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... more>> Uniqueness of story:0/5



Grammar: 1/5

The writing is probably one of the worst examples of lazy editing I have ever witnessed. The ratio is approximately 1 error every 3 sentences. It's beyond ridiculous. I'm not even going to point out an example, any person who reads this would be able to see how badly translated it is!!!

There are also contradictions in statements that frequently appear. Gah, it's so painful to read!

Writing style 3/5

Coupled with the poor grammar quality, the author's writing style is incredibly messy and clunky. This makes reading it extremely painful. However, the way things are set up gives off a feeling that the writing is actually really good, but is being messed up by the piss poor translation.

Uniqueness of story: 0/5


This just makes me cringe. It's not very hard at all to tell this story is, through and through, a wish fulfillment story. There are even very SPECIFIC flags of a typical wish fulfillment story apparent in chapter 5. The MC spouts things like "And I shall become THE STRONGEST".

The story pulls elements from generic level systems, leaving the purpose of said system at the whims of the author. Everything is set up so the MC can look awesome. It feels so half baked, with minimal effort and thought put into the story, or even any kind of background.

It's like the author is trying to make the setting as generic as possible for his MC that is OH SO UNIQUE AND INTERESTING.

Plot: 0/5


The MC's power is to take all stats and skills from anyone he kills. Not only is that a poorly thought out ability, it is grossly overpowered in the sense that the one who kills gets EVERYTHING. All skills, every single stat point, it's ridiculous. He literally goes from 1 point in each stat to 1000 in each stat after killing just a few goblins. His power was multiplied by 1000 in an hour.

What's even more annoying is that on his very first day of adventuring, he picks up a super uber rare talking sword that was hiding itself in a collection of trash items.


This ties in to the fact that this story is a wish fulfillment story. Here is how I see the story going:

-Gain stats from grinding low level enemies

-kill people who dis MC

-get girl

repeat forever

Man, he's even TOLD EXPLICITLY his skill is a cheat!

Seven deadly sins setup is also not very cleverly hidden.

In conclusion:

Plot armor is max, his hardships don't count for crap, the MC is uninteresting and set up to be awesome for the sole reason of being the author's fantasy self image. The story line is predictable and uninteresting, the characters are generic, and everything is unceremoniously handed to the MC. The writing has potential but is bunged up by the poor translation and editing.

I can't believe that this thing is getting a manga. It's going to be the most boring manga ever. Who wants to read a story about a person overcoming fake obstacles?

This deserves 2/5 average rating

Getting over it with Bennett Foddy is more interesting than this. <<less
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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
March 27, 2017
Status: c3
*Sigh of slight disappointment*

This story has a long way to go to meet my standards

There are way too many things this story is doing wrong.
Some light spoilers: (read if you want to know what your getting into)
- Typical cultivation premise. Nothing new on the table.
- Thick MC. Really, really thick. His head is alright, it's just around that ONE GIRL he becomes a complete Neanderthal.
- Everything suddenly going the MC's way at convenient times. If this was done more gradually it would have been... more>> less noticeable. Having the MC stumble upon a virtual gold mine (the dungeon) right when the his family is in a monetary crisis was sloppy. The rewards should have come out AFTER he completed a trial of some kind. I can only see the family being infinitely successful from here on out.
- Very forced romance. Some could say it was done in a way that is clever and 'plot stimulating', but the way it is done is just a bit too fast. And it is because of this that the MC needs to be so damn thick in the head. At least his thickness serves some purpose (not bad).
- The name of the dungeon he finds is LITTERALLY NAMED "The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter". Who the hell names a dungeon that?! Obviously whoever made the dungeon failed from keeping other people out by this point!!!
-Don't even get me started on the OP as hell powers.
-The very first monster he finds is a slime that spits disease. That's fine... but its body tastes delicious (MC eats it). If it was an animal type monster, it would totally make sense... but seriously, there is no room to BS my way out of that one. You could wave your hands and say it was MAGIC disease, but get this: The slime is catalogued as 'weakest'. Magic then becomes basically impossible for it. Tada, we have a nice, big, fat, plot hole right off the top of the story. Your not impressing me author. It could have been acid it spat or something, but you went and chose disease because it is most associated with the color yellow.

Despite all these things, I don't believe it is game over for this story. One star for now, and more in the future if the author manages to plug up some of the plot hole, or at least stop making them so fast.

Translator is doing a great job. Three chapters and only one slight spelling mistake. <<less
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The Dungeon Seeker
March 12, 2017
Status: v3c5 part1
Darkest novel I have ever read.

Utterly and completely DESTROYS fantasy novel tropes. The MC responds to situations in ways you would not generally expect.

The world building is completely unique, but also very messed up in a refreshing way. For example, its not the nobles that are totally messed up, it is about 80% of the human race in general. Elves and beastmen get hunted as FOOD. Totally unexpected.

... more>> MC is smart, but still has his *woops* moments. Experiencing near death situations makes him mature and calculating.

Somehow, this author managed to strike a balance between OP MC and totally weak MC. Right in the middle. He has some tremendous strengths as well as serious physical weaknesses. He's like a glass canon coated in enough Kevlar and reinforcement to hold out in a fight... for now. <<less
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Lv1 Skeleton
October 22, 2017
Status: c50
This is a well balanced story, despite the minor flaw here and there.

