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The setting for this story had potential and I really had hopes that I came across a good read. Sadly the author seems to have felt it necessary to drown the story in over used troupes. Once the typical sexless harem troupes you see in MOST other stories from Japan kicks in, it becomes a chore to read.

If the story had avoided the troupes and attempted to hold some originality in areas other than just the setting, then the story might have stood a chance.

The dense protagonist, lolicon, love with... more>> no real basis, and various other cookie cutter troupes have become the main reason I have dropped novels because it's like I'm eating the same meal that only changed the seasoning. At it's core it's still the same food even when you trying to disguise it with alternate seasoning (in this case the same old troupes in a different setting).

I wouldn't recommend this novel to those like me who have read their fill of Japan novels and ended up sampling the same troupes in many novels. <<less
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IdealistTCO rated it
Hidden Marriage
February 15, 2017
Status: c73
I was pleasantly suprised by this novel. So much so that I binge read up to the current translated release with a fervent desire to see what happens next and speculating on the mysterious possible last connection between the male and female lead. This female lead has got to be one of my absolute favorites hands down. The author was skilled in her portayal of her growth from her troubled past to her current solid footing in reality. I absolutely must finish this story and hope that this translator does... more>> drop this story. It's yet another hit with me from this translators story choices! <<less
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