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Isaic rated it
I Alone Level-Up
February 3, 2019
Status: c11

I don't ask for much of the authors of the novels I read, just give me: a decent plot, an MC that isn't a complete idiot, and follow the rules you set up for that universe (i.e. be consistent). I even avoid picking novels with tags that don't meet my interests. Seems simple, right?

So, the first eight chapters are actually interesting enough and seem to set up a decent, if unoriginal, plot and an MC who is weak but relatively clever. After that it goes downhill fast, and I mean... more>> like the launch of the rocketship Challenger fast.

Technically a spoiler, but only for the first 11 chapters so I recommend reading it.


(Keep in mind that the MC was portrayed to be clever in the first eight chapters.)

The MC wakes up, in a hospital, after pretty much dying in a super powerful dungeon. Right away he notices that there is a "message unopened" screen in his vision. He doesn't know how to open it, weird but whatever, so says a bunch of random stuff and, with some help, opens the message and sees that he is now a 'Player' and has a daily mission, with a warning of penalty for failure. The mission is to do 100 pushups, situps, squats, and run 10km, with a counter " (0/100) " next to them.

So what does he do? Assumes it is a hallucination and lies down to go to sleep. But wait! Soon after he thinks, "What if it isn't a hallucination? Might as well test it." So how does he test it? Does 100 half-assed pushups against the bed, meaning he stood up, put his hands on the bed, and pushed against it. Wtf? He then checks his message box, not even his mission box, and nothing is there so goes to sleep. He didn't even do 1 proper exercise and assumes it is all not real!

BUT WAIT! Maybe he just hasn't ever played, or seen, a video game before??? Please be the case!

No. He gets his penalty quest, which is to suvive for a bit, and completes it. The system asks if he wants to accept the reward for completing it, guess what he says? f**k it, I'm going to sleep, and ignores it. Come on Author!

He wakes up, gets the same daily missions, completes it (he got a, "Completed 1 pushup.", notification after doing every pushup so yeah...), gets his reward (and opens it...), his status screen opens, then says, "He recalled the online RPGs he had played in the past..."

So yeah..., definitely doesn't meet the requirement of, "an MC that isn't a complete idiot" or the basic rule of "be consistent", so I am out.

Rant over.


P.S. This is the first and only novel I have given a 1 star rating to, and I honestly expected I never would have the chance to do so since I pick novels specific to my taste. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Monster Paradise
November 19, 2017
Status: c141
Look for Sinai's review. It is on point.

Continuing on from his review, the author also forgets to end the first mission (everything Sinai mentioned pretty much), so he uses some cards afterwards and I guess it is supposed to be assumed that they were from the mission rewards, since it was never officially ended.

I don't mind the novel, but you can only ignore so many plot holes.

The previous owner of his body has a sister and he spends so much time talking about her (even went on a vacation with... more>> her) yet it never explains why he cares about her so much. Since it isn't his actual sister.


On the vacation the sister gets kidnapped and he spends a few chaps looking or her. Then He kills the kidnapper, who happens to be the child of an underworld character who sends transcendent Assassin after him. Who gets blocked by another transcendent from a girl's family he saved.


idk. I don't mind it so much yet but the story is mediocre.

Edit: Look at readfeathersg review and know that it gets even worse.


"I got kidnapped by the strongest criminal organization (in the world) and am sent to a training camp where I literally have ALL things that I need to get stronger. I must escape." -oh cool! I get ten free random cards, one of which just happens to be an OP literal get out of jail card that can fool even transcendents.


I also forgot to mention that the world is a low-intelligence world. Meaning that everyone thinks the MC is a genius because only he sees obvious and says the obvious (at least to me). He literally says a completely obvious startegic plan that group of thousands of people, with literally (not figuratively) tens of thousands of years of fighting experience, didn't consider. Then they all said how he was a genius. I bothered me。 <<less
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Isaic rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c38
I don't usually rate so early, but considering the translation speed and how I'm choosing to drop it at ch38...

The initial idea was bad, not original, but not bad. The MC's decisions really don't make much sense, he is incredibly mercurial. He says he needs a strong team yet he says he wants to stay with the people from the tutorial (forever... literally, he said it), even though he can't know if any of them are going to be very strong and has stated that some of them definitely aren't.... more>> He even knows the future, so he could pick the OP users and make a team with them, but not this guy. He is the most indecisive 20 year hardened fighter I ever seen written about.

