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Hoshiandme rated it
Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru
May 3, 2016
Status: --
These reviews are freaking terrible. The writing isn’t bad, the writing is fairly good. And this story is more along the lines of a slice of life, shoujo book. So don’t expect too much im the action category. Although there is action, but overall it’s shoujo, slice of life, and it’s funny, cute, and very interesting. The writing isn’t BAD as the above have reviewed. It’s good. It’s a story about a boy who becomes a girl, and is very nonchalant and laid back about everything. The main character is... more>> pretty unique, not typical harem chaser, and the main character accepts the fact that he died! Accepted it! And is not even denying that he became a girl! Or chasing after harems. The story has a bit of some dark undertones, but overall it helps add to the story! Give it a read! <<less
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Hoshiandme rated it
Raising a Bun with a Daily Life System
February 2, 2019
Status: c1
I was one of the people who begged for this to be translated. And it has. And I’m so freaking proud of myself. I managed to get it done!

Hoshiandme is so amazing! Also, even though only chapter 1 is out. I have very high expectations. This novel’s more of the slice of life style of novel. A bit of transmigration in it too. And maybe isekai. But well, there’s a freaking system, and there’s a baby. So what else can I not love about it?

cute baby? Check.

... more>> cute MC? Check.

sexy hot ML? Check.

its a freaking BL CHECK HCEKC CHECK.

my welcome and love all BL.

So FIVE STARS! I have hopes for this novel! <<less
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Hoshiandme rated it
This Way of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!
December 3, 2018
Status: c54
While I would love to give this plot more stars.

the MC of this story is such an idiot. He’s such an idiot that it’s become too much. I can’t read this idiocy anymore. Although it is funny at times and hilarious and the novel isn’t meant to be really taken seriously.

But the idiocy of the MC is too much. His actions and behavior is so ****ing stupid. That I wonder what he was like when he was an adult back in human society. Because his actions are entirely uncalled for... more>> and would be mocked and looked down upon in the world.

And what I dislike the most is that he CREATED THE WORLD AND ALL ITS CHARACTERS.

Yet he acts like the world doesn’t involve him and everyone else doesn’t involve him and fails to understand anything. Which further emphasizes his stupidness. I thought I could bare through with this novel since it indeed is funny and pretty interesting.

I’m I just can’t handle our stupid MC who acts more childlike.

gods. I ****ing hate him too.

ML personally cooked some meat he caught for him. And he then immediately decides he can’t eat it. Going with the conclusion with “I came from modern society and can’t handle the blood and gore before my eyes.”

LIKE WTF. You think meat comes from clouds and rainbows? Holy ****. You are hungry and the food smells good sinceit was ACTJALLY seasoned. Holy sh*t.

The MC I can’t handle him. The comments saying he is cute and adorable.


i can just say he is the type who is stupidly cute.

and I can’t do or handle stupid ok. I DONT DO STUPID CHARACTERS. <<less
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Hoshiandme rated it
President Daddy Super Awesome
November 12, 2018
Status: c11
Gosh! I just had to post a review! Gosh!! Since like there's none!!! ugh! Gosh! I've just been super in love with novels of this genre recently due to them being really over the top dramatic and very tragic. But the whole tragic aspect of the story gets turned over by the introduction of a cute little child. Who is really just looking to protect their mommies. And I'm not saying that this story is all of that! It also has very good writing and the TL is VERY GOOD!!... more>> Gosh. I'm just crying for more chapters grrr!!! WHY CANT I BE CHINESE!! IF IM THE UNIVERSAL CHINESE. Then everything would be translated in Chinese for me to see!! Grrrr! but seriously though. read if you love cute kids, and a strong MC. And although ML in these types of novels are complete a***oleS. The cute babies make it BEARABLE and helps you to keep reading! Though you may hate ML and even though he hasn't shown up yet, oh can just tell his personality from the summary. All in all! TL- GREAT AMAZING AWESOME


CHARACTERS- UGH GR I WANNA KILL SOME OF THEM!! The little bean is adorable though by the way.~~ <<less
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To be honest. I want to give this story a 3.5 rating. Instead of 3. But alas I can't.

So why such an average rating? Well it's because this story starts off really good actually. MC was OP but she was really sly and slick with it and wasn't exposing herself outrightly. Keeping it on the down low.

But later on, she just drops all pretenses and like how the MC gets tired of playing the game of the system. I too got tired of watching her destroy everything.

To those who compared... more>> this to Quickly Wear the Face of The Devils. This novel can't really compare to it. Because Unlike in that novel. The MC in this novel doesn't act like anyone else. Even knowing the backstory and history. We get treated to the same thing every time. She's just herself. And while that is interesting and pretty cool. It kinda gets boring after awhile. But I'm QWFOD it's not, and can be reread endlessly because the MC in that novel is always someone new and with a whole new outlook and whole new backstory. And even though he knows it is all a game. He treats each world like they are real. And doesn't kill people nonsensically.

But the MC in this novel is ruthless. She cares for nothing and no one. While that's part of her charm.

It gets boring after awhile. I hate seeing how she treats any and everyone without regard for life.

Which is part of the mystery of this novel which kind of excites and keeps readers going.

i only wanted to make this review to let everyone know. And to let people know that this isn't QWFOD. They are really different and entirely shouldn't be compared exactly. <<less
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So, I started off this novel with high prospects.

but well, it started off good, and then selves into the usual Japanese archetype and generics.

A passive MC, who does nothing and comes as it goes. Legit, the MC barely speaks, she/he thinks more about furniture and how a castle rooms decorated then actually speaking sentences.

The other characters are actually more interesting than the MC. They try to get him to fit in and talk to him and reconnect, but since he’s so passive. It all just feels fake and just a... more>> mere joke.

And when something happens in this new world, you’d think the first thing he does is to go and tell the people who honestly care about him.

But no. He doesn’t, he ****ing just stalls it all out and acts all passive. He SHE. Has to be the most passive character I’ve ever read about.

i honestly thought the little brother was an interesting character, I thought he disliked his new sister, and was going to have drama.

And it’s be this whole, “I’m your sister. I’ll try to be a good sister! And look out for you!” Like cute sibling sh*t.

but it turns out the brother is a tsundere or some sh*t. And then things get boring real quick.

im tired of Japanese stories detailing castle architecture and furniture. I know it’s good to be descriptive. But ones attention mustnt always be on architecture.

Gods. <<less
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Hoshiandme rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
December 6, 2018
Status: Completed
I speed read this. In like 2-5 days.


Well you are in luck. Every. Single. Arc. In this story is unique and very powerful. Though you may have your favorites and dislikes. You can not say anything bad about any of them. Every arc is new and exciting and interesting. As well as the mystery as to who and where the ML is.

... more>> Tired of pathetic weak ass feminine shous?

THEN COME HERE AND READ. AND WATCH MEN BE MEN. The MC is the PERFECT Shou. He’s confident. He’s strong. And he knows what he wants and needs! He’s arrogant but smart. So intelligent. Watch how he tramples b***hes and gets revenge.

and oh my god. The revenge is satisfying!!

Want an epic first love type story?

then here you are!!

This novel brings about some many tropes. First love. The instant attraction someone gets, but it being reasonable! And with the world hopping and the actual build up of romance between each world!! Oh my god!!

its both slow and powerful built up romance and the instant attraction and passion of first loves!!

i don’t know what else to say!



i only wish we had more extras!! We only get like 8 chapters for their actual married life and get together!! When things all work out!!

so goshhhhh!! <<less
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