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HoloAugust rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
August 21, 2018
Status: c121
I totally love this MC. She is easy going, and not very black bellied, and like her performance in cooking. To my current reading chapters, ML's away and not very romantic in the start (due to his memory of past life), but I can expect more interesting events in the future. To say as final, this is nice novel to read and I can read from the start again since this is not boring at all...
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HoloAugust rated it
The Anarchic Consort
August 20, 2018
Status: c140
If you like transmigration novels, you can read this one, but I'm not too recommending.

Had read many rebirth, transmigration novels, this one is under average. The translation is nice, and they are fast in updates, that's great. It's just that for the novel, the characters are lacking.

MC is trash, read more and more chapters, she is still trash, ugly (cannot find any solid reason why she still needs to keep all her ability and her beauty in dark if she is said awesome, should already go revenge?) and being bullied,... more>> criticized as trash. Do not know currently what cultivation level she's in, cuz no explanation of what exactly so levels are there. Yeah, she can cultivate qi, but it doesn't help the situation at all. MC has support from her grand master, what so called ancient devil, spirit beast, and some random become-close-males-outstanding-friends, also she was mercenary queen, which is supposed to be cold blooded and decisive, yet don't see any great accomplishment at all, now she suddenly love money? ML, referring and expression for him always the same meaning, same atmosphere, and he thinks MC as his "prey"? I don't find ML that impressive, aside from him being prince and have some authorities, we also don't know what his qi and cultivation cuz no clear explanation. He can only freeze other people with his glare, being dark and moody, squeeze what things in his hand and angry, that's all. So I stopped reading after ch 145. If I have too much free time in the future, might read this again but not for now... <<less
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