Mostly though, this novel is internal dialogue from the MC. The, very basic, tutorial lasts 30 chapters because 70% of the words are internal dialogue of the MC. It's fine for a bit, but it's almost as if listening to someone flip-flop and whine constantly. You eventually want to slap the sh*t out of them.

The translation quality gets a 3.5 <<less
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Isaic rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
July 21, 2017
Status: c339
Good vrmmorpg novel.

Everything the other reviews say describes it well, but none of them mention one annoying thing.

... more>>

The main repeated comedic bit is the MC's interaction with a female guild leader. It wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't the same thing in every chapter that involves the VR game. The girl gets caught up in the quest and she irrationally gets furious at most of the MC's lines, yet repeatedly forces herself into the quests for the benefits. It seems she is kept around for the comedy, which wouldn't be bad if it wasn't constant.


It's simply a child throwing a tantrum repeatedly, with no one saying anything about it. If that annoys you, I'd recommend ignoring this novel. I'll drop it if it continues after the beginner village.

I just dislike irrational characters that blame others for their own choices, while at the same time ignoring that they are constantly benefitted by those others.

EDIT: I don't recommend trying, but if you can get past the first 210ish chapters the author finally puts the annoying character on the back-burner. An arc is coming up where they will team up again in-game again though, so idk if she'll be pushed back again after that, I'm doubting it from some story bits. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Night Ranger
January 19, 2018
Status: c58
Overall Score: 2.5

Completely average in all aspects.

Even though it is a transmigrator story and not a VR, everything feels like it is set up just waiting for the MC. The characters are bland and boring, while the enemies are exp. There is zero suspense when fighting, even though the MC repeatedly puts himself into fatal situations like bad MMO players would do in a game. He always escapes because... well just because really, it is incredibly boring. The author uses a little, albeit a bit obvious, foreshadowing. with a couple... more>> of characters that will almost certainly become pillars of the MC's land/domain. As for the transmigration into a game, there doesn't seem to be any exciting use of it. He goes to some places using the knowledge from the game but it isn't exciting reading about it.

I've no interest in analyzing the novel in depth, so I don't know where the author went wrong. If I had to guess, it would be because I don't care at all about the MC. If you don't want to feel you mind rotting, then I recommend skipping this novel; there are better time-killers. <<less
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Isaic rated it
The Amber Sword
January 21, 2018
Status: v1c32
I was only able to read to ch32, while the reviews that have read further rated this rather highly, so keep that in consideration. I have two problems with this novel.

Now, a lot of reviews give a description of the novel so I won't go into that. When starting this novel you must keep in mind that, after occupying the new body, the MC is no longer just a gamer from another world, a combination of the gamer and the original occupant of the body (which I will call "the... more>> original" from now on). (The two souls did a melding thing.)

I believe this is how the author explains the MC's rather extreme (imo) caring towards the people in this world. Which I understand when it comes to the first girl character, "Romaine", since "the original" had feelings for her. I even understand wanting to protect the group that saved his life a bit later, you know since they saved his life. However what I don't get is the MC's attachment to the 2nd female, "Freya". She was part of that group and they fight together a bit so I understand some affection, but at ch25 it says this:

*light spoiler

"he already treated this determined and kind lass as his most important partner"


Wth? Up to this point there has been no romantic interactions and not a lot of other interactions between them. Ahh, and Freya is clearly supposed to be a tsundere.

Point being, the relationship is extremely forced by the author. That is my first problem.

While it isn't a big issue, the second problem is that the MC has a very extreme need to save this country, Aouine. I would get how badly he wants to save it if he was from this country and got sent back in time after living through its destruction. Yet, he didn't. He didn't even deal with this country much in the game, since it says this country was destroyed the start of the game. Now you can add that onto the "soul melding" if you want, but it also said that "the original" just wanted to do some adventuring and get rich. Nothing about dreams of becoming a hero.

My issues all stem from things in this story feeling "forced", which takes the enjoyment of reading away. To be fair, only the relationship with Freya is obviously forced, while if not for that then the rest wouldn't be a problem. If you don't have an issue with that then I expect this novel could be quite enjoyable. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
July 6, 2017
Status: c170
TLDR: Decent time-killer. One big plot hole.

This novel is completely average. Not bad, not good, but a decent time-killer.

It has a couple plot holes but nothing major, UNTIL right about where I stopped reading.

