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The Skill Maker
June 23, 2018
Status: c4.5
If you like an MC that is denser than the mass a black hole shits, this MC might be for you!

TL:DR at bottom >_>

Alright, ill roll with the summary to reduce spoilers, okay? good? lets go. Adding Spoiler tag here just to be safe...>_> *looks at profanity... sighs* gonna edit that out too.

... more>>

Prologue (LOL) - We get minimal info from the summary here, so moving on.

Chapter 1 - MC is working part time jobs and doing little handicraft work (threading beads) for some side $$ during breaks and the like, woo!

Chapter 2 - Stupider learns his first skill and we get a bit of backstory, though not much, its vague. Stupid then freaks out for reasons you have to read to know! Suffice to say, hes stupid as ****.

Chapter 3 - Stupid keeps freaking out and gets even stupider! though theres some more backstory though still vague.

Chapter 4 - Stupid cant seem to recall how he made his first skill (Thread Bead, or if we want to call it as its action.. Bead Threading) which magically appeared while he was working hard THREADING ****ING BEADS! and trying to figure out better ways to do it more efficiently. So in an attempt to make new skills, he thinks (dunno why, hes clearly brain damaged) and thinks and thinks, and something happens!! OH NOES!, then he gets his 2nd new skill! ZOMG NEW SKILLZ!!! HOWD I GET IT?!?! I WAS ONLY DOING WHAT THE SKILL IS ***ING NAMED!


He was working cashier at a crap mart and lost some register $$ during his shift and was running the numbers on a calculator (and the author likes to repeatedly state hes barely a HS grad for some reason) when he magically learns!!! DUNDUNDDDDUUUNNNNN Fast Calculations skill! WOWZERS GOLLY GEE WIZZ *******MAN I WONDER WHY?!?


Chapter 5 - Hes mysteriously baffled why he learned said skill in chapter 4 and cannot comprehend it.

And thats when I gave the **** up reading this. Look, I see it says "Dense Protagonist" up there, alright? But thats for EQ, not IQ. We need a tag for "Brain Dead Protagonist"... maybe "Protagonist is slow witted" or "MC HurDurs - Used when the MC is so stupid you wonder how the author ever managed to write a book!"


Iunno, you have opinions, I have opinions, and my opinion is if the MC is so damnably dumb that my stupid ass feels like a Higher Being reading this garbage, the book wont be going anywhere I care to follow. So im not going to give a Star rating because I honestly couldnt submit myself to the punishment of reading from a stupid asses prospective long enough to rate the book in any other way except negatively and thats only because of one thing so wouldnt be an accurate judgement and/or rating.


The MC is hopelessly pathetically stupid for atleast 4 chapters and the first bit of the 5th chapter. So stupid I just give up. Shocked he didnt forget to breathe. <<less
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Insanityplea rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
November 24, 2017
Status: c30
Coulda been better. The story starts with the MC dying (amazing, right?), he then comes back as a level 1 skeleton using brain over brawn to level up and enjoy the perks of being an emotionally dead creature that doesnt get bored of repeating the same task over and over and over again.

Then the author f*cks that up and the story starts turning into A-typical harem story of climbing over adversity and stomping on evil..... The massive catch is... the largest Adversity is the Main Characters emotions and inability to... more>> learn from his own mistakes.... as much as the author screams he does learn, his learning from own mistakes is like an arsonist trying to not be an arsonist but thinking his mistake is in which flammable liquids hes using "If only I didnt use kerosene and instead used water, all these fires wouldnt start because obviously this blowtorch isnt causing the fires!". If this is learning from your mistakes, a butcher is an A-grade plastic surgeon.

The MC has one problem that trumps all problems. The author. The person that is supposed to love him, protect him and give him limitless plot armour instead gives him the inability to learn from his mistakes when his emotions are involved... which is all the time. <<less
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True Martial World
November 14, 2017
Status: c555
I refuse to give a Star Rating. Simple reasoning is I am still reading but at the same time question myself as to why I am still reading.

The story is not poorly written, the characters arnt drab 2D cutouts and blahblahblah. It has all the makings of a good book but lets go look at the negatives which are also very... heavily influenced by personal opinion and bias.

Negative 1 can be said here before possible spoilers....