One of the biggest 'problems' with the story is that the system that runs it is too... game-like. Experience can be gained in great amounts by killing thousands of smaller creatures. As a result, killing a high level being is not as beneficial as farming lower level enemies, which is kind of silly by most game world standards. Additionally, some of the magic he gets has no relation whatsoever to what he is doing at the moment, and... more>> has a very 'game like' inflexibility (ex. getting enchanting skills when he doesn't have any weapons). So far, these flaws are balanced out by the fact that the MC has a LONG way to go. The rankings start at H and go all the way to (presumably) A rank, and maybe even S rank, with the added bonus of each rank having + and - (ex. H+ is stronger than H-). This ranking system has INCREDIBLE range, a dragon being only about D, and a world crushing level 665 Arch lich is only C+.

And recently, the Author managed to fill up a plot hole that has been bugging me for a while. I initially took it as poor writing, but there was actually foreshadowing to this.


The MC, at the start, had very minimal emotional reactions despite waking up as a freaking skeleton in another freaking world. He's like, 'oh, we're doing this now?' and that's pretty much it. This is one of the biggest problems with 'another world' based stories: the MCs just adapt way too quickly. He even says things along the line of, 'I am glad this doesn't freak me out'.

In the latest chapter (22), the MC becomes a higher level version of his race. It is hinted that, as skeletons are lower ranking existences, their intelligence and comprehension are generally limited to following orders and acting on instinct like animals. That being said, sometimes one might receive consciousness by chance, becoming a unique undead (there is a precedent for this as well). In this chapter, he becomes high ranked enough for his current race to no longer be considered 'small fry' and thus is now able to receive an ego/emotions.

And boy is his reaction good. 'Holy flip dicking shit, im a skeleton and all my friends are monsters'. He is sent into turmoil that he would have normally spent days being traumatized about when he first awoke. It's even worse, because ALL of the experiences he has gone through so far under a 'guiltless' mindset are now crashing down on him. I wonder how the author will resolve this. I hope he doesn't cop out by saying 'and he gets over it'. Instead, please, give him a conscience!! I was originally disappointed by his willingness to kill those who could not benefit him/attacked him (a shallow and flimsy character trait), and was considering dropping this novel. It seems like a trend that every person has to become an unfeeling douche to become stronger, which is something that is arguably necessary, but looks really messed up when put into action.

Anyway, I hope the author carries this one out well. They have already proven to be good at setting things up, foreshadowing wise.


The Author's way of handling things in an interesting manner has ultimately kept my attention. I will continue to read this one for now, despite some minor flaws. They aren't so bad, and are easy to just ignore and accept. And hey, maybe another plot twist is in order!

Edit chapter 27

Its getting worse. -1 star for ending this chapter with MC hearing a girls cries of 'help!' in the distance.

OK, so the problem now is that no, he DIDN'T get any significant effect from his 'return of emotions'. It says it happened... but there is nearly no effect. Heck...


He is 100% fine with walking around buck naked in front of his subordinates. There is no explanation for this at all, other than 'he is a pervert'.


There is a SEVERE lack of world building. There are no explanations. I have so many questions!!!

Why makes the highest form of currency 'purple gold'? Like, is it purple? What does it look like!!You put two colors together and I don't know what to think!


On top of everything

He is human now. And it looks like he is going to be human for a WHILE.


The author is being clumsy to say the least. So, 4 to 3 stars for now.

Edit Chapter 40

Apparently this story is destined to run headfirst into every cliche in existence. The handling/detailing has gotten worse. Like, 'cliche' encounters can be great if they have good wind up and resolution to them, and it ISN'T that the author can't do it. No, instead the author is putting details into the WRONG places.


The recent misadventure with an elder dragon had SO much potential. I'm not kidding when I say that the author done goofed. One minute he is in huge trouble, the next he finds an exploit and wins the fight. That's fine. However, the moment he spares the dragon... jeez, this makes me want to puke:

-She suddenly becomes super loyal (like, super unnecessary details here. It's so poorly written you will have to read the latter half of chapter 40 to understand my pain).
-Oh boy, you were a GIRL dragon? THAT sure wasn't specified before (it was). Time to draw a HUGE amount of unnecessary detail to that!

-MC gets Another territory, and essentially accomplishes all of his goals. Now all that is left is to crush the invaders, which should be easy now that he has a rank +B dragon on his side. Also, said dragon that had been tormenting an entire nation for 100 years has been waiting for a rival all this time, which SHOULD MEAN that there are NO people left to challenge said dragon.

If there are ANY people that challenge them now that are either shocked about the dragon's existence, or stronger than said dragon by a huge margin, then forget taking off a star, I'm 1 staring this thing and dropping it immediately.


Edit chapter 50

I regret thinking this author was clever. In truth, he is clumsy and an amateur. He can sure write a good plot, but his execution is just garbage level. Very little character development, and none of it is for the MC. A synopsis of all the events that the MC goes through would be more interesting than this story itself. The buildup to events that ought to be super important for the story is shortlived and shallow, leaving the events that should have had bigger impact with a feeling of wasted potential. It's like the author is writing as he goes, reading off of a list of events that he made.

In short, this story has no soul. You can have a plethora of events to use as material, but it all goes to waste when the plot consists of 'he survives challenges'. <<less
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This is one of those 10/5 novels that have nearly no flaws at all, and leaves you feeling uber satisfied.

Every single part of this novel (plot, setting, characters, etc.) is a masterpiece, so I won't summarize and just say that this novel is best read with a clean slate. All you need to know is that the heavily abused 'reincarnation', 'revenge' and 'other world' tropes are handled in a most masterful and unique way by this author. So far, this story's plot is in good hands.

The chapters, I must say,... more>> are deceptively long and it will take you some time if you think you can read this in just one session.

