there is a MC his assassination squad takes up almost as much space in the story as the MC so give it time and the story will prove that your time was well invested in my honest opinion. <<less
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