If something can be said in one sentence, explained in a paragraph and explained with... more>> flowery words in two paragraphs, this author manages to drag it out, beat it to death like a dead horse and explain it in half a chapter. It has that same old gripe of mine with too many words, not enough information. Literally half a chapter could be summed up with "Due to the distance between these two great nations, information is hard to come by on these individuals." yet the author felt it should take up about 7+ paragraphs worth of text.

As of chapter 555, I feel if all the bullsh*t word fluff and padding got trimmed down to an acceptable level, I would be at chapter 250+/-, 300 at most. Just goes to show that skipping almost entire chapters which the author groans over writing doesnt actually make you miss any pertinent information.

Placing Spoiler because some of it is and I dont feel like filtering.


It got blocky... sorry.

Romance isnt a tag yet the MC gets a woman. Heres the reason. It is not a romantic relationship. It is purely for the "love interests" survival and the main characters overpowering setup. My question is why? Xintong (the foil at this point) gets characterized well (better than some romance tagged love interests funny enough) yet just turns into a cockholster so the main character can get stronger by banging away (well alright, he has to follow an ancient karma sutra books instructions but still). Why? Whywhywhywhywhy? She literally comes across as a nice big sister, then a friend, then a love interest, now shes just a s*x toy to be used and left alone. Literally Xintong says "No matter what your decisions, I will silently follow and support you.”.. f*ck THAT! It literally just means "You can f*ck me all day long to get stronger (though I benefit too) but if you need help killing some mofos, just say the word and this piece of ass will do so!" Might as well just change it to "Yes Master. Put my ass here Master? You want me to be quiet Master? Alright, pu*sy will sit in the corner now." Im a guy and this makes me depressed. Why characterize her so well just to make her a silent f*cktoy? At this point shes just a blowup doll that can fight when required.


Yeah those are my biggest gripes. I mean its a giant walking talking cliche story but what isnt after reading hundreds, possibly thousands of stories? Sooner or later you realize originality is a god send that should be praised to the point of making others want to kill themselves from inferiority complexes because its just so f*cking rare at this point. <<less
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Insanityplea rated it
Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (WN)
June 15, 2018
Status: c~~
Not sure as to what chapter I have read this to due to it being awhile ago and tossed around like a hot potato.

The biggest, most massive and all consuming flaw this novel has is..... Lack of dedicated translator!

It started out with alright translations, not bad but not great, then went better, worse, worse, better, worse, better, worse, GOOGLETRANSLATE+C+P=Fukurself, and yeah... (better/worse comments are not in any particular order nor directed at any translator/group) it was hectic. Now what I am about to say should be taken with a grain... more>> of salt.... Rebirth Online World translations that I have personally read... are generally shit. It reads like google translate filtered through broken English and edited by even more broken English. So I have no read a single chapter on their site as my previous experience makes me look at the translation group and go "Oh, Rebirth Online World, great, lets list this as dead." it was (maybe still is) that bad.

On to the novel.

I give the novel itself a 4.0.

I like the MC and his personality. I dislike some of the side characters

I like the random plotlessness. I dislike the world shaking events tossed at the MC like they are Beach Balls.

I like the MCs Overpowered with flaws aspect. I dislike the almost entire skipping of "Training Arcs" because the author could atleast insert some funny events or enlightenment moments so its not all revealed at crucial moments in fights.

This series just needs a dedicated translator to go through, compile all the other works, TLC what needs TLC, Scorched Earth what needs it and re-translate what needs it then continue until completion. Probably wont happen, probably wont bother reading anymore of this because of it. So sad. <<less
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Fishing the Myriad Heavens
November 17, 2017
Status: c8
I havnt read far but I feel that this is a really missed idea.

See the way I thought this would play out would be "I fished up an almost dead person from another world?!?! He cultivates in a manner of past Chinese glory?!? He didnt die and thanks me for his help with a pill to fix my half broken body (that stops getting referenced after chapter like 2 yet it might very well be cripplingly broken in a few years? crazy!) and give me a basic cultivation manual?!? AWESOME!".

From... more>> there its fairly laid back, catching things, cooking said caught things, sometimes catching a person and getting some help from them cause of timely rescue via fishing line.... but no. The author feels the need to make this into another f*cking cooking novel all because the MC is an orphan raised by some old man who died when he was in middle school, thus the MC knows simple home cooking thus by rights of owning a magical f*cking well that produces SSS rank ingredients that are perfect without the MCing needing to do, learn or practice any f*cking skill.