The character development is arguably the best I have ever seen. The MC faces many situation that would normally lead to a detached and edgy personality. To my delight, the MC makes correct choices, and is no way some as*hole that thinks killing is justified when its bandits or even people who have seriously wronged him. He is always rationally thinking when it comes to these difficult choices, adding to the realism.

Have fun reading! <<less
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October 13, 2017
Status: c71
This novel had me riled up for a bit.

For a while, up to around chap 45 ish, the story was absolutely phenomenal. Wonderful character, adequately challenging trials, perfect balance of characters, wonderful team setup, and overall, a riveting story that kept me binge reading for 3 hours straight for several days!!

And then the author threw it all away!!!

... more>>

Everyone except for the main character dies, all the wonderful character buildup... POOF.

I grit my teeth in speculation that this was all to develop the main character. But then this happened within 5 chapters:

-MC's power quadruples without him lifting a finger in a single, easy mission, that essentially consisted of him showing off his power.

-He becomes a millionaire in days, holding a businessman hostage with his newly acquired power of FREAKING IMMORTALITY.

-He hooks up with a hoe, a friend of the MC's sister. She has the maturity of a 10 year old to boot.

-And finally, his heartwarming and insightful personality goes out the window, replaced by an edgy, shortsighted, chunnibuo teen that is grossly overpowered and isn't afraid to flaunt it. The story then continues to be WORSE than most stories about overpowered, shallowly written MC's.

One paragraph to mourn the loss of his team. THAT'S IT. Never mentioned again. I waded through an extra 20 chapters of s**t to confirm that.


This novel had me absolutely SHOCKED. How could the story just NOSEDIVE like that?!

The story was good enough to be in a printed novel!!! And then...! AAAugh!!


In respect for the mindbogglingly awesome story up till that point, I leave it at 3 stars. Even though everything after that point is -5/5 stars, the start was just that good, just that amazing.

RIP Arena

PS. It makes me so heartbroken that I DESPERATELY wish a story on a parallel universe where 'that' didn't happen is written to amend this great mistake. <<less
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The Tutorial Is Too Hard
March 28, 2017
Status: c25
*breath of releif* Finally, a good 'game world' novel. This novel has a very, very good author who, like most great authors, can take elements that seem cliché and turn them into complex story-driving elements. For example, right off the top, the author is not afraid to reveal that the MC is the strongest in the story with his level in the 250s. However the OP MC pitfall is completely avoided.
Why? Because otherwise he would be dead. Compared to his surroundings his strength is just about what he needs... more>> to MAYBE survive. He isn't invincible at all: his life is In danger every single time he steps outside. But he can use his experiences to surpass the trials ahead of him. The story flashbacks to when he was lvl 1 (a risky move by the author, but again handled in a strong way) so the trials he had to undergo to get to where he was are fully grasped. You get the feeling that the story is entirely centered around his journey starting from square one. Anyway, if I was to summarize, this story is not 'weak to Strong'. It's from 'doomed to NOT doomed'. Survival is a better word for the story.

However, I am very nervous looking at the tag 'skill assimilation' that is tagged for this novel. It could easily ruin the vibe set down right now: working with everything he has to not die rather than breezing through trouble by sitting on a pile of skills stolen from monsters.

Truely, I can't wait for more chapters! <<less
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May 17, 2017
Status: c200
The story can be further read on it's wiki page. Unfortunately, the author ran out of things to write about. This is the problem with weak to Strong' novels... They eventually hit god class, become invincible, and lose all tension. What is frustrating is that the MC was already pretty much to invincible after chapter 150 ish and you can tell there is nothing else that can stand in his way. Yet the author just keeps stacking more and more OP powers onto the MC. It becomes more and more... more>> like a wish fulfilment novel to the point I can no longer read this, as the tension is gone and the MC is just being a jerkwad. The MC's association with the opposite s*x is also handled rather poorly, to the point that those that he violates... become his loyal followers? Looking back on it the author probably just wanted to add more characters, which was also why I don't like this novel. So many characters! Especially love interests!

Finally my reason for dropping this novel is because the next strongest opponent is a peace loving being, and I get the feeling that the MC is going to make an awkward choice in this. He's already offed those who could have been good allies for the sake of taking their abilities...

You eventually ask, what was the point of making him a goblin? The answer is sadly that no one wants to read the story about a human going from weak to strong. Asside from starting out as a goblin, there is nothing that separates this novel from the most cliché and boring reincarnation novels <<less
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A Monster Who Levels Up
October 15, 2017
Status: c64
Really like this novel for taking things that most writers screw up and using them really well. Most 'status' based cultivation stories get dry around the middle, where the initial hindrance of their abilities fades away and their abilities become eye-rolling-ly generic and omnipotent. However, despite overcoming many trials, (and I mean MANY) he's STILL not totally in the clear. I really like the fact that he is in debt right now despite having several crafting abilities to make millions of dollars. The things he needs to get are... more>> still far out of his range.

In short, the story hasn't gotten boring yet without letting slip a feeling of 'the story is dragging out'. The lore and world building is also interesting and compelling

The plot structure is dynamic and things are moving very smoothly. That is, for now.

Some details that are handled well by this author (these things are normally huge flaws) some minor spoilers ahead (read if you want to know what your getting into) :

-MC is handsome because of his ability. This usually makes me cringe, because leveling up and getting stronger, in most stories for some reason ALWAYS makes the MC looks more handsome/beautiful, which both makes no sense and is a plot flaw for most stories. Thankfully the author included some details beforehand that makes his appearance progression actually believable (though, it is still kind of fishy). It is also very fortunate that this isn't a harem story, and that there are real reasons that the MC can't hook up with anyone. It would have taken even more out of the story otherwise.

