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HitoKirai rated it
(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
April 9, 2019
Status: c157

About this novel in my opinion. It's funny if you know what tsukkomi is, as tsukkomi is used at least 3 times a chapter. Also it's all in main character head which will get pretty boring later if you read the chapters all at once, but with some breaks it's good.

If you ask me about adventure, well, boring it is. Not like there is none, but it's not my type of troubles that I like to watch the main character have to deal with. The school is longer than... more>> I expected, and events were much more funny when I was reading it as a manga. In later parts it gets better, but I think this kind of plot came to fast.

Will is a sad person who crushes his romance possibilities by having a stupid misunderstanding about himself... What he need is a bold person wishing to be his lover that will tell him what is attractive about him. But around him there are only always-jealous-while-doing-nothing girls. Well, there will be time for this when he and two others grow up properly, so I have not given up on "romance" tag yet!

I might say it's boring but this Novel has a few settings that I extremally like no matter how many times I read them in any novel and that is my reason for 5* rating. <<less
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