As the chapter read to shows, I am only on (not even done with) chapter 8 and the fact that its turning into a Cooking novel just feels like an atrocious idea and a large missed opportunity by the author. This could have been a great laid back cultivation novel instead of whatever the hell it turns into (probably face slapping, greedy and self entitled shittiness that most turn into) but sadly we shall never know because aggressive MCs are hotter than the steamy sh*t my dog just left in a neighbors yard so we wont be seeing a laid back cultivation novel about fishing in a well any time soon. Depressing really.

Back to reading to see if this goes to the dogs like I think it will. <<less
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Insanityplea rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: c110
Dont go into this book with a super serious mindset. This is kinda laid back, a bit slipshod and has comedy and amusement to boot. Its also that kinda book you either like or dislike, not much middle ground to be had. Its got a similar vibe to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear but also different in its own way so it doesnt feel super samey (for the record, im not sure which one came first, also dont really care, both books have enough difference to not feel like im reading... more>> the same thing).

I gave it a 4, just dont think it deserves a 5 but its not like I can put a finger as to why. I guess that biggest 'reason'? Or 'logic'? Would be while reading I would wander off to read other things. It did not keep me "turning the page" as it were. Was I bored? Not really but it wasnt "serious" enough or "deep" enough to make me want to binge read with no interruptions (outside of mandatory ones).

Are there flaws? Issues? Things to point at and go "BAD!" yeah but im lazy. Point me to a book with no flaws, issues or "BAD!" and ill suggest you go find a shrink and get some pills to fix that overly biased view. <<less
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Only Sense Online (LN)
June 25, 2018
Status: v5 prologue
Im a bit further than stated but, here we go anyways.

This is not your action packed VRMMO badass going around crushing all challengers/challenges. This is a story about a middle brother to an older and younger sister that are hardcore gamers as well as the MC's (middle brother) childhood friend (male friend so no childhood sweetheart). I will also mention that the summary is a little... wrong? its not lying but its not accurate either. I believe a better summary would make it so much easier to write a review... more>> so im gonna do that here.


Welcome to Only Sense Online! A VRMMORPG, skills are called Sense (s) and range from Active to Passive, Crafting to Combat, Hardcore Gamer to Hobbyist! Pick Senses that align with your thoughts and views and make a build that appeals to Your Senses!

Yun, a High school student and middle brother to two sisters is almost forced into playing OSO (the game) by his sisters, Myu and Shizuka, and childhood friend Takumi. While installing the software and setting up his character, the player scan misidentifies Shun to be a Female instead of male due to his feminine appearance, and due to Myu mentioning how annoying it is to tinker with appearances, ignores his own, not noticing the gender mix-up. How will this effect his game life?

Now that that is out of the way.


Oh My God! The MC is so spineless! Ya alright, I dislike bugs and insects n such too cause they are generally creepy looking and pop up out of no where. This dude almost drops a deuce (poops) and tries to flee seeing a giant Centipede. He freaks out over ghosts and horror stuff to the point of going fetal position and muttering to himself at one point in the story. Hes the House Husband #1 Candidate cause he does the cooking and cleaning for his little sister, cause shes a hopeless gamer girl, well least shes cute *eye roll*. There are a lot of jokes centered on the MC being a female in the game which honestly seems to be the only reason it happened. As the story progresses, the MC seems to act more and more feminine which is honestly depressing.

Look, im all for a character with what people thought to be sh*t skills being useful to parties and can somewhat solo successfully albeit on lower level monsters, as well as being a crafter. I have no issues with MOST choices made in this book... the ones I do have issues with...

MC turning into a female yet nothing really happens but lots of "funny?" situations mainly revolving around his best friend.

The MC is a crafter that can craft potions, accessories, food and other odds and ends... yet even in Volume 7 only has 2/10 equipped accessories..... not sure if the author hates the MC or not just on this point alone.

The MC only equips armor in 4 of 6 equipment slots... not sure what one of the equipment slots is but the MC doesnt have a hat or tiara or anything in the headgear slot that could bolster stats (for crafting or hunting!!!), think the author hates the MC by now.

