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Hisagi rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
July 16, 2017
Status: c519
The main character, Yan Zhaoge, is a godlike prodigy. He wins every fight, there is no tension whatsoever.

Whatever he does, he does it perfectly, and gets some additional benefit along the way - ancient legacy, legendary artifact,... you name it. Unsurprisingly, his Mary Sue halo extends to those around him, and damnation awaits anyone with competing interest.

I can't even recall the last time he received a mere injury. (And I have read up to chapter 500.)

This novel had so much potential. Cultivation is interesting and well-described.... more>> The characters are actually intelligent, and there is no mindless harem. Lin Zhou, Fang Zhun, Feng Yunshen, Huang Jie - in fact, most of the characters - are awesome; they deserve their own novels.

Alas, the plot armor luck and the sickening talent of the main protagonist spoils everything.

His enemies and rivals are always portrayed as despicable, petty, or insufferably jealous. Hence, when he proceeds to beat them up, he can do it with a righteous smile. I can't stand his "righteousness".

Truly, this story would be perfect without Yan Zhaoge.

I am cheering for the Heavenly Thunder hall and the Sacred Sun clan; let them kick his ass all the way up to the ninth heaven. <<less
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I am the Monarch
July 28, 2017
Status: c160
It started well, but the main character chances upon too many fortunes.

Most men appear to take great pleasure in submitting to and worshiping the main character. Percy, Brian, Austin, Chris, and Harrison are easily mistaken for Roland's harem members rather than his war subordinates. It would not take much effort to turn this novel into a yaoi.

I agree with the one who said that this series should be titled I am Moaning; the characters truly moan all the time. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's disturbing.
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Hisagi rated it
Martial God Asura
July 24, 2017
Status: c1600
There are 4 sorts of characters in this novel.

Women (a.k.a. Peerless, virgin beauties) -- to be raped by the MC and/or to madly fall in love with him.

Sidekicks -- whose purpose is to worship the main character.

... more>> Mysterious old cultivators -- still alive to save the MC when he is danger.

The rest -- millions (literally millions, I think) of "young masters" which are to be humiliated and/or killed by the MC. (There is a scene in which he forces all member of a sect to tidy up feces with their mouths.)

Tragic. There is nothing beautiful or rational in this world, only a demented, mass-murdering psychopath who is out for blood. I kept hoping it would get better - the story does have some potential, especially at the beginning - but this did not happen. <<less
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Warlock of the Magus World
August 5, 2017
Status: --
No novel ever made me feel as lonely as this one. The main character does not feel anything; no friendship, no love, no hate. His one and only motivation is the pursuit of immortality. He is alien.

This being said, the story is extremely realistic and there is real tension throughout; one cannot help but wonder if he will finally succeed or not.

I recommend it as an antidote to the usual face-slapping novel. If you are looking heroism or idealism though, look elsewhere.
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Hisagi rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
July 30, 2017
Status: c44
It bothers me that the elemental cultivation, which has a 10000-years-old foundation, is surpassed by the martial musings of a teenager, supposedly untalented. Sword embryo, such a cliche...

Just how on earth did people survive for so long with such an inefficient method of cultivation?

Well, as far as xianxia goes, this one is awesome.
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Emperor’s Domination
July 29, 2017
Status: c600
This could have been a wicked xianxia version of The Count of Monte Cristo. Unfortunately, this is the story of a brat bent on slapping every face in the universe.

The main character, Li Qi Ye, is a million-year-old being. He ought to be taking revenge against the demons who imprisoned him; and yet this is the last thing on his mind. He despises life and nothing truly interests him. I wonder, therefore, why doesn't he just kill himself? It would make much more sense as far as the story goes.
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Hisagi rated it
Demon’s Diary
October 13, 2017
Status: c278
All treasures which are worthy of being called treasures will fall into the hands of Liu Ming. So will the most outstanding cultivation techniques. No one is worthy to be compared to him. In any case, he is possessed by a demonic being of outstanding power, so what if the enemy is stronger? The demon will pop up, and the enemy shall be no more.

The world will shove Liu Ming onto a pedestal, at the expense of our intelligence. There is nothing enjoyable about reading the rise of someone’s power... more>> when the process is clearly fabricated.

I wanted to like this novel, there is plenty of good stuff in there: bloodthirsty mermaids, nasty demons, scorpion ghosts, flying swords, and an abundance of cultivation techniques. But the luck of the protagonist makes me very tired.

Don’t get me started on character development, because there is none: Liu Ming has the best possible temperament to thrive in the cultivation world, so why would he change? <<less
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Hisagi rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
July 26, 2017
Status: c152
This is the best cultivation world that I know of – rational, intelligent and dangerous. It’s thrilling.

The author, however, tries too hard to create an overpowered main character. There is, therefore, an unholy amount of coincidences and plotholes which plague the series.

... more>>

I do not believe that an orphan born in a toxic wasteland managed to survive –– and to survive in good health at that. We are never explained how the main character succeeded in closing the gap between himself and those nourished with heavenly treasures from birth.

Nascent stage cultivators are described as god-like existences. So I cannot fathom how a mere train could injure Ou Yeming – someone powerful enough to travel through time. Even more unbelievable is that his soul failed to possess Li Yao, regardless of his memories from the planet Earth. This is the most disappointing event of this novel.

Someone like Helian Lie must be busy training all day; where on earth would he get the time and the interest to bully Li Yao for no reason whatsoever? Their enmity is not reasonable.

The meeting between Fiend Blade Peng Hai and Li Yao is completely fabricated. There is no way it could have happened, there is no way Peng Hai could have taken any interest in him and there is no way they could have become friends.

There is also no reason for the classical, outdated methods of refining to have much relevance in Li Yao’s present – it seems, however, that the author conveniently forgot this in order to make Li Yao look cool. This is clearly an insult to the title of the novel – it has been forty thousand years, surely the refiners have continuously improved their craft!

There are many, many similar plotholes. How could the refining department of the Grand Desolate War Institution possibly explode, killing every artificer but one, right before Li Yao enters the place ? Even someone blind can see that this is a plot device – the author wants Li Yao to complete the skeleton suit project on his own and to get all the glory. Nonsense.

This is equivalent to brutally shoving fortunate events into the ass of the main character.


Read this for the world-building rather than the story. <<less
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