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Iskandria rated it
Yukine-chan’s Other World Reincarnation
May 1, 2019
Status: c5 part5
Reminds me of succubus Lyly, only vampire edition.

Not much out yet. Seems to be a teensy bit serious. Most parts are funny though. Conversations are a bit clunky, like this review.

They said there would be Yuri. There wasn't any yuri yet. There are still 346 chapters left to change that.

Great hope for this one. 5/5
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Iskandria rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
March 3, 2017
Status: c123
This is an excellent light novel. With only 123 chapters it is the shortest novel I've read so far, which is also completed, naturally. Overall idea is a reincarnation of a smart female into the body of a unfortunate one. A classic. The female lead has no overpowered abilities. She simply has brains. Nice! As one might think, the chapters are on point and doesnt get lost in senseless explanations. 123 chapters, youre never getting bored or try to skip parts. A welcoming change. Story is simple, slaps are there... more>> but not as excessive as the classics. Focus lies on the characters. Sweet, nice, and understandable. MCs have sex. Nice! Villains are not purely villainous but comprehensible and with intelligent reactions and endings. Author puts emphasis on the fate of women in a similar time period as the Ancient chinese dynasties. Bittersweet, not always fulfilling, but intelligent and realistic. Do not fret, though, happy ending for MCs.

Low chapters mean not always satisfying appearences of side characters. Which is sad, since they are well made and likeable. Doesnt negatively influence the Story, though.
Had some good laughs along the way, so Humor is there. Nice!

Overall: Read this, its good. <<less
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