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Hedgehog rated it
Demon’s Diary
May 2, 2016
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I’ve always been a fan of necromancers ever since I player Diablo 2 when I was 11 (I know its R18+). Ever since, I always pick undead in every game I played. I guess this is the reason why I fell in love in the story.

Most on the Xianxia/Wuxia I've read has a necromancer sect, but always viewed as supporting character or vicious, heartless group of people. But this time, our MC joined the Barbarian Ghost Sect, here they use Ghost, Demons and Undeads to cultivate, pet, pill and more.

And... more>> I think the best part of the story is that the MC is a bad ass killer/fighter BUT, unlike OTHER MCs, Liu Ming is not overbearingly killing people because they offended him. He knows what Low-key means. He knows how to be humble. He knows how to backdown. And He also know how to avoid his bullies without looking a coward and without bringing more trouble for him. This MC is the most Lowkey MC I ever met. So Lowkey to the point he has ZERO MAIN FIGHT (like fight that will affect the story) with same sect disciple, until the competition.

For those who are interested in the undead sect story-drama, THIS IS THE ONE THE BEST NL FOR YOU!

@ Those who think that the author abandoned the MC’s Prison survivor status

~It is hinted in the story that its not over yet. It is also hinted about something BIG. So hold your horses.

Currently, Chapter 100/1552 <<less
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