-MC makes a crap ton of money off of adventuring. This one is just BARELY balanced out by the fact that most of the things that are considered necessities for his very life are super expensive and tricky to get. It can easily get out of hand if not managed carefully, but hasn't. Yet.

-MC get's praised a lot. The things he constructs with his skills are infinitely better than anything that normal people can make, simply because he has access to his system. This one is also just barely balanced out by the fact that the knowledge he has (this is an theory from the given foreshadowing) is something that was normally known, but was lost to mankind through circumstance, tragedy and conspiracy.

-The 'MC likes the praise, but also hides his talents' trope. The fact that he has a normal, very human reaction to the praise he gets for his actions is still within the realms of convincing character development by the fact that he can't become famous without shooting himself in the foot. In short, his feelings and actions are justified by having an acceptable reason for hiding his talent.

These elements have the story JUST hovering over the line between good storyline and generic/boring/bad storyline. It's close.

5 right now, but might be lower later depending on how the author juggles these very tricky-to-handle elements.

Best of luck to the author!!!

PS. The translation is also an issue. The translation itself is top tier, but the translator is very... self-conscious? They keep leaving little blurbs about how badly written or tricky to read a line was, asking if it was translated right. A bit unprofessional, but I can't complain since this translator has probably increased the value of this story as a whole, judging by the things they have to go through.

Edit chapter 64:

Unfortunately it got much worse. All of my worst fears came to fruition. First of all, the MC got way to powerful way too quickly. The power creep is real. Now enemies are strong for the sake of being strong, and nothing else. He peaked in stats way to soon. He has no flaws at the moment, and frankly its leaning towards wish fulfilment : (

Second, the cast of unimportant characters and tangents got too big. Besides the alchemist lady, I can't keep track of the girls that fall in love with him. They are just... unimportant.

Thirdly...I don't know what it is about foreign novels insisting their MC's are geniuses when they use their cheats as a crutch ALL THE TIME. He's the worlds best blacksmith, potion maker, and most definately the best hunter in the future. That's how predictable it is. And worst of all, it feels like he hasn't earned it really.

Forth, the MC's personality is too situational. This falls back on the problem of not having any flaws. He's the benevolent savior, eyes-wide-open student, ruthless business dealer, calm and cool beast tamer, thick in the head around girls, smile on the face perfect dude. Which I HATE.

The reason flaws exist is to solidify your character's traits. Once you resolve them (or forget about them) your character becomes aimless, unmanageable and un-solidified. And that's what happened in this story.

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No Fatigue: 24-jikan Tatakaeru Otoko no Tenseitan
October 28, 2017
Status: c67
It got boring to say the least.

I put up with a lot of the pretentious plot holes and weak execution of plot devices and events. It wasn't so bad. But my mood has been spoiled by the utterly shameless information dump in the last chapter.

The author has also been skewing his characters values into accepting things WAY too easily. There is always an initial shock of "Whaaaat?! You could do/did THIS?!" Followed by "Wow, you are so amazing!!". I don't get the mom of the story. There was a fully... more>> grown man in the body of the child that you nursed!! Aren't you upset?!

There were enough parts taken care of by details in the story to satisfy me until now (even the point above).

This info dump was really disappointing though. So many things laid bare. It was unnecessary and incredibly boring to read, and overall, poorly executed.

Oh well, maybe I will pick this one up again when I feel like it later. <<less
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Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
September 18, 2017
Status: c235
I am now dropping this series. Basically the MC has defeated the big baddie that was foretold at the beginning of the story with no legitimate sacrifices other than "Ow I am heavily wounded" which clearly doesn't stick in a world of perfectly flawless healing magic. What's frustrating is that what the author TRIED to pass off as sacrifices were the faceless subordinates of one of his harem members, and tried to make a legitimate deal out of it.

And while there are still other baddies to fight... the tension is... more>> absolutely GONE. He did it. That's it. It has been decided. It was fine before when he used trickery, wit and whatnot to best an enemy stronger than him because it still felt like there was a reasonable amount of room for growth that fit in naturally with the setting. Now, while logically he still needs to get stronger, does he really?

You honestly feel that it is set in stone that there is now absolutely no way for the MC to fail. And maybe this is true for most stories where the MC pulls themselves out of the fire more times than they are put into it, but now...I can see that there were multiple CLEAR reasons for me feeling absolutely finished with this story:

  1. First of all, the Harem played a big part in ruining the experience. It... it just got so fake! The balance the author set up with his charm being the reason he is attractive has been worn out and almost completely forgotten, being swept under the rug with not enough attention brought to it. He just kept increasing and increasing the number of women in the cast. Heck, even the harem members themselves started to get left out of character development stages because there were just too many harem members! The ultimate reason I feel that the harem is fake is because of this final blow:

The newest member of their crew is a Succubus queen who swore loyalty to the MC. She also haphazardly includes that she can't 'be with' anyone other than the MC. And also, she comes with an army of 200 some succubus who cannot hook up with anyone other than the MC.

I mean come on, that's not poorly set up AT ALL!!!

It just... got too outrageous. This is a core example of 'falling for the MC' gone spectacularly WRONG


... in short, having a literal army of women waiting for the MC come home really kills any possibility that he won't, in fact, come home.