The author has little to no Gamer knowledge yet managed to write a decent book... just kinda pisses me off. The reason I say that though is because iv yet to run into an MMORPG that has equipment based Stats where not wearing a full set of equipment allows you to play properly (except in crafting for a lot... most games kinda ignore their own crafting mechanics 90% of the time... or in P2W games, its a RMT trap). Also the author doesnt know some/alot of Gamer terms and slang, as witnessed by mostly ignoring the possible usage by having the MC completely ignorant and not learning like any of it.

Finally its the fact that the MC somehow manages to get dragged into what would be current Peak Game (end-game seen as being current top tier due to not actually BEING the endgame [max level] content) yet not getting insulted for lack of damage because hes like THE ONLY person in the game that picked Enchant which is a buff skill. Its his main contribution that no one else could do because no one picked it cause it has short range, unless paired with another skill no one took except the MC. This stems back to the author lacking gamer knowledge but in ANY GAME there would be people taking the Buff Skills no matter how weirdly they had to be used so they could buff their party members for better attack or defense.... the fact that NO ONE ELSE took this skill because some Beta Players said its trash is just stupid. After people noticed our MC making use of it in Volume 5 to buff large groups of people, im pretty sure it woulda caught SOMEONES attention that its not a dead trashy skill! And its not like the MC kept his Sense build a secret, theres like 30 people that know what Senses the dude has! Good things like this dont stay hidden or monopolized by ONE person in MMORPGs!


Anyways I gave it a 4 but wish I could do a 3.5 :/ <<less
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Insanityplea rated it
Omni Genius
April 17, 2017
Status: c81
The current Translator said he would be dropping this at chapter 105 (maybe 108?) probably due to something in the story. Just tossing this out there at the start.

Gaming Grind + Real Life = Chance for those with patience and perseverance to learn a skill, just quicker now. Alot quicker. The MC dies, revives, now the world has game elements for him (and probably only him).
He makes a terrible noodle (like ramen noodle) and gains the Noodle Making skill and within an hour hes making Ramen that could be... more>> sold for profit.
After listening to a martial artist explain and go through the motions once, he can duplicate it at a beginner level.

Its a cheat system that most if not everyone would have fantasies about at least once if they played a game or two in their life.

As of now its kinda just getting started. The first like 70 chapters are introductions to people, places, grudges, and generally the MC trying to figure out how to best use his new life+ cheat. Even with these being kinda like an over-long prologue of sorts I had some good laughs and chuckles while reading to chapter 81 and hope to continue reading this until it ends.

I just hope someone picks it up after the current translator stops. <<less
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Illimitable Until Death
October 13, 2019
Status: c1
This isnt a review. Its a depressing fact.

46years. Thats how long it will take to translate all the complete chapters (side stories included)... give or take a few months (I rounded chapter count to 2400 when its a tad less) and thats if the translator stays at 1 chapter a week never missing a chapter from insertreasonhere.

Im not even gonna start this :| ill be dead before its done being translated.
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Insanityplea rated it
Gourmet Food Supplier
October 27, 2017
Status: c196
Everything is kinda spoilerish so im just tagging it all so people cant whine about it... so here we go.

... more>>

First things first, im still reading this at time of posting this and im not really far into it so yay? I guess.

Gourmet Food Supplier is... weak? compared to other cooking novels iv read. The nearest as of my current chapters would be Gourmand Of Another World so lets compare the two a bit. Also I really dont care which came first cause im reading them parallel anyways.

Bu Fang - Wants to be the God of Cooking. +1

Yuan Zhou - ??? Doesnt want to be poor? -1

Bu Fang - He doesnt honestly give a damn about you, your mother, father, cat, dog, sister or ancestor unless you are his customer that doesnt cause trouble. +1 for consistancy

Yuan Zhou - Still not really sure what his take on personal interactions is. He seems like he would succumb to a pretty face or his friends... or well anyone if the system didnt bald faced say "Step up your (personality) level". +1 for consistancy

Bu Fang - The system in this novel seems a bit... emotional? and it adds some flavor to the story. +1

Yuan Zhou - The system here so cold, emotionless and dead.. like a robot (which this story lacks even one of those, so sad). -1

Havnt gotten far enough to say much more honestly. So a quick summed up wording would be.

The main character in Gourmet Food Supplier has no real reason to become good at cooking besides money. The system in this story is sterilized to the point of blandness and the only thing going for the MC at the moment is his consistency in his lack of self principles unless the system steps in and tells him to grow a spine.