Minor Spoiler:... more>>

As the MC levels up it is REPEATEDLY stressed how leveling up isn't easy or quick. So the MC, who is way OP, spends lots of time solo killing beings with far higher levels than him to get to his current level. 2 entire worlds worth of beings! All while stressing that it is VERY difficult to level up.

Then his "Teammates", about 8 people who are far lower levels (and less skilled) than him, get stuck in another, weaker, world for a bit and catch up to the MC's level. All in about two chapters. So,

MC + (2 worlds exp) = approx. Lvl 180


Side char. + (1 worlds exp) /8 =approx. Lvl 170

All done in 2 days lol


This side character power up is too blatant and superbly annoyed me. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Demon Hunter
June 18, 2018
Status: v2c21
Excellent novel. I have stopped reading, probably temporarily, because I've needed to focus on classes and partly because I became a bit annoyed at the MC. That isn't to say that what annoyed me isn't reasonable in the setting of the MC's world and personality, but for me it is annoying. Simply put, the MC is incredibly naive when it comes to the people he trusts and it bothers me.

I recommend the novel if you enjoy a well written and translated novel with good world building. The MC is cautious... more>> and clever, when he strikes he goes for the kill. He isn't blockheaded and does have s*x with the women; there are definitely signs of a harem but it is not annoying. (Coming from someone who is very annoyed by harems) There is no pointless face-slapping. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
December 29, 2017
Status: c306
Overall: 3.5

The story had a 4.0 until somewhere in the 200s. At which point the gaming system becomes ridiculous, and this is ignoring the leveling system and inconsistent experience requirements that these types of novels have (relatively speaking, this one isn't that bad in that aspect). So the story explains, multiple times, that the MC in his previous life never made it past lvl 180, because he didn't have the understanding required to step over the 'line'. Past that 'line' are the true elites, only a few 10s of... more>> them per each class in the entire game. The elite title of the MC's class (thief, in case you didn't read the title) is "Shadow Dancer". It is explained that that title is for those that step over the 'line' and complete the quest to advance, allowing them to acquire the title "Shadow Dancer" and go past lvl 180.

Well, around ch200 the MC faces off against a lot of enemies, 1 v many, and makes the (completely arrogant) throat slitting motion towards the enemy commander when, as far as has been explained, he has no way to actually kill the commander. So what does the MC do? He charges into thousands of players, in formation, and proceeds to dodge any and all attacks, skills, and spells from the tanks, fighters, thieves, mages, and priests to run right up the the enemy commander and kill him in front of everyone.
How did he do this? Glad you asked.
The explanation we are given is that he understood the essence of a "Shadow Dancer", therefore becoming able to perform "Shadow Dancer" skills. Which, as previously stated, a completion of a very high lvl class quest to obtain that title.
I could have ignored that if he didn't use those skills constantly to do whatever the hell nonsense he feels like from that point on.


Another big issue is that, after the previously stated event, the elites became able to do whatever they wanted from that point on.

    1. There was one point where exactly 25 elites held a choke point against tens of thousands of players. (Disregarding that the choke point is the only entrance to a place that tens of thousands of players and multiple guilds just had a boss fight. Where the first guild to enter could have just blocked that point and taken the boss for themselves.) The 25 elites stopping thousands of players is absurd. (The elites had at most 15 levels over the regular players)
    1. The MC is careless at one point and gets trapped. (Almost certainly going to die) Then his 20 man elite squad charges into the back of the enemy formation when the MC is just a few hits from death and saves him. Why did the enemies completely stop attacking the MC during this time? No idea. How can a 20 man squad charge though 3000 players, elites included, and come out nearly unscathed? Apparently "Advanced Magic" can do the trick, even though an earlier form of it only had a radius of 30m.

The next issue is one with all VR novels, except LMS, and that is the explanation of why is rl money being invest into the game. I'm tired of writing at this point, so I'll just say that the RL isn't that bad. It has some less than good points, like the MC's single love interest being really naive. I will give the MC

that he doesn't get swayed by pretty faces and stays true to what he wants. The MC's business sense, outside of his previous life first-hand experience, is pretty bad. Not a bad story and a great time-killer overall. As far as VR novels go, I would recommend LMS over this, though LMS is pretty great up to volume 40 (haven't past that yet). <<less
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Isaic rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
December 23, 2017
Status: c76
Decent time killer.

This is a slice-of-life/bland-harem story about a weak/poor guy who awakens an ability that forces him to become a monster the majority of the time.