2. The world building has painfully weak buildup. I'm not even going to hide this spoiler because of how little the author magnified this. In a conversation on the level of 'light banter', it is revealed that the universe has reached the max number of worlds, and to halve that number, 'god' decided to pit them against one another to wipe eachother out, setting the defenders as the 'good guys' and the attackers the 'bad guys', whether the villains liked it or not. The defenders got a lot of favour, being buffed up by the infinite competitive dungeon society while the attackers were left with the options 'give up' or 'slaughter other worlds'. The author doesn't so much as give the MC time to process this, and proceeds with pitting him against one of said attackers of another world, with no way for him to utilize the crucial knowledge he just acquired (he could of at least THOUGHT of trying to talk it out).


3. The MC is flat out untouchable, and therefore completely unrelatable. As I mentioned above, the MC is now the strongest defender in all worlds. While there are still enemies capable of killing him, his track record, dare I say, FORBIDS him from failing. He is 'The Chosen One',

a guy with the alleged power to destroy a world if he wanted to, surrounded by a literal army of SSS+++ grade women, with the future of saving the cosmos.

... There is not a human on earth that has a single thing in common with this guy. You're male you say? And the MC is male? Where you not paying attention? This glorious bastard is a whole 'nother kind of male. What kind of male on earth (or even in your own imagination) has upwards 210 women begging him for attention?

Hell, it's not even conceivable to imagine it! It's unrealistic to the max.

These reasons make it a chore to read, and unless I am exceptionally bored, I think I am dropping it for good.

Old review at c165

This novel has a pretty sly author behind it. The novel seemed to be doomed to the classic cliques of typically found fantasy novels like a harem, a dense MC, cheat like abilities/destiny, and things going right at convenient times.

However, in the later chapters, the depth into the story reaches a whole different magnitude.


The MC gets major back-stabbed by a potential 'harem member', plunging another heroine into a level of depression that boarders on insanity that is hard to describe with words.

The MC learns that the only reason he is charming is because he is the 'hero', an existence who's death will result in the absolute destruction of his world. Thus, he is given charm to attract people to protect him. Upon learning this, he is forever burdened with the fact that the girls surrounding him are being manipulated in a way that is impossible for him to advert. The best he can do is refuse their advances by trying to act dense, as he is aware of the truth of the matter.

The character development that stems from this is marvelous, deepening the MC's self reflection as well the battle between resolve to persevere and self doubt.

The MC is slowly realizing that the monsters that appear on earth are not necessarily evil, rather their own world's are crumbling and are desperate to invade other's to survive.


The MC's growth was indeed attributed to him being a 'hero', but the immense responsibility of this title balances it out. Plus, his warrior training sets him apart as well as his desire to literally go beyond. Though he continuously receives challenges that seem to be easy, there is still a set chance along with a precedent to match it that indicates that he could fail, thus I find that there is still a fair amount of tension. <<less
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Cataclysmic Transformation
June 21, 2017
Status: c2
The setup so far is astronomically good. Normally you would think that stories where main character relies on finding an 'Excalibur' that they get their 'unique edge' from are cut and paste, and have no room for true character development. How does this author solve this problem? Heaps and HEAPS of character development. The world building was smooth, fluid, and detailed. The story starts off with an alternate universe Noah and the Ark story that gives some background on the world they currently live in, which is well crafted. The... more>> author then gives the main character the chance to learn magic like he desires and sets him of on his journey, NOT. Its straight up a dream. This tells me that the author has his own way of setting off the story that is so wild and unforeseen that it blows the standard cliche of suddenly getting magic out of the water. I want to see it so badly. I really hope this gets translated.

Edit chapter 3

While I am hyped that the story is being translated, there are so many errors in it I cant even read it (June 12th). I refuse to read this story until it gets sorted out (seriously translation goes from a 5 to a 1). <<less
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The Crimson Dragon
May 1, 2017
Status: c2
This one has a great deal of potential. Maybe I am judging it early. However, the first two chapters have REALLY let me down. The information dump wasn't so bad, but rather the grammatical fallacies are so rampant that it makes me want to puke. Some parts make you think they didn't proof-read at all. Spelling is fine, but grammar is SUPER poor, and sentence structure is a pile of simmering CRAP.

Here is one example of poor structure:

"However, none of the gods or intelligent beings noticed the significance of this... more>> event. Combining with an island from the universe between realms was nothing special, but combining with the body of god was indeed a special occasion."

It never again mentions or connects to whatever this sentence was alluding to. Pretty weird, right? Additionally:

"As the muscles around his eyes could not support his movements, he was still deprived of his sight. However, he could feel that his hands had nails through shaking hands with himself, and also feel that he had grown an extra organ."

The sentence structure is still acceptable, but the way some of the more sensory elements are described seem like something more befitting of a first person writing style. "H-hey, What's... this...? Is this.... this isn't a normal body part!!!" Is something more

suited for this kind of description. Also the 'organ' he is describing is an extra LIMB (not a freaking organ). That in mind, I do not have any say on the author's writing style, but I can say for certain that a writing style that is

neither third person nor first person isn't 2nd person, its just super awkward to read : (

Overall, some editing needs to be done to some sentences so people don't get super confused, and the point of view/descriptions should be at least halfway first person EVENTUALLY if the visual descriptions are going to be so well described yet so open ended and impersonal.

And finally:

MC asks someone for their name,

The dragoness proudly raised her head and spoke, "Orfesta!"

MC-Such a strange name, I'll call you Britannia instead.


The MC is an insensitive dink. He renamed her on the spot not because the name is hard to pronounce but because it was "strange".

I will probably edit this when I find the will to pick this up again, assuming I can get past this flat MC <<less
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But You Said You’d Give Me Delicious Candy!!
March 15, 2017
Status: short short part1
Despite however this pans out, the first of these short stories shall always remain the core of this series. My opinion of the original works shall not drop if this story pans out badly. However, I have high expectations. Your refreshing, cliché breaking, and jewel of a short story is now the bar you have set for your writing, Mr. author. I hope it is not wrong to expect a lot from this.