Oh and another comparison difference is Bu Fang practices every morning and evening after closing up shop where as Yuan Zhou does not practice because the system slams the skills into him and he gets better over time... is Yuan Zhou an Eve character?

chp 49 edit - MC is a douchebag. hope he gets punched atleast once before book is over.

Edit as of Chapter 68 -..I tried to be colorful and interesting in my wording here but I dont even care anymore. A dead dog has more personality traits then the MC and im still reading just for something to do. I literally stopped reading at chapter 64 as the thought hit me "I am seriously just read this because I have nothing better to do... well I could clean my desk and house but that takes more effort than reading so no."

A subsummary for this as of this point could be..

A man whos parents died and he was going to sell his family restaurant magically gains a System that hands him everything yet he still has the gall to complain and whine how hard he works. A novel about how hard it is to sprinkle salt, beat eggs and serve food that you never practiced cooking yet still make more in a month than three average families. Watch as our protagonist (lol) learns to make noodles (did we mention his parents ran a noodle restaurant?), makes money hand over fist, never deals with any hardship except waking up in the morning nor the paper work of running a business. This is a story about hardship, indifference, and how to make a better Egg Fried Rice!


.... Pretty sure this guy would get stabbed if he explained his daily life to any other chef.

Chapter 159 edit.... This book is for people that want to know about all the best ingredients EVER produced in China and maybe, grudgingly some other places in the world. You get history, backstory about ingredients, recipes and honestly these things arnt a bad read (note: I have not fact checked, so it could be bullshit, but whatever?). So if you are looking for a story about cooking that focuses on the ingredients, recipes and cooking know how (again could be bogus far as I know) this novel is for you!

If you want characters... some of the side characters are decently fleshed out and interesting but the main character is a Saltine Cracker. He is pre-packaged, tasteless and bland.

I got some laughs starting around chapter 50 and onward, a good chuckle in the early 100s but im missing some of the comedy I guess due to loss in translation but if something has a "comedy" tag, shouldnt there be a laugh or two in 10 chapters even with loss in translation? I found myself nodding off reading this because it just gets... boring. I guess this particular author's style isnt suited to me because half his content is information about ingredients or recipes and these dont give me raging stiffies or anything to care to read about it. Maybe if I could go eat the food id give a damn but honestly it just feels like a gluttons masturbation material sometimes.

Chapter 196 edit - The system seems to be getting a personality (around 150ish I guess) and some other things are improving imo so upping my Stars to 3 (2.5 god damnit).


Probably wont update this because my work ethic is shit, so why would my reviewing ethic be any better? <<less
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Insanityplea rated it
Doll Dungeon
February 26, 2017
Status: c26
I really liked the laid back dungeon master thing. Honestly sad that it got dropped like a rock by the author and hasnt been touched since. Honestly I am not 100% what in this grabbed me but I could see myself enjoying the read for awhile as long as the author didnt go nuts.

Though a negative would be like some other reviewers sad, his minions or monster or whatever you want to call them got a bit OP too fast.
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Insanityplea rated it
The Desolate Era
December 31, 2016
Status: v21c22
I cannot in all honesty give this 5 stars for the simple fact that it didnt make me miss sleep to continue reading. I always find myself reading a good/great piece of work several hours past when I would normally go pass out but this book never nailed my butt into my computer chair with my eyes glued to the screen.

Is it a solid read? Yes. So far everything has tied together at some point or another though there is one thing kinda left hanging currently but I do feel... more>> it sooner or later will arrive and be relevant to some degree. Is it like Coiling Dragon or Stellar Transformations? Yeah. If you remove names of people, locations, power ranking system and just use generic terms it could be interchanged. The one thing that REALLY stands out different in this book compared to others is

I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO STAB NINELOTUS compared to any other female side character or potential love interest in ALMOST any other book I have ever read.. The only other soulless bit*h that compares would be Catti-brie from R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realm series. Bitches like this need to die. Sorry if anyone liked Catti-brie but I didnt org*sm over Drizzt as hard as most fans apparently cause I felt she totally wronged Wulfgar and deserved to have her uterus become a new hat while still attached.

I really wanted to knife a particular character because said character tried to change the MC for its own (side characters) personal reasons and benefits.

Yup cant think of anything else to say after typing like 5 paragraphs then deleting them for rambling. <<less
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