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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
September 20, 2016
Status: Completed
Teh_ping of Baka Tsuki, also known as Hellping, the no-name who tried his best to present your series.

Well, since I'm writing a review of a novel I personally worked on, I can't be going about giving myself less than 5 stars, no? Let's face it, I'm biased. The 5 stars is not simply about what I think about the novel (typically, I would rate it 7/10), but also about the emotional dedication made to this story.

The key themes to this story are romance, friendships, and most importantly, the idea... more>> of letting go and moving on.

1. Romance is certainly a requisite for this story, based on the classical Japanese literature known as 'Tale of Genji'. This time, it is the beleaguered assistant Koremitsu who takes over for his master, Hikaru Genji, for which the name Hikaru was derived from. He ultimately inherits the powers of a harem prince, both blessings and curses, but power itself comes with a necessary mental fortitude, a personality for it to be used wisely. As much as each girl is like a flower, unique with her own charms, Koremitsu ultimately learned to pick the right one for himself, just as his predecessor Hikaru did.

2. Friendship is another aspect that becomes a theme to the story. Here we have a 'not-a-delinquent' boy who was ostracized for looking like one, and a boy who was fawned over by all the girls yet reviled by the boys. Neither of them had managed to make proper friendships which they could be comfortable with. And they worked together to figure out what this dish tasted like. Of course, the concept of friendship was not limited to the two protagonists, but also to the other girls, classmates, rivals, love rivals, even antagonists (though sometimes twisted).

3. Letting go. Easier said than done. Nevertheless, the title is called 'When Hikaru WAS on the Earth......' (double ellipsis required by the author... for superstitious reasons). From the beginning, you knew the end. A note by the author states that the story was also based on 'The Little Prince', but unlike the bleak mood in the story, this story ends bittersweet, a feeling many readers have noted to be 'healing'. Certainly, the supernatural is involved, and it should be easier to let go of something that should not be there in the first place, but throughout the many instances of the story, the characters do not only learn to accept and let go, but to also use the experience to enrich themselves, to piece together broken glass, and to forge stronger bonds.

If you get there before I do... <<less
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