It starts out pretty solid, the guy who wants an ordinary life is forced to run away from society and live in monster infested woods, fighting to survive. From that you have an interesting few chapters about him overcoming his bland society molded character to become able to fight monsters and level up. He does this while maintaining his morals of not needlessly killing... more>> humans. (Which is actually "do not kill humans under ANY circumstances) I feel he is hypocritical but still pretty solid. Not bad.

From there on it goes down hill. Fast.

The MC starts getting abilities then immediately after runs into a situation where he would have died/something terrible would happen if he didn't have the recently acquired ability. E.g. He gets a power-up ability (doubles strength or something similar) then on his way back to his cave, runs into an arrogant rich, flawless beauty/harem candidate (obviously) then immediately runs into an ogre. Which was very recently stated that he can't beat the ogre. The arrogant beauty refuses to run away and so the MC stays nearby saying he was just going to watch and help if he wouldn't be in any danger, of course the girl is about to die so he jumps DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OGRE'S CLUB! Wth? But since he just got a new ability he can handle it.

That plot armor repeats continuously.

After that it turns into him having OP crafting skills and getting rich while "kind of" trying to turn into a human. I say kind of because even when he knows how to complete his initial goal he keeps delaying it for random reasons. The author pretty obviously just made him too strong to fast and had to make up reasons to slow his growth.

It continues as a slice-of-life up to where I read.

So if you have nothing else to do and insist on reading a LN, then you can blow 6-8 hours reading this without feeling too much loss. <<less
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The Second Coming of Gluttony
August 18, 2019
Status: c17
I won't give a rating since I've only read so far, but for anyone who dislikes, or is just tired of, the typical hero type who must save everyone, I recommend not reading this. Just at chapter 17, the MC has shown an increasing desire/need to save people because of his 'reincarnation emotions' overriding his personality and thoughts.

This might change in the future, but he seems to be accepting the contradicting desire more than rejecting it.

For those who have read it already, if I am wrong, then please message me... more>> and I will give it another chance. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Thriller Paradise
May 24, 2018
Status: c85
Idk...I really just don't know. So I'll just list some pros/cons.


-MC is good. Logical, funny, skilled.

... more>> -The game is nice. It has good scenarios, decent fighting.

-The MC's best friend is a solid character all-round.


-No suspense or tension. The game is based on a "fear" factor, which the MC doesn't have. For a game like that, the writing makes it into more of an adventure/"quest completion" type novel.

-The author breaks that 4th wall and writes directly to the reader quite a lot. At first I found it refreshing, but he does it at bad times and just goes off on tangents that I don't have any interest in, usually. Some people like it, so it might not be a negative for you.

-You can skip over entire scenarios (10-15 chapters) and not miss any important details. You can get all important information needed at the end game breakdown.

Personal issues:

-The author brings in a female lead and immediately tips us off that she has something to hide. Even though it isn't a big deal and other than that I don't have a reason to dislike her, I still want to skip over all parts that include her. It's more of a combination of annoying females from past novels and knowing she's hiding something immediately that makes me not want to read about her. Semi-spoiler:

Oh, she's a badass at fighting as well, which is really cool. It's just that apparently she is a famous, rich, beauty and we have no idea why she is such a badass. I like a girl being skilled, but it feels like she is skilled just because she is the main lead. (author also stated that immediately when she was introduced.) That might change as her background was introduced.


I'm dropping the novel, which is sad since I really do like the MC. I might pick it back up after my brain recovers from feeling so incredibly numb. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
February 12, 2018
Status: c226
Just to let you know, I'm not someone who gives 5 stars just because I like a novel. I consider everything and very rarely does a novel cover all bases. That isn't to say this novel is perfect, but at worst it deserves a 4.6.

Now for the review:

You should know before reading that the first arc is not centered around magic, and it is slower than most novels. That said, the plot and the MC develop at a steady pace with clear reasoning behind the slow pace. That said, it... more>> all picks up after he leaves the first city and at that point you actually care about him.

The plot is clear and I enjoy it greatly. The thing that keeps most novels from being great is an unclear plot, and this one has a goal. Though some might not like it, it is the same goal as most scientists in our world.

The MC is weak at first but works hard to take control of his fate and he works efficiently. He is decisive, persistent, and relatively smart. He is reasonable in what he does and how he does it. It could be argued that he is a bit paranoid, but he is a sorcerer in a city that hates and burns sorcerers; in a world that he doesn't understand. I say he is reasonably cautious.

