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As much as I thought that the novel had a somewhat interesting start, it quickly became more or less the same as almost all CN novels, uninspired, boring and redundant. This kind of story has been seen in so many variations that the only way to make it good is to create realistic and believable characters and give the world building some thought to make it realistic.

Both is more or less absent, while the characters aren't really bad, they are also not really good. If you take into consideration that... more>> the majority of people the protagonist is interacting with are children, you might guess that they will behave like children and even with increased intelligence they will still be somewhat naive, but nope, they are instantly scheming against each other the way you usually see it in reincarnation novels that are set in ancient china. There is barely any difference between adults and children (in terms of intellect) in the story and that's just for the sake of convenience.

But that would still be acceptable if the whole world wouldn't be so horribly awful and unrealistic. Science is completely absent:

-The protagonist is already training when she's about 1-2 years old, which is simply not possible and training that early won't make you stronger but rather result in long term dammage for the body, since the body has to properly develop and just training for ridiculous amounts of time won't make it better

-Mechas make no sense. Sorry for the mecha fans, but that's a fact. Modern weapons would obliterate any mecha, it's improved mobility gives it zero advantage against missiles, projectiles or beam weapons. Especially if you consider that we're in a distant future which basically means that we have a sci-fi story. AI would pilot these mechas far better than any human or rather achieve singularity before that, so "Littly four" is a poor excuse for having no idea about modern computer science.

Long story short, the story is riddled with inconsistency and the thoughts of the protagonist just don't feel realistic or convincing. Science is basically nonexistent and the whole setting could have been invented by a 13-year old. <<less
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Probably the best CN novel on this site (at least from all that I've read until now).

We have a nice female MC that has a proper personality, is neither OP nor a complete idiot, she rather has a cunning mind and solves all of her problems by intelligent scheming. While setting is absolutely boring, since we have seen this many, many times (in CN novels), it's used very well and the fact that she is living that period of her life a second time is used in a proper way.... more>> I general most of the characters feel realistic, though a lot of her opponents/enemies are really one-dimensional and even a sheet of paper has sometimes more depth, though that's not the case for all of them. But the female enemies are really flat, no denying on that part.

As said before, the way the MC is solving her problems is very well done, but there are some problematic areas: The male lead is extremely boring, until now he hasn't changed from the very beginning on aside from the fact that he has started to like the MC, which is kind of understandable, but could have been written better. I guess the male lead is the absolute stereotype of the ideal CN-male-MC, cold, ruthless, capable, intelligent, strong, very, very (very...) beautiful and he only loves the MC. Basically a very unrealistic character that might be as well part of a self-insert wish-fulfillment story and every time the author is describing him, some new description of his ridiculous beauty is pulled from the ass. By now I just skip them completely.

The romance is also rather weak and boring, I haven't seen much development though there is some going on the side lines, but more could be expected.

Overall a great novel with quite a few flaws, but I guess that 4 stars are justifiable, otherwise all CN novels will be rated by me with 2 stars or worse and considering the difference in quality this is a fitting score. <<less
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InSolipsismWeTrust rated it
Youjo Senki
July 16, 2018
Status: v2c2
The first light novel I've read on this site and without question the best one and one of the very few that truly deserve 5 stars.

The author has made the necessary research and effort combined with the brilliance of mind: the world is highly realistic, no plot armor or plot holes, the employed strategies and tactics make sense and the whole background feels absolutely alive.

Besides that the author has created a net of interconnected issues/topics that create the deeper core of the novel and are made of: free will, human... more>> psychology, analysis of society, the clashes of ideology and so on. Though some might perceive it as boring I absolutely enjoyed the fact that this explored some deeper questions.

Aside from that the characters are realistic as well and I can empathize with the majority of them, there are no flat and one-dimensional characters. We get an excellent insights in the thought process of Tanya and can understand each of her thoughts and resulting actions. Which also plays into the mixed in comedic aspects, that result from misunderstandings which can be very well understood when having the look from the side.

Overall the best novel on this site in my opinion and vastly superior to anything else I've read here. <<less
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InSolipsismWeTrust rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
May 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Actually the story has quite a few flaws, which make the story far from perfect but it was still a decent novel to read and I enjoyed it overall. The "World" wasn't bad, it had some interesting ideas and they were written quite well (unlike in some CN novels). The characters were... quite varying and I have to say that I disliked the aspect of polygamy, but the harem was still better than in some other novels. The battles were well described and I had a good grasp on how... more>> things were supposed to look like.

The biggest problems for me were science and certain aspects of chraracter description.

If you like stories that make sense and were basic principles of science like the laws of thermodynamics and Newton's laws are valid this might be not for you. The author has no idea about stuff like E = 1/2*m*v^2 or F=m*a, which are supposed to be quite obvious. Human technology like rifles, missiles or ABC-weapons are useless in this novel and the author was acutally quite lazy, when telling why that was the case. I guess he just had no idea how they would work for his OP protagonist or how military technology like ATGMs work in general, an example of that is when he wrote that "missiles are too big and slow to change course to hit their target", which is not the case especially with the monsters that are running around in this novel. Overall the MC is quite OP and some explanation are just really weak to be honest.

The other thing that I disliked quite a bit was about the concept of "beauty" in the novel. The characters were just getting more and more beaticul over time and at some point I was just asking myself how these guys are supposed to look like. There is basically a boundary to how beatiful you can get by human standards and you can't be more than perfect, once you reach the ideal proportions, you can't get better.

In the end the novel has some minor and major flaws, but I still enjoyed it, though I would say that it's overrated. <<less
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