So far, it is continuing from where we left off, so not much to say. Marie is acting... more>> slightly different from her established character...I hope this is handled well in the story to come. <<less
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Mushoku Tensei (WN)
March 5, 2018
Status: v24 epilogue
[Edit]: Holy crap, so many people are judging WAY too early because of the mild NSFW stuff.

    1. The MC is a sick pervert who masturbates on the day of his parents funeral. Yes. Yes he is. THAT IS HOW HE STARTS OUT. The people that leave here miss out on the heartbreaking moments when he gets to make it up to his old parents by treating his new parents right. This whole story is about how he gloriously morphs from that lazy and degenerate state into a genuine role model. And it does it relatably, which is why so many who read this story to the end are so satisfied with his character.
    2. The MC continues to be a sick pervert for the rest of the series. No. He changes. Then sometimes he acts perverted as a joke. "Hey, remember when I was sick and immature and used to do THIS???" kind of humor. He gets hit on the head and everyone laughs. Anyone who doesn't get it as a joke isn't reading it very thoroughly.
    3. The MC masturbates when he sees a room full of naked kids in a slave smugglers base. .... Are you kidding me??? That is NOT WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED

      MC goes into the base to free the slaves. He enters the room and sees the slaves, who are all kids. His resulting thought process immediately upon entering the room is this. "Holy crap what?! These kids are all beast people?! And they look just how they do in the
      'comics' ?!" *See's brutal maiming and scars on kids* ".... This is f*cked up as all hell" and then he proceeds to decimate the filthy slave traders. How would you feel if you walked into a room full of naked people of the opposite sex? His reaction is realistic, and it separates him from a lot of other MC's who are too thick in the head to be anything but a neanderthal. He actually recognizes sexual stuff for what it is instead of ignoring it. He's the kind of guy who steals panties but then never actually looks at them naked. Not out of cowardice, it's that he has a line he doesn't cross. He's like Sanji from One Piece but he is actually good enough to get laid.

    4. He has a harem and a perverted personality so he is scum. The funny thing is, this story is the only one I have EVER read where the harem isn't forced.

      He actually never wanted a harem. He was adamantly against it. His 'one wife for life' upbringing was strong, hence why it hit him so hard when the first girl he slept with ran away without explaining. Some people think the fact that the first girl he slept with ran off was unrealistic, but the actions she took lined up pretty well with her established character and the events leading up to that very moment (if people would FREAKING READ THE STORY). Anyway, he gets married to someone else, then the first girl comes back and expects him to be with her. But the MC is mad that she left him without telling him her reasons for doing so and plans to reject her. Why does he accept her in the end?


      His future self comes back in time to tell him how his wife eventually dies, and the first girl (Eris) endlessly tried to comfort him. He rejects her for 40 years after as respect for his wife. Eventually she dies saving his life, not out of lust, but because she just cares so much about him. He realizes how cruel he was for rejecting someone who would literally follow him for 50 years just to die saving his life. This was, like, one of the 5 good reasons his future self decided to travel back in time with a suicide spell to warn his past self.


      . The harem is slow, and the fact that the MC, despite his residual perverted personality, did NOT want a harem in the first place really speaks to his true character.

    5. MC worships a pair of panties. Ha ha yes he does. This is another one of those things that needs a lot of context. It might paint a better picture to understand this if you read up to chapter 10 of the manga. It explains it pretty well.

      The MC is still a little kid after reincarnation. Despite wanting to go outside to explore the fantasy world, he gets serious anxiety from the combination of having experienced death and failure from attempting to be outgoing in his previous life. His parents hire a mage to teach him magic, and with her help he finally overcomes his fears. (I say he overcomes fears, but it's more accurate to say he overcomes the shackles of buried shame he had been carrying all of his past life. It's serious stuff.). She teaches him magic stuff for a couple years, and then when she is leaving she gives him a trinket (which later in the story saves his life).... And also a single pair of panties by accident. Whenever he is anxious, or see's someone who is extremely anxious, he thinks of his teacher and takes action with confidence. His memory of her is like his fallback. Hence why he started idolizing her when it why time for her to leave. Why did he worship the panties instead of the trinket??? Because it's FUNNY. Some people just don't understand the concept of a running gag. And yes, he DOES pray to BOTH the panties and the trinket.


[Original review]:

This story was enjoyable even though it dabbled in a ton of cliches. Here are the key points that make this story great where other reincarnation novel fail:

    1. The Main Character's history and overaching character.
    1. The magic system and world building, along with the 'edge' the MC gets.
    1. The Harem.
  1. It starts off with a neet who dies by getting hit by a truck. This overused cliche is forgiven because this is the story that started it (or so I believe).
    Most stories mess up the initial image of the 'trash neet'. In this story, the MC is a (literally) nameless nobody who continues to live off of his parent's money even though they are already dead. He is so numb he didn't even go to their funerals. While in the past he had always had the potential to be a superior version of himself, his fear of the unknown and the natural desire to separate oneself from others out of guilt and self loathing cause him to become a wasted recluse. He drowned himself in the internet and 'stuff' to numb the pain.

The KEY part of this setting is that the MC has no 'real name'.


This is something DELIBERATELY done for effect. In the future in the magic world, an old battered future version of himself comes back to past in order to warn himself and uses his real name as proof, a name that has never ever been spoken in the magic world.

