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Although it does sound cute and refreshing, I mean after so many stories with the same progress, I have a little... Maybe a big problem with this one.

The main character speak times after time that the one she actually loves is wilhelm and at first I thought it was like that and she was just a super cute maiden in love, BUT whenever she's with Wilhelm things get reeeeaaally sketchy.

Up until where I read, chapter 17, he doesn't have feelings for her and when he tries to convey... more>> that or when she realizes she is being intrusive, she goes "oh I would kill myself" "I would give up on happiness and things like that, and wilhelm clearly gets uncomfortable and accepts the situation with a lowered head.

Do you see the problem? The main cute fluffy character feels more like cunning manipulative b**** who knows the guy will do anything for her to be unharmed, and uses that to make him and WILL use it against him to get that she wants (him).

Of course, it doesnt feel like the author is writing like like on purpose, BUT THAT MAKES EVEN WORSE, there will be no love or fluffy moments, not real ones, just a girl getting what she wants and a guy prisoner in a relationship where he is afraid of being at fault of everything that may happen to her. <<less
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Hugope rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
September 15, 2017
Status: v1c8
Oh my god, I hate this story. It has the worst thing that romance novels have, not only BL. I wanted to finish the first volume before reviewing, thinking to myself that Rong Tian (the male lead) would die a horrible death soon. But that is not going to happen...

Like the the description say, it is basically a reincarnation story, the catch is...

... more>>

The body the MC reincarnates to is that of a prince who is seen as weak minded and submisse, as well as an alcoholic and sometimes annoying by the people who works for him.

Of course, this has a reason, it is all because he has been abused mentally and physically, raped and pretty much tortured by the king regent (the ML, oooh, I also want one just like that), to the point that every movement he made his body hurt like he was being stabbed (which the MC confirms it by, you know, feeling it now that he is in this body), and has wounds all over his body (only in places the clothes can hide of course). The icing on the cake is that the prince was a alcoholic because it was the only thing he could do to not feel the pain his body was in everyday and drank to numb the sensations until he gave up and killed himself (gee I wonder why). That's when our MC's souls enters the prince's body.

Don't worry though, now that the ML realizes the prince he used as human garbaged has changed (gasp), is another person (GASP) , with a fire in his eyes the real prince never had, he will treat him much better than before......

Like a toy (YES! A level up!)

An imprisioned toy only he can play with, but also can only got out when he feels like it. A toy that will be pushed and pulled until he fall in love with the male lead, because he is a nice guy.... (man, what a life, I am so envious)


For those who didnt read what I put in the spoilers, if you want to read a story about stockholm syndrome, forget beauty and the beast, read Feng Yu Jiu Tan and bask yourself in a world where true love means nothing and only through force and coercion (main ingredient) can you find your one and only (then you can throw it away when it's not fun anymore and find another) <<less
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Hugope rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
July 17, 2018
Status: c61
Although this novel is kinda cute, I think it has problems very much alike super lovers. The shotacon just gets too much. The actual MC being 30yo and gay makes it worse, the author writes him like a real 13yo only when she wants to do fanservice and suddenly he is like schemming agaisnt his enemys e using the stock market to get money. You can't just pick and choose when he is goint to act like a child and when he is going to act lile a adult, it... more>> has to be organic.

And how the hell a 30yo gay man think his 18yo brother kissing him and basically dressing in fetish clothes is "normal" or "brotherly" any gay man at this age who is clearly comfortable with his s*xuality would realize the shenanigans are not shenanigans.

Also, another thing that keeps coming up on bl stories is the possesive lovers who dont listen to their counterpart. It's like they don't see them as human, just some bag of flesh and bones they can molest. The ML hasn't come to this point but several times he thought of locking the MC up and another several occasions the MC said he didn't like something he did (like the kissing) and the ML just kept doing even when both knew it wasn't "normal".

Another thing that I just realize, they think the MC is useless, there were times he did something or tried to help in some way, that had to do with his knowlegde of the future and the ML just went "you just stop doing that I already know everything there is to know in the universe" I know the trope of weak bottom is a thing, but you're turning him weak just so the ML can overpower him, that takes all the power the MC had and possible storylines he could have because of his reincarnation, just do a silly kid it has almost no point on him being a reincarnator.

I'm not giving a 1 star because it's nice written and it has some nice moments...


The one I like the most is when the mother enter MC's room and she has a very bad face and the MC steps backs and starts to tremble scared, that was the only time in the story where he is like this towards his mother, THE ONLY TIME, and she's supposed to be a manipulative and abusive mother, but throughout the rest of the story he doesn't even show how f***** up was their relationship, he only tell us, but it doens't amount to nothing (except this one time)

Also anothe thing that I liked is how you discover that the ML lead was also thrown away by his real father and now the father apparently is trying to reconnect with him because he needs him for shady reasons, just like what the MC suffered. It's a nice touch to show how alike they are, simple but effective.

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