-His "power/cheat" is that he has a mental library that has books from Earth and it records new books from the new world when he looks at each page. At first I thought this would be a bit OP, and it is very powerful when used properly, but it only records the books and it isn't him memorizing them immediately. Even if he stores the books in his library he still must take the time to study them later.

So far, there hasn't been any real plot armor. All the times that he has been in a dangerous situation, he has managed it with spells, that were stated earlier, or his own calm nature; not "plot armor". Too many people describe past hard work and effort as "plot armor". Or they name it when the MC gets awesome items. These people forget that they are reading novel about a main character, of course the MC will get good items. "Plot armor" is real, but it is more like when the MC is about to die and suddenly awakens some, unheard of before, power within his blood or weapon, or a random character passes by and saves him. (Enough ranting lol)

The side characters are well fleshed out and are NOT just there to emphasize the MC's greatness. They each have their own desires and personalities. I don't like the princess much, but that is just a personal issue with her personality type.

With that, I leave you to decide whether to read this or not. Remember to take your time and enjoy it; should you choose to read. <<less
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Isaic rated it
The World after the Fall
November 20, 2017
Status: c41
Excellent novel so far. There was a touch-and-go moment from ch.25 to about 32, where a female character was being focused on and the common tropes were overwhelmingly dumb. (Girl almost dies MC saves at last second, Girl almost dies MC only one that can save her)

But right then it changes back to a good novel, Idk if that is because the girl is passed out recovering though. I REALLY hope she doesn't become a focus again. If the author goes back to her then I'll likely be done.

There... more>> are some common tropes used, but most of them are changed slightly and it gives a good twist. If the author can avoid the romance bit, then this could end up as an excellent novel.


Consistent MC - the MC doesn't mind killing but he doesn't do so for stupid reasons.

World building - so far the world is pretty well described and though it isn't amazing it is solid.

Side-character development - Other than the one girl (who isn't that bad, just the author used stupid tropes), everyone else has pretty solid/entertaining development and personalities


Female tropes (ch.25-32ish.)

There are a couple reviews that say females fawn over MC, but there is only one female interest and she doesn't fawn, just follows around being slightly annoying for a few chapters. As long as the plot is focused on MC it is a good novel. <<less
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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
November 14, 2017
Status: c80
If you just want a light-hearted easy read, then this is for you!

I could only handle it for 80 chapters. I enjoyed the first 50 quite a lot though. After that I couldn’t bear it anymore. My favorite parts are when the MC is alone. There is a little girl side character who has a good personality, but the MC bringing her everywhere bothered me a bit after awhile.

There isn’t much of a plot, which the author admits early in the notes.

... more>> The writing and translating is decent.

I give it a 3.5 overall. <<less
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Isaic rated it
Galactic Dark Net
October 11, 2017
Status: c200
The novel starts amazingly. If you're able to ignore inconsistencies then this novel is great! I was hooked until around chapter 130-40, which was when the inconsistencies started piling up.

The MC is hard working and quick learning. Though I wouldn't say smart. The author tries to push that onto us, but the MC doesn't act smart at all. His method of fighting is either a) throw tons of items at the guy while standing at the back or b) swinging sword constantly while having no defense. There isn't any clever... more>> planning, despite what the author may say.

The powers are greatly inconsistent as well, at least his is. Sometimes it says no one can sense when he uses his ability, and other times it says that his power is used as a signal to attack. Wth?

The side characters are pretty good.

The science isn't over explained, which is nice.

Read it. <<less
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The Desolate Era
September 5, 2019
Status: v5c1
I'll give it a solid 3 rating for the genre, but I can't change my rating after clicking so it's stuck at 2.

I had higher expectations for this novel, so I went into it without expecting to pick it apart as I tend to do with many novels, which isn't good for enjoying a novel. Since if you look for problems then you will find them. However, I didn't do so with this one, but there are still a few already.

I am dropping due to the power-up situation. Most of... more>> the power-ups, so far, have been gained right when they are needed. Some have a little set-up beforehand, so they aren't bad, but others completely come out of nowhere.

The personalities were fine for a few chapters, but I'm already starting to see the MC act a bit like a villainous "young master" that is only intent on caring about those near to him, which contradicts his past-life's personality. I

This isn't really a big deal, but since it is already happening, then there is no reason for me to expect different later on.

So I'm dropping here. <<less
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