"I am from the future. My name is _________." The MC recognizes it as his own name from the 'real world'


I can't even remember a single of the japanese names of countless other reincarnation stories of the same genre. This is done so that YOU the reader can insert YOURSELF into the story indirectly. While you have no control over the plot or some of the dumb things the MC does, his flaws being resolved are ones that all people can relate to one way or another. You can sense that the MC is REALLY trying to turn his life around, so much that he has to continuously challenge himself in order to not allow himself to be satisfied with 'just enough' because being 'just enough' is what lead him to this position in the first place (The MC has a legitimate and justified fear of becoming complacent). Like this, you end up legitimately cheering him on from the sidelines, because his thought process, history, and overall character is centered on relatability.

  1. Most stories of this style botch the fantasy element by focusing WAY too much on the 'cheat' the MC is 'supposed' to get. A 'wish fulfillment story' stems from the author's desire to envision themselves in the fantasy world. This is ALWAYS a bad idea, mostly because it is hard as a writer to highlight your own flaws in a way that is relatable. Why?
    Because it's embarrassing. You don't like to see YOUR character lose at all. It just feels bad, right? Anyone who has an Original Character of their own know about this. They end up giving their character no flaws, and typically, a fantasy power that has limitless potential. It makes for a boring story.

Here, the MC's 'edge' is having being born an infant with the mind of a 40 year old millennial. Once he gets the chance, he trains himself to grow in magic. The 'cheat' is that in this world, long ardurous (and cheesy) chants must be used to utilize magic, but the MC can ignore it. This isn't exactly an exclusive cheat, as he easily teaches it to a friend of his. He simply discovered that magic growth scales much greater at a child's infancy stage. As a result, the MC has about 5 times more magic than the average mage at around 6 years old and needs no chants. While his growth is good at first, his magic growth stagnates at a certain point. He got to where he was using basic science, and molecular theory.

While this seems like an absolute cheat, he has defined weaknesses he must overcome.

Basically, the MC is not the strongest. At his peak at the end of the series, he is placed 7th in the world ranking of power. This is a generous assessment, as ANY of the higher rankers can most certainly kill him. Even after aquiring an ability to see 2 seconds into the future, in his hands it's about as useful as observation haki in One Piece.


While he places pretty high, he still runs into believable challenges. Challenges that shape his character. There are MANY things outside of his control. And the execution does not blatantly expose the author for pulling strings in order to make things happen. I won't spoil to many, as these are pretty key to the story. Some will be covered in this next point.

  1. The three female characters that the MC eventually falls in love with get introduced early on. Now, I honestly hate harem stories. It is the red flag that turns me away from a story. One thing that makes harems disgusting is the fact that the girls unconditionally throw themselves on the MC and fail to develop any sort of interesting character traits that differ from 'being with the MC'. And honestly? This story is no different.
What this story DID

do differently was space things out. At the start of the story, the plot set one girl to be his main love interest where two others would become side accompaniments. But then bam, the main love interest and the MC get separated for years. MC gets paired up with one of the accompaniment girls and both get thrown into the wild, on a separate continent. After getting a guide, and taking years to get back to their home, the girl finds out her family was wiped out. In despair, the two hook up, but the girl finds she is lacking so leaves to go train. However, the MC gets no warning, so his heart is legitimately broken in the face of being dumped HARD.

After wandering for years in the mountains (so depressed he is impotent) in search of his mother who went missing, he goes to a magic school to find how to cure his annoying and depressing impotence. There he meets girl number 1 finally after years. After ALOT of drama, they finally get together and get married.

He gets word of where is mother is being held, so drops everything to join his dad in rescuing her. This is where they meet up with accompaniment girl #2. His dad dies saving his mom, who has become a vegetable. While the MC is depressed, girl 2 sneaks into his life by essentially taking advantage of his depressed state away from his wife.

Feeling he must take responsibility, he accepts her as his second wife. And then the first girl her hooked up with comes crashing into his life after finishing her training.

Which is why he has a harem.

And honestly, it is pushing it with the harem. However, the plot is so integrated and layed out I can't deny it is the best setup for a harem I have read.

To me this is one of the best web novels ever and certainly one of the best 'in another world' stories.
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Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
March 12, 2017
Status: c10
I want to see more of this. The handling of the characters especially is really well done. Lots of room for world building. It's good to see an MC with a brain in his head, and questions everything around him. Always prepared but not in an invulnerable way. 'Intelligent' MC tropes can be seriously ruined when everything ALWAYS goes to way the MC predicts it. Adaptable MCs are where things get interesting. Seriously I hope you keep posting these on a regular basis! [Edit, chapter 11] You ruined it authoooor.... more>> Such a poor change in pace. I hope you correct this mistake in chapter 12. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
Praise the Orc!
October 6, 2017
Status: c228
This novel is riveting. I can guarantee it will meet your expectations. This review contains minor spoilers.

Honestly, the synopsis for the story does not do it justice at all, making people think the story is headed towards a bunch of half assed tropes and hastily written comedy about finding a bug in a game and becoming OP, or having a romance with his sister. It kind of makes me mad, hence this review.

OK. So. The story is good because the MC is well done. The setting is a 'Virtual... more>> reality online game' where you can be one of many races, and the MC chooses Orc as his race. He gets a slight boost from being a military man, but all that really does is give him a bit of combat 'seriousness', making him more careful than the average player in the game. The MC's growth is mainly attributed to his avoidance of dying, even though he has extra lives, causing him to view the game more seriously than other people. The story is characterized by the fact that all players have an "Assimilation Rate'' that determines how connected they are to the game. The MC's natural self starts him out at 50%, which is considered high for most, but it isn't like a cheat at all. As the story progresses, the MC is changed by the world, and he becomes more attuned to his character, becoming much more well rounded and complete. His Assimilation rate that increases bit by bit whenever his beliefs are challenged or solidified are proof of this.


