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Hopeless rated it
Age of Adepts
February 28, 2018
Status: c93
This is complete and utter garbage, even by chinese web novel standards-and you should know that these are even lower than fanfiction's.

The author apparently can never be bothered to remember what he wrote on the previous chapter. If this happened every once in a while, I could stomach it, but in Age of Adepts you can never trust a single chapter. In these 93 chapters I've read, less than 10 of them managed to not contradict what has been previously said.

What you can expect from this novel is a story... more>> with no direction or purpose, which will constantly give you numbers and 'facts' that don't really mean sh*t, cause they'll be proven false soon enough or outright ignored. This means things like saying someone can cast a spell 4 times at the most, and only the first one will be a normal cast with every other cast being subpar and then they'll proceed to cast 20 times with no problem or fatigue on the next chapter.

Or saying they've been increasing one of their stats by such and such in a daily basis for weeks/months, yet when they check them again, it has not increased at all, or even been lowered.

You will also experience time travelling, as sometimes a character who has only just showed up will somehow spend months time achieving renown and wealth in a single day for no other purpose than the author being a complete douchebag, since this is pointless and will be ignored and forgotten like every other development in the story until now. <<less
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Hopeless rated it
Life Mission
July 13, 2019
Status: c279
This is garbage through and through. I hesitate to say it is the worst Korean novel I've read so far, but only because there are plenty that are just as bad as this.

Plot holes everywhere. For the sake of potential readers, I'll limit myself so as not to spoil.

The biggest of which: every Lifer had to survive the tutorial by themselves before they could become part of the story in any way, which makes 90 percent of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that comes afterwards completely incoherent.

If you're completely useless, you died in... more>> the tutorial. If you have no idea what you're doing, you died in the tutorial. If you rush into $hit just because, you died in the tutorial. If you're not smart, calm, and able, there is literally no way to get through the very first step.

There's no need to mention the more tangible plot holes that happen every other chapter or so, because we usually at least get a token effort from the author -which basically amounts to: yes, I know this doesn't make sense but I will unilaterally deny it, so there- so we at least know that the author is not re****ed enough to have missed them.

But apparently, he IS re****ed enough to put what amounts to a garbage filter right in the beginning, yet proceed to ignore it ever since. <<less
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