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IRainstorm rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
May 26, 2017
Status: Completed
Ok, I'll make a short review so I don't spoil it for any of you.

This story start like any other reincarnation Xianxia story but it doesn't stay that way for long, after a few chapters you will remark that the author doesn't take the paths of plot we usually read about, its not about conquering the world/becoming strongest/Scoring women, the story is all about the journey and the adventure nothing more nothing less, the author doesn't try to sell us sh*t plot for Gold like most other authors do, he... more>> keep it real and honest and that's why you won't feel any disappointment or annoyance.

Also I've seen people say the MC doesn't use his knowledge to make his tribe better, I can spoil you a dozen things he helped his tribe with his knowledge but since you people don't read past chapter 30 and already pull the hammer down I won't waste my energy for you.

I enjoyed the journey, the friendships, the action and the honesty ! <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
May 6, 2017
Status: c79
Very enjoyable read so far, the start is pretty original imo, the MC is already on the path to a demonic cultivation which I find interesting.

So far the power levels are still on the low end and it feel like a Wuxia with some references to classic chinese wuxia and the ever going philosophy about what is right/wrong.

the author isn't avaricious with the details and description and he often go out of his way to explain the mindset of MC which make him more relatable in those circumstances he... more>> faces, the addition of the ghost and his 'loyal' factor might signify that we can have a nice long running side character.

I really want to read ahead and see what supplement can embellish the story further. <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
Death Sutra
July 16, 2017
Status: c67
This novel is really well written for a CN and the translator does a perfect job at transferring the overall mindset of the original text in a silky smooth english.

The start is slow, it took time for me to grow attached to the MC because he was still a child with a rather naive approach at life basically getting swept whatever the winds took him to, a few days to get till chapter 37 but from there I binged the rest in one sitting, this author mastered the Dao of... more>> cliffhangers and keep you on the edge of your seat, novels where the plot armor is so strong (most CN) don't have much suspense. However, in this story even if the MC has a plot armor it still fail to save him from hard times, and it keep you wondering what new scheme can he use to overcome the next obstacle.

Deserve 5 stars so far. <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
May 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Finished this story around a month ago on MTL, and I judged propitious the moment to give it a small review now.

So I have gained knowledge about this story the first time the ranking of qidian finished works was published somewhere as it ranked first or close to that, so like any other person I had to check the hype.

... more>>

The story start well, you get your usual Xianxia setting in a mortal world at the bottom of the food chain, he somehow gain a bottle that magically gather energy from moonlight and transform it into a liquid that accelerate the growth of any plant, as we all know plants leads to alchemy & pills, so you can already see how OP and cheat this item is.

MC has a good temperament, hes not cocky and is really cautious as anyone should be in this kind of world even thought sometime the author has to make him do stupid decision to move the plot in a certain direction hes not himself stupid, he can be obsessive about few things but that where the personality stops, he doesn't have anything that set him apart from the rest.

The fights... here is the big picture, as long as anyone in the same realm as you in this novel has OP items/weapons he will easily dispatch you, the MC doesn't rely on some special power or technique, all he does is get them OP items and spam the sh*t out of them to overpower anyone in the same layer of power as him.

The side characters ? there are few females that appear and get some weak spot light along the journey like his wife for example but they get removed from the plot for hundreds of chapters and basically have no characterization and as a reader you will hold no bond with them.

After the first thousand chapter you will start to feel the loopy plot, it start to feel boring and slow like a quagmire engulfing your mind, but it's not annoying enough to make you drop it so you continue reading and sink more into it, there are some exciting events along the road that will make you breath some fresh air and steel your mind into sinking more as well as some expectation of yours that you need to meet.

Is it alright to skip dozens of chapters in this novel ? yes you can easily follow the story even if you do that.

I will give this novel a 2.25/5

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IRainstorm rated it
Solo Clear
July 11, 2017
Status: c12
Such wonky writing style from the author... the prologue invited me to expect something elegant, concise and simple and I end up reading an instable all over the place writing that look like its from fanfiction. net (the bad side)

... more>>

I mean after reading the dialogues and interaction I thought to myself 'bad writing yeah but I can overlook it so I might as well do it here and I love solo stories' and the addition of intelligent monsters did improve my view but then it continued with the weak writing.

MC losing control over his emotion because a girl he didn't know prior to her dying in his arms and throwing his life to be saved by the plot armor just a few paragraph below, I thought MC was a little bit smart... TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED.

LMS could pull through the wonky dialogues at some chapters because of the imaginative system of the first chapters and a good world building (virtual world lol) and also because they were funny but in "solo clear" case it just frustrate the reader, even if the story is really good, transmitting it though a 12 years old style of writing will just annoy some readers away.