At 80% assimilation, he is so in-character that alot of people mistake him for an NPC.


He is more like Conan the Barbarian, an honorable bad-ass that is strong and overwhelming but certainly not invulnerable. The MC's overall character is centered around honor, in a way that makes him a complete and utter badass, physically and mentally. Every one of his actions are justified in a satisfying way. It is good to see an MC that is, frankly, completely selfless but still driven.

Overall, the MC is much less like any other strength building character in a world with a 'status' setup (everyone else is a returnee, kumo desu nagi ka, The tutorial is too hard, etc). He doesn't acquire any skills unrelated to his class for any weak reasons. He has 'magic' towards the end, but he doesn't cast a single spell, rather he gets the typical 'aura sensing' thing that most martial artist in stories like these get. Distracting and unrealistic health/stamina bars are also cut out, overall leaving the status page simplistic and refreshing.

There are also many changes on themes, namely regarding the protagonists role.

This story completely rewrites the definition of what a hero should be like. Most characters would rather sacrifice themselves so that others could live. However, early on in the story, when he tries to use his 'extra lives' to justify throwing his life away, his master says he cannot be allowed to become a warrior, because one must live their days with the intent to live to truly be alive.

Additionally, heroes in most of these Asian stories generally have to make the choice to kill someone to prevent them from causing huge trouble later. However, this MC never does anything like that. Influenced by his code of honor (literal laws he lives by), he does not cut down his enemies if they genuinely surrender. It is not out of pity; to me, it is a harder decision to make to let a troublesome enemy live. (He does kill enemies though, mostly people who are douchebags through and through, or people who have extra lives.)

He doesn't get power to do good deeds, rather he does good deeds and receives power. This upends the current standard of 'cultivation' related heroes, going back to the traditional definition of a hero. That being said, it was done in a way where the MC still needed to put in a huge amount of effort, not intentionally relying on a fate of any kind.


There is no romance active in the story line. There WAS someone in his past, but he put that far behind him. He VERY flatly refuses women who do approach him in the game and in reality, as it infringes on his credo that he inherited from his trainer.

And no, there are absolutely no hints of romance towards his sister. There IS some romantic action happening outside in reality, but this is completely unrelated to what he does in the game. If you REALLY want to know...


... he does meet someone in reality, but he is still only going on 'first date' level dates at the end of the story.


Fun fact on MC's sister for those who are at around chapter 30:

The sister quit the game early, having a measly 10% assimilation rate, meaning she was not into the game from the start. This happens around half way through the story, and the MC realizes that he is really enjoying his time in the game, and continues on regardless.


Overall, I highly recommend this masterpiece of a story

PS The following spoiler is ONLY for those who have given up because it is to "predictable".


The theme of the story is Virtual reality, but...

Check chapter 99 -102.

Game changing plot twist. Looking back, the foreshadowing and events leading up to it are perfect.

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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
March 13, 2017
Status: c200
I love this series! Sadly I had to wait too long and got board of it. Normally I absolutely despise and avoid protagonists that have abilities that take other people's abilities when they kill/destroy them, because it is cliché and wasteful. The only time it is ok to do it is when there is a HUUUUUGE amount of room for growth and when the MC has a very specific disadvantage that they have to overcome. The world building is spectacular, and the MC and his friends are not invulnerable.

He even gets killed and the whole world gets destroyed by his nemesis, and the only thing that prevented this was a freak time travel accident that accidentally created a reality where everything didn't go to shit. The deciding factor was either letting the MC stay with his pupils or save the lives of his subordinates (read the story if you want to know which one it was >:D).


The handling of pupils and subordinates, I now realize, only remained fresh and continuously interesting because the author was a genius and REFUSED TO INCLUDE HAREM ASPECTS. Because of this almost all pitfalls that a novel normally dies to got yanked out, and allowed for a level headed MC to take the stage, one that will not make rash and predictable decisions based off their lower regions. I seriously recommend this novel!
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (WN)
October 28, 2017
Status: c386
This story is far from perfect, yet I found it enjoyable.

The revenge part is carried strongly until a certain point in the story. Eventually, it comes to an 'end', and lingering prejudices bring forth some minor conflict here and there. The middle part of the story is weighed down with slice of life like stories. However, they fit in relatively smoothly, not forced and unrealistic like most.

This particular take on weak to strong is unique

... more>>

While there is a kind of grinding involved in getting stronger slowly, the MC (as well as other characters) also can get stronger through sacrificing their sanity, which is unique. This also puts emphasis on having friends nearby, to pick you up when you fall down.


If I were to summarize this story, it would be 'satisfying'. Not perfect, but it is very satisfying when there is a purpose behind every event, and there is weight and careful thinking behind the MC's actions.

There is a romance aspect, but it is carried out in a way that is nice to watch, and isn't explicitly harem. The MC isn't dense either. The romance is done slowly and steadily but, however, it might disappoint some people in the end.

As soon as he hooks up, the story ends. It also says that he got roped into other relationships in the end as well, which is strange.


In conclusion, the story starts off very strong, gets a bit less intense towards the middle, and then explodes gloriously towards the end, bringing back the revenge aspect in an unexpected way.

Really liked it. The best way to enjoy it, in my opinion, is to be prepared for a constant change in status quo in the storyline. Everything keeps changing and happening at once. Enemies become allies, friends perish, and new characters are constantly introduced.


There is also a quick jab at the reincarnation genre, highlighting it's sloppiness and inconveniences.

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