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HoloH rated it
Hidden Assassin
February 25, 2018
Status: c28
First time in a long while I started a book through this site and literally could not put it down. I'm pretty bummed that I am caught up to the newest translation, but it was good enough that I am posting this review. to be simple it's great. its not too unrealistic in terms of the mc's attitude, where he isn't rambo nor what many people call "beta". so far its very fast paced, & despite having s*xual content it doesn't turn into porn which is just amazing in my... more>> experience on this sight. the MC is likable, despite being a "reincarnated king of assassins" cliche he is anything but an edge-lord that makes you sigh in disappointment. I guess what I want to say is the author does a good job doing the most simple yet hardest thing that many stories on this site fail at, by making the characters feel relatively human & not like dolls who revolve around the MC.

This novel could still be considered wish fulfillment as the MC is described as a humble badass; gets bitches, slaps face (kinda), kills fools, & brushes the dust off his shoulders w/o a bragging once. though I am still in the beginning of the story so no set backs is kinda a given, but so far nothing close to the level of xianxia MC plot armor.

I normally don't post reviews but I am really enjoying the story, to the point I just spent 5-6 hours in a row on it, wasting my day, & am dying rn holding in a piss, but wnna hurry up and finish this review but gd dmnt typing fast on a phone is hard to fk up doin.

So yeah read it, its good despite being 4.1 stars (low-mid tier according to novel updates ratings) & im guessing its only that good cuz people who gave atg & mga 5 stars read & were bummed that there was no rape yet. but then again im the kind of guy who thinks people who have different preferences all go into this category called "sh*t taste". so if you dislike this novel then now you know you don't have taste as bad as mine. *gold star* hope this review lets people deterred by how stereotypical it appears enjoy this hidden gem ^.^ I hope you can swear in these reviews... I almost feel like spell checking... jk <<less
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HoloH rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
May 19, 2017
Status: c87
A good story. A good translation. I've only gotten more invested & interested as I've read on. It's basically just a really good xianxia, to put it bluntly. Whether it's the great translation or story, I would give this a novel a 5/5.
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HoloH rated it
Martial God Asura
February 26, 2017
Status: c848
Plot Armor: 5/5
Sudden Insights: 10/5
MC Personality Changes: 100/5
Story Pacing: facepalm/5
Pornagraphic Content: meh/5

If this story had a fault in terms of writing, almost al Xuanhuan/Xianxia would be criminal, it might as well be labeled "The Return of Dues Ex Machina II". This plot device is a standard for the genre as a whole, don't sweat the small stuff. (plot holes)

If you were to rate it on a scale of how good it is, as what its supposed to be, (male power fantasy) then its pretty... more>> "Mkay" as it pulls it off. If I had 1 thing I couldn't swallow as someone who can generally stomach the genre, it would be the MC's bipolar nature. I remember reading a part where he "Deeply Regretted" raping a girl who became possessed as a result of his actions. (killer d*ck) Then he ends up raping 2 other girls a 100 or so chapters later, completely forgetting his "Noble Oath" of not planting more flags for girls he raped to bite him in the ass. (not a question of "if", but "when" it will happen)

All in All, a perfect piping hot piece of sh*t for those of us who like their novels (sh*ts) nice & steamy. To anyone who tries to say it was an amazing book, "Just Stop". (kys fanboys) Now if you were to ask if I enjoyed MGA? Yeah, "Pretty Niché", I ended up reading over 800 chapters (& will keep reading) if that says how much I enjoyed reading it. If you like Power Fantasy & don't mind your good-guy protagonist being a Serial Rapist, you'll probably like it.

So it was... Good? I guess... #LittleFishyBestGirl... <<less
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HoloH rated it
Unrivaled Tang Sect
December 8, 2016
Status: c37 part3
Improved version if DD1 so far, but with a lot of improvement towards the characters (so far). If you enjoyed DD1 I can't imagine you not liking this. The only negative points, if you could call them that, would be a huge luck factor going for the MC & a slow translation speed (gonna take years w/ the current translators speed). D;

At the same time a, "sudden break through", right before/during a fight is more of a writing device for this novel arch type. If this kind if plot tool... more>> happening a lot doesn't bother you, then it should be an enjoyable read.

As for the slow translation speed, that's more of a personal problem for those who don't want to decipher machine TL's (me), or those who don't read it's native language (again me).

All in all, a good read so far. I would recomend to people who like xuanhuan novels. <<less
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HoloH rated it
Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru
February 20, 2017
Status: epilogue

That's what I thought when trying to think of how to describe this story. This is the story of a Cicada reborn into the body of a Dragon, inside a world of fantasy & magic. A short, heartwarming story, that's sure to make the faint of heart cry. Though I wouldn't call this story a tear jerker, nor a laugh out loud comedy. (Despite having some very funny & sad moments)

All in all, a very good story w/ funny, happy, & sad moments all bundled together to form this... more>> story. I enjoyed reading along to the point I ended up accidentally reading the entire thing in 1 go. After finishing the story I felt a strange sense of satisfaction that made me re-check to make sure this was really a Japanese Fantasy story. (Lol) I would recomened this story to anybody. To me it's more of a story of about life rather than any kind of Reincarnated Fantasy.

I hope future readers enjoy it as much as I did. ^.^ <<less
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HoloH rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c231
After following this translation for so long, I have a lot of mixed feelings. I love this story, I enjoyed reading the story one chapter at a time from beginning to end. The story itself is nowhere near a literary masterpiece, it has plenty of its own problems. But it just has a way of growing on you that makes you love it. A lot of people won't like what this translation has to offer, but those that do will love it. I hope anyone reading this will take the... more>> time to give the story a fair shot, & see if it grows on you as well. ^.^ <<less
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A Will Eternal
May 31, 2017
Status: c156
To me, this novel is basically like coiling dragon to the community. After having to momentarily stop reading to catch my breath from laughing to hard, throughout the novel, I enjoyed reading the story enough to ignore any faults that may be there. So as a 100% biased review, I really enjoy reading this translation, & I hope you reading this will too.
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HoloH rated it
Lord of the Mysteries
June 4, 2019
Status: c128
Excellent. I have nothing to compain about while reading this, aside from any characters aside from the POV not really being given enough time to be fleshed out. Its extremely unique in its world, concept, & story. The story telling all follows the central “goal” of our MC, w/ any side “quests” relating to this goal rather than random obstructions. I can only give thos story the highest of praise.
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