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I Eat Monsanto
I Eat Monsanto rated it
The Invincible Dragon Emperor
November 28, 2017
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Story started out great, MC's sister was the brains and he was the brains and this was a very unique premise. We're told that beautiful women don't affect MC because his sister is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen so I was happy that this hopefully wasn't going to be another typical xianxia of MC chasing heaven defying beauties all over the place.

Well, the author decided to separate the brother and sister along with everything else hat was good in the novel and now the MC makes stupid decision... more>> after stupid decision and he drools every time he sees a woman with makeup on. The romance is absolutely forced.

Literally a woman had his people robbed while trying to go to the market, screwed him over while he was at the auction, and many other things. But once she found out that he knows how to cook she basically told him, "Don't go back to your crappy home, follow me home and you can be my cook." And this made his opinion of her go UP. Not sure which universe where being called a servant by your enemy makes you guys suddenly friends but she's a beautiful female so author had to find some way to get her in MC's good books. It was even foreshadowed that they get married.

Just goes to show that in xianxia a man can get murdered for just about anything but if you're a beautiful female then you get rewarded for bad behavior. <<less
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I Eat Monsanto
I Eat Monsanto rated it
The Alma Chronicles
July 13, 2018
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All of a sudden one of the three maidens that were in the hall had walked quietly next to him and had slapped him hard!

Jiang Le was enraged as he raised his voice, "Who the hell are you that give you the right to slap me?"

But his angry voice began to dissipate as he noticed that the maiden that had just slapped him was equally as stunning as the beautiful maiden that was sitting on the throne.

Up close, she was so captivating!


And that summarizes why I dropped this story at chapter 2. The dude tried to help an unconscious naked woman because of how beautiful she was when several more "beautiful maidens" show up and they together with the original woman knock him unconscious. When he wakes up they say they're going to sacrifice him and one of the "beautiful maidens" slaps him across the face and after all of that he decides not to get mad because of how beautiful they are.

This is the type of trash I hate the most, I've never dropped a story so quick.
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I Eat Monsanto
SemperAmbroscusOdium rated it
Spirit Realm
March 25, 2017
Status: --
I hate harem novels but I can normally suffer through them well enough but what this author did just made me sick to my stomach:

... more>>

The initial romance was one of the best romances I've seen in any xianxia. The MC basically acted retarded his whole life and the people in his clan all thought he was brain dead.

The MC was initially betrothed the daughter of the clan leader but because she was too talented to marry the 'brain dead' MC her older sister volunteered to take her place. So the older sister is a few years older than the MC so she feels insecure about marrying him but even though everyone treats him like a retard she still cleans his home for him and brings him food and all that and the romance developes fairly nicely

Now to the part that pissed me off.
You have your cliche "girl gets taken away and MC has to get stronger to win her back" scenario. That's all fine and dandy except after they got seperated and the MC is supposed to be getting stronger so they can get back together the author decided to make this a harem. How he did it is the real issue.

There was a girl that the MC didn't even know and when he touched her their souls became permanently connected.
That has got to be the sh*ttiest way of forcing a harem I have ever read. The author might as well have told me that he touched the girl and she got pregnant. Would have worked just as well for forcing a relationship.

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I Eat Monsanto
"family fortune stolen. Crossing over from another world, Ling Qingyu swore to the heavens: you will return all that you have taken from me!"

So the your family fortune was stolen and that's the "heavens" fault? Well you wouldn't have a family fortune in the first place if you hadn't been born into a rich family, so thank th heavens for that.

"By coincidence, she attracts many talented, handsome men to her flag: traveling abroad requires a loyal and cold-blooded killer, a gentle general who sweeps through thousands, a peerless and free-spirited... more>> scholar... "

Ok, so essentially fap material for girls <<less
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