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IRainstorm rated it
Thriller Paradise
July 24, 2017
Status: c49 part3
Very different from the usual CN, you can feel the influence western culture has on the author thoughts from the way his story unfold, his random knowledge on our pop culture and the way his character behave. I've even wondered if this wasn't a Korean novel instead since it felt so... different.

The story is about the main character who happen through some kind of trauma has lost the emotion of 'fear', hes literally fearless and want dearly to feel this emotion which eluded him for so long, so as you... more>> can already deduce the MC find out that there is this new Virtual Reality Game that guarantee horrors to its players and the MC anticipate it dearly.

But here is where the cliche sh*t stop, you don't get the protagonist going inside the game to swinging his sword or shooting his gun at armies of ghosts or demons, no its way more than that, each scenario (mini story) has it own plot, indices, and multiple ways of solving it, but the good is our Main character has quick wits and happen to be a novelist with very good memory so he goes through each of them like a Sherlock Holmes solving them one by one.

Also the side characters so far has been pretty good, they have been fleshed out and with more story time and more scenario, the readers will grow even more attached to them, the MC isn't the only spot light in this story, its a team work.

The thing that really sold the deal for me was knowing that the author of this novel is a fan of SCP

https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/SCP_Foundation

shame on those who don't what it is lol, I'm pretty sure we can expect a lot of great stuff just from this fact alone. <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
March 13, 2018
Status: c700
Frankly people are sleeping on this novel, MC get real struggles and rewards according to the difficulty, no heavenly treasure fallen from the sky at the foot of the MC, he need to work for every scenario, even the seemingly easy missions turn into bloody gore situations for every party involved, the Game want every participant to earn their due and MC isn't an expection.

Altho the author has some weird moments by times but if you're willing to accept the culture difference its a good read.
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IRainstorm rated it
The Dark King
February 10, 2017
Status: 525
This novel has a heavy western novel feeling to it that might attract a certain audience, the MC doesn't have an easy life in it and he goes through many struggles but I do appreciate the realism it can bring to the story.

A lot of potential left to unearth in my opinion.
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IRainstorm rated it
The Legendary Mechanic
May 23, 2019
Status: c915
Pretty good novel I have to admit, the author has more imagination and flexibility in his writing than most Chinese authors out there for sure, at the start of the novel we get thrown right into a suspenseful scene where MC freedom is on the line and I appreciate that sense of urgency.

The world building and system of powers of the novel are its strength, we get a wide variety of abilities, a gigantic universe that we slowly discover with the MC neither too fast or too slow growth, I... more>> will give a lot of praise to the author ability at creating new main lines and subplots every game update and also for giving the enemies some wits and not being completely dumb like most other CN

The bad sides I would reproach to the novel and that annoyed me is character development, its severely lacking and you can sense it if you binge read like I just did in the past week, most of the principal characters are hollow and rarely the author shows some of their personality potential but its so few and far in between ; just a few lines every 20 chapters isn't enough, its disappointing especially as we grow to like those characters but fall short and their presence disappear after a few chapters like most CNs, also the MC is already stuck in this reality for a few decades and he still treat everyone like NPCs when he should know better, , Lackey, Melo Aurora, Hila, Dragon Seat etc are supposed to be the MC friends, he spend months or even years in their company and we don't see the bonds they share, maybe its there maybe its not, we don't know because the author doesn't write any more than a few lines now and then, anyhow its pretty depressing how times flies in their world and MC is as lonely as ever, without much consideration for NPCs other than their worth in the future version and how they can help him survive, help him survive for what, if hes stuck in this game reality for the rest of his days then whats the point of surviving if he doesn't consider it real and acknowledge NPC as people, call him The Legendary Sociopath and it would work, the author wrote it weirdly and poorly but as its his first novel maybe he can learn from it and improve in the future.

On a lighter note I understand the lack of romance and often encourage it cause most authors don't know to handle so its not a problem for me but the author is throwing too many hints and teases, he should decide on romance or no romance *shrug*

Anyway I give this novel 4 stars despite the lack of character development because I'm a sucker for good plot, vast and original world building, rational sense of growth for MC characteristics, a variety of powers and strong OP enemies without face smacking involved, the fights gave me a "Zombie Knight" feel (probably because of ashes ability) and all thats enough to entertain me, and like some other review said, this is probably one of the best transmigration CN novel we ever had so far *cross fingers for a good ending* <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
King of Gods
April 18, 2018
Status: --
Overrated, cliche, unoriginal.... something you'd expect from 2015 translation days, its simply way past the days where we found those tropes still interesting, we liked and enjoyed those days but its boring repetitive and even annoying right now, CN authors should start thinking outside the box instead or remixing 2008 Xianxia recipes, but that would require talent or imagination...
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